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  1. Banned for building illegal rocket.
  2. B.C (Comic)
  3. Known for flagging to everyone.
  4. So, i can summon @Tex like this? @Tex@Tex@Tex@Tex@Tex@Tex@Tex
  5. Yes, @Tex
  6. Math
  7. Gravity
  8. Well then... @sal_vager
  9. Food
  10. I dont need to explain my reason. @Tex
  11. What is wrong with @Tex? Just keep pinging him, he will come...
  12. Just move KSP folder outside of steam folder. And it makes easy to example change from vanilla gameplay to modded when you can have many KSP installed sametime.
  13. Nope. He will... someday... respond... @Tex
  14. Banned for being stupid(andy).
  15. mAh