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  1. Maybe you are right, though Delenn said in the last war the Vorlons and Shadows adhered to some code of conduct. My personal belief is that the Vorlons were not expecting that outcome. Maybe the Kosh that stuck with Sheridan nudged him in a way as to break that cycle.
  2. That B5 episode with the Inquisitor is kinda relevant here. You can argue that either the individual protagonists are not relevant to the overall story (another one would take their place), or, the events set in motion by the Vorlons are so carefully planned that this outcome had to pass, no matter what, that they were indeed had a destiny. Allthough I think it is a mix of both points, the Vorlons did surely not see them being kicked out of the galaxy, but on the other hand the B4 time travel stuff surely had a ring of destiny to it. Then there is plot armor.
  3. I'd be happy to test your TS or MM dev version and look for weird stuff with my 200 mod KSP version.
  4. https://kerbalx.com/hendrack/Energia-Buran-OC-120-K, needs a lot of mods though, aside the mentioned on kerbalX also needs contares NAM. Might do a rework of my craft some time, now its a Tantares/Contares mix with a bunch of shuttle mods and the main shuttle from SSTU.
  5. Oh, you like screenshots, there you go. No matter what I do in KSP, Tantares parts are almost always part of it. Really looking forward to use your part overhauls. <3
  6. Guys, the mod adopting overlord has already done that
  7. Cool, but for me loading time is only one issue. Even with 32gb of RAM, the more big parts mods I add, the more "sluggish" KSP becomes, aside from loading time. Clib VAB, wait 10 seconds, add the first part, wait 5 seconds. Go to launchpad, wait 20 seconds. Thats really grinding my patience. I got kinda Adrian Monk on my mods, looking for exceptions, bad MM patches etc., even manually deleting parts that are redundant with the big mods. It's the same with Cities: Skylines though, good base game, exceptional with mods, but the more mods you add, the more it crumbles under it's own weight. I really hope KSP2 will have some improvement with this.
  8. Does the KSP unity version still has that bug with massive slowdowns the more active network adapters you are running? Because unity loads assset via URLs, then would scan all adapters first. In my case deactivating all network adapters also seem to improve loading time. Isn't there any method to disable this behavior with a plugin?
  9. The new version hasn't been released yet as far as I know. You quoted him.
  10. I'd say because Kopernicus is a lot more complex than a navball plugin updated to 1.9. This is not just a simple recompile, Kopernicus alters a lot of Unity inner workings I don't even want to understand. Do you want corrupted save files after months because of some bug? I downgraded my KSP to 1.8 because I want to play JNSQ and I'd say 98% of the mods I use (about 200) work fine with 1.8, so I really don't understand the fuss about this. Go ahead, fork it, you have my blessing. Let's see how that goes.
  11. Well, you are not the first player with this error, maybe a bad MM patch, some mods add grounstations, mess with signal stength, alter antenna stats (even for stock antenna) and so on... Unfortunately this player with the same issue didn't follow up: Maybe ask in the RT thread with a modlist... if you google that error you posted, you find ksp.log files on pastebin back to 2016 with the same issue.
  12. Can't find anything special in the log, only some warning about DMagic and some science mods, perhaps check the dependancies.
  13. Is it a problem to include both texture variants as part configs, or leave that to TNIC? Kinda like the dark grey more, personally.