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  1. Hey, I was wondering if Routine Mission Manager has been abandoned, since it's been quite a while since it's been updated.

  2. I think most people are going to find driving a weighted jet rover downhill from the runway into the ocean and on down into the vasty deep LESS of a pain in the ass than flying to the poles and poking around looking for water on top of them, but whatever floats your boat, metaphorically speaking. If someone finds such a location and wants to post the coordinates, good on 'em.
  3. If you're like me, obsessive and detail oriented, and you have the [x] Science! mod, you might be wondering if it's actually possible to collect science results while landed in Kerbin's water or splashed down in the deserts. The answer is yes for Vanilla KSP as of 1.4.5. You can "land" in the water by getting a craft to the ocean floor out beyond the limit of the shore biomes, and there are lakes or rivers for each of the major biomes that you can splash down in, and I'm going to list the coordinates for the latter below. For an added challenge, in addition to getting the raw science by running and recovering the standard experiments, you can run the experiments, transport them back to KSP by any means of transport you like, and instead of recovering the experiments, launch them into orbit where they can be processed in a mobile sci lab for more sweet science. (Or converted to reputation or funds via strategy, since science from the Mun or Minmus yields more science points for the same effort.) Getting landed in water is just a matter of getting a craft to the ocean floor is just a matter of making a submarine or a craft that's too heavy to float. Ore tanks full of ore do the job nicely, and you can adjust the amount of ore a craft has at launch to greater than zero the same way you can adjust the fuel, oxidizer or mp in a tank. You can also map the "jettison tank contents" action to an action group to dump the ore and regain buoyancy and return your sub to the surface. Note air breathing jet engines can get oxygen from underwater... somehow... I used a modified version of kantokris' Mini Submarine Mk 3. I replaced the claw at the front of the craft with a materials bay studded with experiments, and added some detachable landing gear as a launching frame. I'm not sure kantokris knew you could just start with full tanks of of ore, so you can possibly dispense with the drills and ISRU as well. https://kerbalx.com/kandokris/Mini-Submarine-Mk-3 For added Kerbalness, if you can find a way to make your submarine a yellow one... As noted above, splashing down in land biomes is just a matter of finding a lake or river that isn't a water or shore biome. I find a supersonic science "dive bomber" works well here. Create a custom waypoint with the Waypoint Manager mod using the coordinates below and fly towards your target. Decelerate down to subsonic speeds and drop into the lower atmosphere once you get near your target, then kill the engines and go into a dive straight towards your target body of water. Once you're under the 1000 m limit (ALL lakes and rivers are at a 0m altitude), deploy a buttload of chutes and fall gently down for a nice splash down. Stall to get to a safe velocity before doing so if you need to. (Doing the same with landing gear is handy for soft landings with planes is rough terrain as well, FYI.) In two cases, there are several biomes available in the same body of water a short distance away from each other. You can also deploy landing gear in the water and use some low power jet thrust to get your plane up safely onto the shoreline, but make sure you aim for a gentle slope before trying this. If your plane has a probe for flight control and only one seat, you'll have to choose whether you want to send a scientist (cleans experiments for more than one result), or an engineer (repacks chutes for multiple landings). Below are the coordinates for each biome's splash down location, thanks to the chaps in this thread for helping me find them. Note that you can customize MechJeb's surface info window to add the surface biome your craft is in or over. If you have the ScanSat mod and want to try and find some locations yourself, look for locations with the target biome that have an altitude of less than 0m. Shores: You really should be able to work this out for yourself... Grasslands: 3°56'45" S 83°40'53" W Easily reached by going S/SE along the coast from KSC. Deserts: 2°25'7" S 87°34'5" W Near the west coast of the KSC continent opposite KSC, over the southern edge of the mountain range. Highlands: 47°21'13" N 140°3'52" W This and the nearby mountains are probably the only splash down locations for their respective biomes. This is in the river system on the large area of grasslands and highlands north of Baikanur and the great desert. Splash down in the river near the target coordinates and cozy up to the cliffside on the western edge. Mountains: 47°28'17" N 140°4'24" W Just north of the above highlands splash down point in the same river. Cozy up the west edge of the cliff again. Badlands: 17°50'27" S 30°19'23" E This is probably the nearest Badlands lake to KSC, but it's a bit of a pain to taxi back out of owing to the steep banks, if that's what you want to do. Tundra: 70°39'59" N 100°56'43" W Mostly a straight flight north from KSC, this is a very big lake that's easily visible from orbit. Ice Caps: 70°59'32" N 99°5'21" W In the exact same lake as the Tundra biome above, easily reached by splashed down taxiing. Northern Ice Shelf: 70°59'33" N 99°2'14" W As you get close enough to the near vertical ice cap wall on the eastern edge of the lake, you transition from splashed down in the ice caps to splashed down in the northern ice shelf. This is arguably buggy, and you can get this splashed down biome "fairly" by splashing down in the ocean just south of the edge of the ice shelf and then taxiing up to the vertical shelf. Southern Ice Shelf: 74°39'43" S 57°31'9" W Pretty much head south from KSC over the sea, and splash down near this point in front of the southern ice shelf. There are other places in a more direct line from KSC where the ice shelf biome juts out into the sea, but this one is conveniently located near a beach if you want to get your craft back up onto land. Have fun exploring, FOR SCIENCE!
