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  1. Of your suggestions, I like 2) and 1) but not 3). Assembly of a single rigid craft via KIS sounds the least maddening, but sending a half dozen more engineers to Minmus makes the setup difficult to replicate on other bodies (Ike, Gilly, Moho, Dres, Eeeloo, and one of Jool's smaller moons). Just so we're clear talking about hauling launch clamps to Minmus to act as anchors for bases or landers.
  2. Yeah, SimpleLogistics is a "no go". One of the requirements was that the level 3 engineer in the "control tower" applied their efficiency bonus to all of the ISRUs and drills in the entire facility. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear. So, I either need to grit my teeth and put up with the wandering mining towers, go back to the drawing board and try and design a system which can accommodate docking assembly on the surface (and which will almost certainly be spontaneously ripped apart by the kraken on being loaded eventually), or admit that KSP hates what I'm trying to do and give up.
  3. I was pointed in the direction of this Mod to stop me having physics engine glitches and KAS blow up the entirety of Minmus when I attempt to build a large scale fuel refinery there. It seems to be sharing produced resources well enough... but the individual craft containing ISRU units and drills that aren't connected to the craft with a level 3 engineer aren't getting the engineer's productivity bonus, and that kind of renders the whole thing pointless. Am I doing something wrong, or does SimpleLogistics not support this?
  4. Hmmm. Then the only question that remains is if there's an efficiency loss from running all 3 resource conversion recipes at once on a single ISRU converter, because I currently have the hotkeys set up so that they can switch between the recipes on all the networked converters. That's something I can work out for myself, though... Thanks.
  5. Well, my concerns would then be: 1.) What happens if components manage to clip into one another? 2.) Can Simple Logistics handle unified hotkey presses? For example, I want to shut down the ISRUs and retract all of the solar panels, radiators and drills when the hulking great freighter lands or takes off...
  6. That doesn't solve the underlying problem of the component base parts wandering around relative to one another. 1. What do you mean "use struts"? Are you talking about attaching craft to the KAS ground bases or pylons using the autostrut part (which no longer seems to exist in KAS/KIS)? Because I tried assembling the base in orbit and holding it together with autostruts in a previous playthrough... And they caused the craft to rip itself apart. 2. If you're trying to convince me that the physics engine is NOT buggy garbage and the game does merit my spending any more time on it
  7. The problem that moving the drills higher solved wasn't asymmetric drill placement. When you switch craft to the base, all the component craft with deployed drills shot directly up into the air by several meters, although it seems towers on the edge were more violently affected. Since the height of the jumps was different but the towers were connected by fixed length KAS fuel lines, the component craft would get torque in the direction of the static fuel line, and thus fall over. Every single one of the towers is on landing struts rather than gear. There might be an issue with them not s
  8. Honestly, this is my fault for expecting better from KSP.... So, I'm having problems with my over ambitious surface mining base on Minmus. The premise is that to eliminate the tedium of having to connect components in orbit and try to land a large and complicated base, or of going through the rigmarole of assembling component parts on the ground on Minmus, I use the Kerbal Attachment System mod to connect the component drilling/ISRU "towers" with a central "command tower" with an engineer. (There's also another tower with a Sci lab.) I use flags and MechJeb to guide the component parts
  9. Dumb Question. Back in 2018, I used KAS to construct what I referred to as a "modular Minmus mining base". Basically I got fed up with trying to assemble a complicated mining setup in orbit and land it on Minmus, or with trying to dock base components on the surface, so I took inspiration from oil drilling operations and landed a "Control Tower" and several individual rocket landers that each contained a big ISRU, drills and all the accouterments needed to turn out a fuel at a fast clip. Each tower was connected to one of the others or to the control tower using W-50 winches and JS-1 sock
  10. Well... that is really pretty dumb. Squad really phoned it in with Breaking Ground, didn't they?
  11. So, I have Science generating experiments deployed on the ground at KSC, on the Mun and Minmus, and excepting the seismometer at KSC (just need to send a few more rockets screaming into the ground a few km west of KSC...), all of them have been at 100% complete for a while. About 60 in game days in fact. But none of them have transmitted 100% other than the seismometers on the Mun and Minmus (disposing of heavy ascent stages during Munar/Minmur(?) descent is FUN!). I noticed this and sent Bob in a rover to poke at the things at KSC, and found that the Go-ob ED Monitor and the PD-3 Weath
  12. Did y'all ever figure out if ROC was a place or a programming error?
  13. Then I shall take your example and make indolence my watchword! Thank you, sir.
  14. I guess someone, by which of course I mean me, should go and correct the wiki guide I linked...
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