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  1. Would like to see tanks for Planetary Base System mod Building mining rovers with PBS parts look good and use so few parts AND can be reconfigured easy with KIS
  2. A spaceplane question.

    Wait wait wait wait.. OK OK, how about we switch the thought process a little bit here for a moment. Originally I was debating weather a spaceplane was or was not an SSTO because it dropped some small auxiliary fuel tanks on the way up. it was then brought up that engine shrouds or fairings of some kind being detached does not count as multi-staging because they did not contain fuel or equipment at any time. If we all agree that this hypothetical plane that used drop tanks made its way into orbit is not an SSTO, Then lets send it on a hypothetical mission. This vessel makes an inter-planetary journey to Duna lets say and makes a safe landing, utilities onboard facilities or base facilities to refuel, Do science! Get funds! Etc Etc, and makes a return trip to the orbit of Duna and back to Kerbin. The ship has ample power to return to orbit of Duna without the use of droptanks... all hail the NERV rite? Is this hypothetical space plane still a TSTO now that it has returned to Duna's orbit in a single stage AFTER having climbed out of kerbin's gravity well leaving tanks behind..? Am I thinking too hard? I think I am... Its far too late to be thinking~~
  3. A spaceplane question.

    I've never actually ever considered doing that before! sounds like some really good plans. And also I wasn't really bothered . I just though bird'dd be fun to have bragging rights. Spaceplanes are cool either way weather they have one or more stages IDC~
  4. A spaceplane question.

    I've never had much trouble with drop tanks at all. I've popped a couple on the runway during takeoff before but unlike staging large pieces of a vertical rocket which more often than not end up turning my ships inside out. Drop tanks on planes I build always seem to function pretty well. They usually only carry enough fuel to get to get me up to 10k and about 600 to 700m/s which really helps reduce the overall size of the plane without sacrificing its ability to make it to and from any of the kerbin moons.
  5. A spaceplane question.

    So far.. Yes you are but that wasn't really the intention. I was making fun of the 'bigger is better' kerbal mentality. Oh. I find that adding drop tanks as the very last components after the plane itself has already been constructed doesn't really change the aerodynamics. because drop tanks are only carrying the fuel for accent which is used up first. Then again the small mass of my planes also have small drop tanks and the COM doesn't really change position that much at all. Here is an example of what I make. This one is my most recent, it can get itself from the surface of Kerbin to the surface of Minmus and back without refuel, The two short cargo bays hold a Dart rocket motor each giving it VTOL capabilities on smaller bodies. And in addition to all that its designed to tow a planetary base or station module on interplanetary missions and return by itself if its first refueled in Kerbin orbit. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899240618 Lots of functionality crammed into a soberly proportioned package.
  6. A spaceplane question.

    Funnily enough most of my planes don't actually have any payloads besides heaps of kerbals. So I guess that does mean drop tanks are extra stages. ehh.. I thought it'd just be cool to say that I'm good at making SSTO's but guess not cos I need drop tanks and stuff.
  7. A spaceplane question.

    Yeh~ you're absolutely right. I still have yet to learn how to think before opening my big fat mouth. But I still had to ask anyway because it wasn't really obvious to me. I always sorta thought that the stage fiction was the determining factor of the craft stage number.
  8. A spaceplane question.

    I have a simple little question about space plane design that I think might inspire some discussion around here today, it may be obvious for some but for people like me it really isn't, which is why i'm asking. Because I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't enjoy building rockets as big as they can be! I prefer more compact -pocket sized rocket- spacecraft. In order to do this many of my spaceplanes incorporate drop pods in their construction to assist with accent. Basically just a fuel tank on a decoupler bolted to the belly of the aircraft which is jettisoned when empty, usually while still in the upper atmopsphere My question is to ask you out there weather or not drop pods affect the inherent SSTO nature of a spaceplane or not. Given that hitting the stage function would eject the pods giving the vehicle more than one stage, it does not really change much about the spaceplane's configuration. Drop pods are actually used by fighter jets IRL when traveling long distances, its pretty far fetched to think about a fighter jet with drop pod fuel tanks as a two stage vehicle. don't you think? I want to know if you think that drop pods would make a spaceplane multi-stage?
  9. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I originally removed it because it added a bunch of redundant and empty part tabs in the VAB which is rather annoying. It sounded like it was dev tools or something which I have no interest in. but since its mandatory I'd love to be able to atleast be rid of them some how since i'll never use them. yes I know they are for other USI mods but I don't actually want to use any of those. Also the text box fixed itself too. whatever was going on with it. IDK...
  10. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

  11. Constant crashing

    CobaltWolf You're right though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your hardware~ I've got plenty of extra beef in my rig and these VAB crashes still happen pretty much without fail. I haven't actually -quit- a game of 1.1 since it was released. it just crashes and I CBF to start it up again.
  12. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    OK so after a little bit of playing around and testing I forced the kerbals to consume resources now, I have to manually change the settings in the config file because the GUI doesn't work. When in flight opening the GUI reveals only a blank window that flashes from grey to white every second precisely with the game clock. still showing no information about vessels. The same thing occurs when looking at the KSC. Blank grey window that flashes with every second of the game clock. Only when inside the VAB does the GUI display anything and even thin its just a whole lot of zero's In space blank GUI KSC only moments later.
  13. Constant crashing

    This bug really is becoming quite irritating~ Glad I'm not the only one experiencing it. I spend more time just loading the game after a crash than actually playing it before it crashes again. Just like everyone else in this post.. Most of my crashes happen while manipulating parts in the VAB/SPH regardless of the size of part or complexity of construction, It can take 5 parts before a crash or 100.. it just happens without warning and no crash dump file is generated. Running Win7 home with gen 4 Core i5 and 8 GB DDR3 RAM on Nvidia 650 GTX 1GB VRAM. In addition my game just hung while attempting to launch a new ship from the VAB. Every clickable item or option was greyed out, no progress was able to be made. Windows Task manager was needed in order to close KSP. despite it saying it was running perfectly well.
  14. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Updating to the most current version of mods is the first thing I do with mods that don't work. the problem is the current version IS the one that's not working. As I said earlier though it doesn't seem to matter at all what other mods are installed along side since it can be the single and only mod installed and it still doesn't function. the UI is always blank and resources are not consumed under any circumstances. the newest versions of Module manager or community resource pack don't fix it.
  15. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    It seems like this mod is really having serious problems operating in this version of KSP. I never had a single issue with it the first time I downloaded and used it in 1.0.5 but now in 1.1 It simply refuses to work regardless of how or where I download it from... install it. or what other mods I do or don't have along side it. The Life-support UI is always completely blank. No numbers and no functions.. All the resource tanks show their content and can be placed on a ship but are never used throughout the mission. Community resource pack doesn't fix it. Firespitter doesn't fix it. Module manager doesn't fix it. Making it the only mod in the the list doesn't fix it. I've tried many other things and I am completely out of ideas. Please tell me its not just me having these problems?