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  1. Yeah that's what I am seeing as well when I looked at the ribbon .cfg file. The prestiege element. I made a small modification to the FF and built it to test my changes. It works so tomorrow I will start looking at the prestiege bit. If that goes no where I will see what could be next. There is a class called "RibbonSupercedeChain" which according to a comment is "not used yet" implying that might be the place where they are allowing, or planned to allow, for custom superceding of ribbons. So depending on what the prestiege variable does, will see if I poke around into the SupercedeChain class. I'll keep that in mind! I am rubbish for naming things however but it would be cool. If a mission was exciting enough for me to come up with a good name.
  2. That is kind of a wonderful idea. Having the automatic superceding of ranks instead of having to add a rank then revoke the other one (or worse, having tons of rank ribbons) I posted previously in this thread asking if there was a way built in to change the precedence/order of ribbons so that, for example, Inter Sidera and Diamond are the highest order ones then having all the rank ribbons being the next in line, followed by the rest, as I think that would look the best for my personal Kerbal story. Slightly different but that was one thing I always wanted to be able to do. It appears that right now neither are possible but I pulled the repository down and got Final Frontier compiling properly in my local dev environment so now I can mess around with it and see how the superceding works. If I get it working in a relatively elegant way, I will make a pull request and see if Nereid would like to merge it. Worst case scenario they say no. You know? Also, cheers for all the work you've done for additional ribbons for this mod. I use the Expedition and Ranks packs all the time for different things.
  3. Hello Nereid, I dont know how to reach you best about FF other than here. This mod is my favorite flavor/story telling mod and a must have for every save of mine since I first discovered it. About KSP 2, I am a C# Developer by trade and as I care so much about this mod, I wanted to try and get in contact offering support and assistance in working on the mod in whatever capacity might best suit to recreate this mod for the next iteration of KSP. I have checked the github repo of this project for issues/tickets that I may be able to help with to prove my ability/desire however there is only one and it is multiple years old. If you had any idea for the current mod that I could possibly work to implement, I would love the challenge. I understand if you plan to either continue it alone or not at all but I wanted to offer as a helping hand as the reports of KSP2 included many new planets/stars and bodies. Cheers
  4. Is there a way to modify the priority/rank of a ribbon? For example. I want to award someone with the Inter Sidera or Diamond ribbons, which I think should always be displayed at the top of the ribbon list for a Kerbal but it is always placed as the last or most recently awarded spot at the very tail of the ribbons. So I have Val with all the ribbons that you will see in the screenshot, but the Diamond award is at the bottom. Is there a way for me to manually move it or change the code in the mod to recognize the Diamond/Inter Sidera as more important than the others? I looked thought the code but I couldn't figure out if there was really a way but maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks in advanced!