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  1. I'm getting "Cannot run experiment; science module full" after using the advanced materials bay on Universal Storage for the first time in a mission (I was trying to reset it). Not using [x] Science, but ScienceAlert. Any thoughts?
  2. I feel so dumb. I disabled KJR and it works perfectly. Wheels mounted directly to the hinge or not.
  3. Disabling autostruts on ModuleWheelBase module (using this code from a 3 y/o thread) does not work in the sense that the GUI still says "Autostruck Locked: Heaviest Part" and there's no change regarding the wheels' behaviour to hinges.
  4. I have tried some 30 times or so, reverting to launch and to SBH. I'll submit it then. I've tried creating a CFG file in order to disable autostrut on ModuleWheelBase modules but it did not work.
  5. My wheels have LOCKED autostrut, therefore hinges don't work. Is there any way to disable this? EDIT: Disabling KJR fixed this problem for me.
  6. Thank you! But there's no information about KSP 1.6.1, only 1.6 or 1.7 at SpaceDock (or I couldn't find it). Nevertheless, I've had no issues using RT 1.9.2 on KSP 1.6.1 so far.
  7. My scientist can't collect the data from SC3 Advanced Goo Unit and SC4 Advanced Material Bay. Is this intended? Can this be bypassed?
  8. Is KSP 1.6.1 compatible with RT 1.9.2? And was it compatible with 1.9.1?
  9. Hey guys! For some reason the parts I attached to the surface are hovering above ground... I was testing out the mod by making a Surface Science Base at Kerbin, all was good until I ran out of plugs (actually "power transfer conduits") and I made a second mission there. When I got there the parts were like in the image below. Weirdest yet, now that they are hovering I can't calibrate them, since the game thinks they are not attached anywhere. When I try something I am prompted with "This instrument must be deplayed on the surface of a planet and operated by a Kerbal while on EVA".
  10. Hello, I was wondering about the names of the versions of your mod (which are mostly of physicists, engineers and mathematicians, of course), are they chosen at random? Or you choose a certain scientist because they inspired you during the development of a mod version? I am a chemical engineering student and it's great to see names like Knudsen, Kutta, Helmholtz, Euler, Hoerner, etc. around, I find them very inspiring. Oh and congratulations for the mod! Thanks.
  11. Alrighty, then. Thanks for the quick reply, and great mod(s) btw!
  12. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but there's something I did not quite understand about CTT. Let's say I have CTT installed and a mod that is NOT supported. Will this mod's parts show up in the tech tree? I read the OP but I'm still not sure. Thanks!
  13. I don't think so, every time I try to use the stock fairings it ends up looking like a p*nis. But Procedural Fairings with KWR-style texture is a good solution, no need to spend time working on the KW fairings I guess.
  14. Unfortunately this rudeness is kind of natural, people are always inclined to hate newbies, wherever they are. I think asking people to change won't work, you just got to be polite and hope for the best. Cool YT channel you got there by the way. Anyway, this is what the author said, if everything is going as planned the mod should be updated within a week (since he posted it in April and "next month" should be May which happens to be this month).
  15. Oh I see, thank you very much! I'm not sure if I really want the game to be super-realistic, but I do want B9 so I guess this mod is a must (or WILL be once B9 is actually updated). Anyway, thanks again! Edit: Thank you too, Camacha! Edit2: Thanks, NoPersona! (Didn't expect to get so many explanations, all of them helpful though)
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