  4. FYI, the Online Manual button in the MechJeb interface now leads not to an online manual but to something called "SecuryBrowse", which wants you to install its extension to Chrome and let it turn into your default browser, which then gives garbage results. I suspect that the domain registration has lapsed and been scooped up by some shady company.
  5. Heh, you're correct, of course. And the save itself isn't broken, per se. Hard to say what might be causing the experienced behavior, and it isn't affecting my current game any more, so perhaps the log and save data will enable someone to determine if there's a mod conflict that's generating the strange behavior, and fix the mod. Otherwise, best just to move on from my tantrum.
  6. So, Squad also has absolutely no knowledge of how their primary vendor does business and what effect Squad's issuance of updates is liable to have on people who have purchased their game through Steam? That's an interesting perspective. I'd derive amusement from seeing a web development company whose page doesn't render in Firefox because they only tested it in Chrome trying to flog that line of argumentation to their end users. Does this sidebar discussion help either of us? If not, why don't you find amusement elsewhere.
  7. Have I mentioned that the behavior you're describing on biome determination is not what is happening in my game? It isn't. That describes what my experience used to be. Not any more. Touching a building sometimes places you in a building specific biome, sometimes it places you in a general biome for the area, which is NOT the same biome as the one you get for simply parking on the area around the buildings in each KSC section. If there's a pattern to how it decides which, I can't discern it. I was implicitly volunteering to edit the wiki, FYI. (Deep breath... there's no reason to be angry at this poster's bemusement...) Yes. Yes, I am. You're seriously laying the blame on Steam for a policy that is wholly beneficial for 99.9% of its titles and me for not knowing that treating KSP as a normal Steam game was wantonly courting disaster? I am blaming Squad because they have made a game with the following features: An enormous game world with a huge amount to see and do. An ongoing development cycle with updates that break pre-existing saves. Insufficient time between these updates to make a meaningful dent in exploring that game world within the constraints of Career mode. (At least in the past year.) Why should a player have to choose between a space program robust enough to send dozens of tourists to Duna and Jool and using the "Making History" features? Why should a player need to worry about the default features of an installation periodically breaking their saves? Why should a player have known in advance not to start an ambitious career campaign without re-configuring Steam to disable automatic updates? None of these things are normal industry practices. Granted, the very things that make KSP special are causing the problems I'm having. At least I can't complain about the value for money that I paid for the game relative to the content, since Paradox would have charged 10-20 times for the same set of feature upgrades over time.
  8. It may well be that I'll decide that's what I have to do. I appear to be in the minority in that I want to use KSP to make an extensive attempt to explore the in-game solar system and establish permanent bases on all the planets moons, and perform and process all of the available science. That effort requires an enormous investment in play time, and a large selection of mods to manage the in game infrastructure. With other game titles that are continuously evolving over long periods, like the Paradox suite or the Total War series, there are practical limits to how much playtime you can invest in any given save, so the periodic scythe of updates cuts less accumulated effort away. With other titles in Steam that are more conventional in their development life cycle, the concern that you will have to restart your game from scratch because of a new update is non-existent, so I frankly have not bothered to give any thought to Steam's update settings up to now. I get that Squad has different business priorities to serve to bring in new players and sell DLC, so unintentionally washing away the grand sandcastles of an insanely obsessive few is something they feel they need to do. I get that my resentment is irrational and is probably on some level sublimated disgust at myself for liquiding away time on KSP. Doesn't make any less angry.
