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  1. Hey I like the idea of your addons. Id like to know more...

  2. Hi. Did you manage to get the shuttle working? If not I will help you. What version of ksp do you have and what shuttle did you download. The one from page 1 of the thread you commented on or the ither firym page with my unnoficial 1.0.2 release?

  3. Hey jovzin.

    I notice you have taken up work animating and texturing the model. I know the one I have been working on is not as good looking as your version.

    However I have put alot of work into this project so far. With compatibility updated and extra features/ mods as you know and have more that are nearly completed.

    As we are both obvious fans of this mod and want it to be working, how about we team up, im sure we can get alot done especially with shared knowledge.

    There isnt any point in having two versions of the shuttle and we can combine the best of both.

    I am interested to know what you have added to the model and your ideas of how you want it to be.

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