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  1. Yaaaaay! Very true. I also use a patch to fix it, and when I forget to copy it over to new installs it's almost second nature to move the heat shield down.
  2. Doh! I should've read the FAQ, my bad. Also, I hope it didn't come off as a complaint, I was just curious. But yes, the command pod is included in the PartOverhauls zip I've always been downloading from way back when it was released. I agree that the actual style of the original pod is very nice, which is why I enjoy the overhaul immensly. It's basically the same exact pod, only higher detail and much better textures. It's this one: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/files/PartOverhauls.zip https://imgur.com/a/NvEs4#mYDWSeL EDIT: But yeah, I get why you'd skip the boat
  3. I love the skins, and I love the 1.8 parts, but I always end up trying to mix and match with PartOverhaulIntegration due to the omission of the overhauled Mk1 pod and the boat-tails. Any particular reason you didn't integrate them? The pod in particular, the old one looks like it's running on a broken graphics card compared to Porkjet's gloriously overhauled version. I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, I very much enjoy the hard work so many modders have put into trying to keep Porkjet's overhauls alive. But it is a tad frustrating that it keeps being one of those things w
  4. Hey. I'm keen on unlocking all the extra bases through funds and discovery in career mode, but as I looked through the various configs affecting KK, I realized I had no idea what I would need to change in order to not have everything unlocked and payed for by default. Any tips on what settings I should change? Oh, and thank you for the great planet pack, I always enjoy going back to Gael!
  5. Ah, thank you, that explains it. I'll poke around in the GPP config folders a little while to see if it's easy enough to change, otherwise it'll have to do.
  6. I'm using KK with Galileo Planet Pack for a brand new 1.4.5 career, and no matter what I change in the settings all the launch sites are unlocked per default. Any idea if this is due to a known issue with KK, KK+GPP or simply me being an idiot (pretty likely to be honest)? I have a lot of other mods installed, but before I start removing them one by one I figured I might as well ask. So, in short, I can't get the 'career' part of KK to work. All bases are open and payed for form the start, and changing career settings for KK does nothing to remedy the situation. It's a shame, since I was
  7. Here's the finished lineup of 1.2, in all it's reduxed glory. As soon as I've playtested the balancing changes and finished a small KSPedia entry, I'll release the update. Should be within the week.
  8. The update is coming along nicely. All the old parts have recieved the "redux" treatment and are looking a lot better, and I feel like I'm pretty satisfied with the way the rebalancing is going. Without going into details, the new setup will see the three black & white probes function exclusevily as com relays, while the orange BB probe will fill the exploratory role, with a small range of optional equipment. For this purpose, I recently finished the last optional direct antenna for the BB-series, pictured below. I've begin work on a scaled down version of the resource scanner, and on
  9. Work has begun on the next update which will include a complete rebalancing of old parts and several new parts, as well as an overhaul of the part quality. As part of the rebalancing, the BB-series now requires new parts to be able to perform it's role, and two of those are allready finished. The BB-888 was also the first model to recieve the 'redux' treatment. I've been extremely stingy with polycounts and texture sizes, and not very efficient with the way I packaged the parts. Therefore, I've been able to double both polycount and texture size without much of a performance hit. More or
  10. Had a look and as far as I can tell it should work just fine. It has some patches for other mods that loads before this one, but none of them messes with the ability to store ore in the converter, so I can't see that it should matter.
  11. If it uses the regular converter module, it should be compatible. It's possible that patching order needs to be changed on my end, since this mod basically looks for any part with a converter module and then patches it. If Stockalike Mining Expansion loads after this mod, it wont get patched. I'll look into it.
  12. New build is up. Nothing major, the old build should've worked with 1.3.1, but I've made some changes in the folder structure as part of another mod update. Changelog: -=::::::\1.2/::::::=- -Included MiniAVC support -Included support for Decal Stickers -Changed folder structure -Updated version number for KSP 1.3.1
  13. A small gremlin managed to crawl inside one of the .cfg flies and added a typo. That typo is now fixed. This patch is pretty much optional if you don't mind the lowered cost of the LO-242, no other changes were made. Changelog: -=::::::\1.1.1/::::::=- -Fixed a typo that lowered the cost of the LO-242 by almost 75%.
  14. Mod Updated for KSP 1.3.1 Changelog: -=::::::\1.1/::::::=- -Included MiniAVC support -Included support for Decal Stickers -Updated all antennas for KSP 1.3.1 -Updated the MM patch for Remote Tech 1.8.9 -Changed folder structure -Changed category for the inline battery, from Utility to Electrical -Made the small dish (PzL-COM D1) physicsless -K-Sat PzL-BB 888 *Added "Marble" to the name *Added internal launch antenna *Added hibernation option *Added KerbNet access *Changed RT omni range to 2.5Mm -K-Sat PzL-LO 242 *Now allo
  15. Every time I start a new install of KSP, this is the mod I forget to include, but it's also the one mod that I have used in all installs since it came out. It's an absolute life saver. Thank you a million times for your work! Also, I now have a post-it glued to my monitor, that says "KSPRescuePodFix! Come on!"
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