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  1. Does anyone have a weird dream playing ksp 1 or 2. I recently have a dream flying the jet seeing flashing yellow orbs on kerbin surface.
  2. 2dVVvTP.jpg

    Upgraded my ram capacity from 8GB to 16 GB. now making my games more playable, no more Stutters no more Lag & no random Shut off.

  3. Then add Faint ring around Dres. and add some tiny moons orbiting around dres. @Nate Simpson
  4. there's something wrong with those moons. starting to getting dark textures when i get closer. @Poodmund
  5. @Nertea i think some parts in your mods has existed.
  6. What about old water texture details from KSP 0.13.3. Because it makes it feel more alive than the modern version.
  7. Are you supposed to be based? because you are an explosion with a king crown on. So i can call you King and based cringe pilled. 9/10
  8. I don't know why I'm Based. because EYEfunny.co teaches me something I don't wanna talk about. Take a look I did on ksp mission to moho with super epic Gifs. Now all my homies hate Take-Two interactive
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