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  1. I'm curious. What exactly about "climate change" do you think would be an extinction event? I mean, are you talking the stuff we are supposedly "causing", or just Earth changing as it has for billions of years? Anyway, it depends on us in the end. If we can colonize, as others have said, our chances are pretty good. The fact is, while there are hundreds if not thousands of scenarios out of our control that could cause our extinction, they are ALL quite unlikely to occur in any amount of time that would affect us. After all, the universe is 14.3 billion years old. It works a whole lot slower than humans, who have been around for less than 500,000. That is to say, geological clocks run much slower than biological clocks. If we don't destroy ourselves (nuclear war, virus, etc), I am optimistic. However, knowing how predictably unpredictable humans are, I am not optimistic that we won't destroy ourselves. Sorry to say, but WW3 will be nuclear, and if it doesn't kill us all, then we'll be fine. EDIT: If it doesn't kill us all AND we get off the planet in say, 100-500 years or so (very, very, very rough estimate according to scientists, some even speculate we could last 1000 years more here. Not because of anything the Earth does, but population and food mostly).
  2. According to Olex, Duna>Kerbin phase angle should be -75. I was able to land on Duna, just not make it back. Sorry for not being clear.
  3. The key is, as Zayas said, to have your R&D to level 2. Then just step onto the surface with any of your trusty kerbals, and boom .
  4. So after enough tries to make my fingers bleed, I THINK that unfortunately in 1.0 this ship doesn't have the juice to get back. I may be wrong, but I'm aligning the planets as I should, with Kerbin at a ~-70 degree angle to Duna. Did you use any tugboats or dock with anything in orbit?
  5. A little update. After many trials and tribulations, I was able to finally land on Duna, albeit not terribly efficiently, i had to use ~15% of my landing stage fuel supply on making sure I didn't go boom. Getting back is something totally different. Any tips on getting back? I guess, how much different is it to leave from Duna than Mun/Minmus? Thanks guys.
  6. Fact of the matter is, no matter who it is, humans need to be able to colonize other planets in order for humanity to survive. This includes other solar systems/galaxies/universes(yes, universes). Even Hawking stated that humans need to get off the planet within 100 years. So no matter who does it, it needs to get done.
  7. Yea, I'm not sure what the issue is. The planets seemed to be lined up in the way they should. Not really sure, still troubleshooting.
  8. Ok, I think I understand. So I'll have one burn up to 3309 as per the calculator, then get about halfway to target, and do another burn of whatever is needed? Gonna give it a try. Thanks a bunch for helping out a newbie everyone!
  9. So I must be doing something wrong. When I'm in game, and have everything set up per the calculator, it tells me my burn out there is about 2500 DV (about a 2m 15s burn_, and even when I got an encounter via the node, I didn't actually get an encounter. I'm doing it in sandbox right now to test it before going into career, but yea. The difference in DV from the node and calculator is gigantic, so I must be wrong somewhere.
  10. Thanks for all the advice so far! I started messing around with Olex's planner a couple days back, so I think I get it. That would be amazing if you could do that. If nothing else, I can see where a good starting point is.
  11. Career. I have all the necessary 160, and most of the important 300 science nodes available. Stock, don't wanna use add ons until I know more about the game to make it easier. Thanks man.
  12. Hey guys. So I'm still pretty new to building the rockets. I've been to Minmus and the Mun many times, and am pretty far along on my tech tree, and have ~1.5m in funds. Been trying to put together a manned rocket to Duna but can't really figure it out. Any advice would be really helpful. I've seen some tutorials, but none that really describe the rocket and none that are particularly recent. Thanks!
  13. As an update, I landed and got back successfully (with ~5% fuel to spare) using your video. 400 science (no big deal). Although I do have maneuver nodes, screw that manual ....e. Question though, how do you recommend getting to the poles/different biomes? Just using the nodes to change your orbit to poles instead of equator? Oh forgot, what about the science Jr? I tried to go with it but the rocket didn't work. Hate to miss out on that science though.
  14. Great tutorial! As a newer player, this definitely helped.
  15. Hello all, My name is RexProcer. I've been playing Kerbal since the early days on and off. I am an IRL science geek with a love of space, which is why I got into this game in the first place. It's fascinating to learn some stuff about orbital mechanics and how things really work. Look forward to meeting/playing with some of you. By the way, is there a teamspeak or something of the sort where people will gather and talk while playing?
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