  9. Since I've done what I intended to do after much frustration, my ability to give a flying expletive about the issue is rapidly ebbing away. But if you want to screw around with my log file and saves, go nuts. KSP Log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=62383821149886876775 Old save: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=62383821149886876775 Current save: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=77222892403599355512 Mod list, in the order CKAN thinks it needs to be in: DockingPortAlignmentIndicator CommunityCategoryKit KerbalAlarmClock AT-Utils ColorCodedCans Impact! TriggerAu-Flags WaypointManager Toolbar ConfigurableContainers-Core ContractParser ContractConfigurator KAS ModularRocketSystem SCANsat IndicatorLights MechJeb2 ConfigurableContainers KerbalEngineerRedux ProgressParser ModuleManager [x] Science MechJebForAll InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core FuelTanksPlus SpaceY-Lifters SpaceY-Expanded RoutineMissionManager GSOSpeedPump KIS To clarify, the old save was made under 1.2.2, NOT 1.2, and the wait was between the advent of 1.3 and present. The amount of hardware floating around the Kerbin system in both saves ought to make it clear why I respond to the suggestion that I should just cheerfully restart my career from scratch every damned time Squad decides to destroy "patch" the game with the instruction that the suggester perform an anatomically impossible act.
  10. This is mine. It's called "Less Ridiculous Science Rover" because a previous incarnation from a career played in 2015 was designed to retrieve previously collected experiments from biomes far from KSC by driving there and shooting two sci packages in rockets attached to the rear of the truck straight up in the air, changing focus to the launched rockets immediately, activating action groups of experiments on the rockets at appropriate altitudes, then parachuting them down to be collected by the rover and driven back to KSC to be loaded into a rocket and sent to the sci lab.
  11. FYI, I did finish collecting all ~360 experiments from the various biomes and shot them into space yesterday, so it's no longer my problem. If 5th Horseman could do the grand drive in 1.4.3, then the likeliest explanation is that I used too big of a rover, modifying a stock parts electric car from KerbalX for the job. The reason I preserved saves between versions was that I had a very sophisticated Minmus fuel refinery set up and was working on a giant expedition to establish a similar one on Ike in tandem with exploring Duna, and I didn't like the idea of redoing all that setup work in a from scratch career. I'm skeptical that the save could have caused this behavior though, because I don't think the save files contain any info about rendering the environment...
  12. What you are describing is not what is happening now. Getting into contact with the building sometimes puts you in the generic new building for the KSC area like "Spaceplane Hanger", and sometimes puts you in the original building specific biome, like "SPH Main Building". How does the game decide which? Hell if I know, but it is MUCH harder to get to the individual buildings. I MAY be going completely insane, but my recollection is that as of version 1.2, the last time I did the KSC biome drive for raw science points instead of getting the experiments for lab data, circa February of this past year, all you had to do was have the craft touching a part of the building to be "in" the biome for the purposes of activating your experiment action group. (MechJeb 2 has a display which tells you what surface biome the rover is in.) A Kerbal standing on the parked craft to collect this data would also be in the biome for surface samples and EVA purposes. (You could also use an extensible part from a parked rover to reach out and touch the walls ) I can understand Squad removing the biomes completely to eliminate what even I see as somewhat exploity player behavior. But why leave them in the game and make access to them a matter of luck? That just increases player frustration.
  13. OK, let's try this again: What is the system whereby the game decides which biome a craft is in around KSC's buildings? Is this change documented in the Version History, and does someone need to update the KSP wiki to reflect it? WHY?!!?! What purpose does making people who want to collect experiments from KSC have to try and shoot for centimeter wide biomes serve?
  14. I eventually worked out that the old biomes were still around, got all my experiments and sent them to my station... But the process of grabbing them all was both tedious AND a matter of ridiculous rover position experimentation. I'm absolutely at a loss as to why Squad made this change.