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  1. It looks good even with this cockpit, but a properly bubbly cockpit would make it soooooo much better. Please, can we count on you? :3
  2. just for the science of it, i put the cfg files from 1.3.0 install to this, but the issue persists.
  3. I recently made a fresh install of latest version of KSP available on GOG, with both dlc's. I noticed that engine sounds do not fade away when i move the camera away, even at max range. Initially i thought it was mod issue, but after some checking, even a clean install (with removing all left over files etc), still has the issue present. To say more, when i put mods back in, modded engines, like prop engines from AP+ mod, have their sound fade away correctly. I also tried fresh install of 1.7.2, and the issue was there aswell. Any ideas how to fix this? Or is it maybe a general bug? edit: it seems air breathing engines are the only affected, rockets and atomic engine seem to fade with distance properly
  4. Maybe possible to add variant switch like some prop engines or intakes have?
  5. that cockpit looks good, but why does it have to replace the older one, i used it on many planes, and this one is far longer so it doesnt fit anymore edit, can you please revert to previous version and add this one separate, its a different much longer cockpit
  6. Hey, would it be possible to set prop engines to produce very very low power a bit over their speed limit just so they dont immediatelly go out? Say if the speed is 160m/s, it would do 0.1kN upto 200m/s. It can get really silly with engine going out and immediatelly back up in level flight, especially with far, or when diving just a little bit. That low power wont really pull you anywhere, but would make it sound and look better with engines going quiet only way over their limits.
  7. Should i post them here, or on github issue (142?). edit: nvm ill post them on github issue. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/142 edit2: posted.
  8. I'm sorry to say this, but this mod is working worse and worse with each release. Missiles dont hit their targets, or do no damage when they do. Planes are now very very resistant to 20mm vulcan cannons, which should just shred them instantly. AI is just terrible, constantly getting stuck flying forward, or just ignoring enemy position. E.g. Plane 1 has clear position to just move onto Plane 2's six, but it wont, it will turn away getting itself infront on Plane 2's guns, but plane 2 wont use that chance either. I sent a report on github (https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/142) about that, but no response since. Are you going to work on it? Was that broken by trying to improve AI? Or did it get broken by other features getting updated/modified? No offense intended, just seeing no updates about AI, no response to report on github. Just wish to know whats going on with all that.
  9. gotta agree here, this mod is just incomparably better quality than anything else, parts look like they belong in the game. Other mods more often than not look out of place.
  10. There are problems when rescaling rotors from Airplane Plus mod, there are compatibility patches for it for tweakscale, and parts can be rescaled, but it does not affect their power output. Apparently this is caused by tweakscale not recognizing one of Firespitter modules. "I can't do anything about it. It's tweakscale not recognizing FSEngineBladed. You should take it to Tweakscale and report the Firespitter module isn't recognized." Any ways to fix this?
  11. Oh, i thought it was the tweakscale patch not working right, ill report it there then, thanks I have a small request too, there is Mk2 cargo bay you've made, but its very short and i have to use lots of them, could you make multiple lengths of that, like stock cargo bays are? (x2 and x4 length probably) Would help low end machines like mine with part count
  12. Just gonna inform that rotors and tweakscale still dont work together, you can rescale them, but that doesnt affect their power nor thrust they generate.
  13. I know you arleady added a bunch of intakes, but maybe something triangle shaped? Could be attachable Mk1, or an inline version.. or both?