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  1. Adjustible landing gears you mean>?
  2. Hey. Hi. What you think about update AJLG for 1.2?

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    2. Joshwoo70


      well it is gonna be a pain to update it without working collision meshes that i do not know how to do...

    3. RomanCat


      In version 1.2.1 the model has no collision. But there is no possibility of action, folding, and options for the chassis.

    4. Joshwoo70


      huh.. seems like something broke it. currently no sight of progress yet if i would to get back into ksp. kinda burned out after KSP 1.2

  3. I have too. UPD: 7.4.0 Pre (version) works fine on last release ksp) Strange.
  4. eberkain Before you take a screenshot, press F2. Then F1. And use the latest versions of mods. ALRP - and Historian 1.2.5 http://imgur.com/a/lpg0H
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