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  1. This is the sort of game mode Id probably play, I do like the challenge of having to, say, rescue kerbals from space, or taking kerbals to space stations/bases, it would give something more to do during the lull of 'good' ideas, if the career mode had on option like this, I'm sure I'd play it more.
  2. If i want the simulation of a space program my first port of call (usually) is the new buzz aldrin space program manager, but I see kerbal as a game to mess about making stupid ships with a stupid amount of rockets and trying to get said ship remotely close to an orbit. 9/10 i fail but that 1 time makes the whole trial and error phase worth it. And i don't think that is possible when you're held to a budget and have to complete contracts to fund your next venture.
  3. The thing i dont like about career and science mode is the grindiness of them, having to do experiments again and again and again. I do much rather enjoy creating massive ships that aren't aerodynamically stable and attatching 50 trillion SRB's to them, and then seeing said boosters strewn all over the KSC. And I just dont get that sort of enjoyment out of the career and science mode.
  4. I've had this game since 0.19, before career mode was introduced, and have never really bothered with it, it just seems like too much work. Has anyone else not played the career mode?
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