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  1. You're problem might be because the dependency "Recovery controller" is still marked as KSP 1.12.2 max on CKAN so FMRS does not show up as compatible with 1.12.3 on default settings. In CKAN, go to Settings -> Compatible game versions and enable the checkbox for 1.12. When you refresh the list, FMRS should be available to install
  2. Not really surprising since the thread is 8 years old and the site gets redesigned and moved to newer forum technology ever now and then. To get you started try searching for "Stockalike" in the Add-on releases forum: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/search/&q=stockalike&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=34&search_in=titles
  3. @linuxgurugamer You could pre-patch with a default value where an existing value is missing: @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleCargoPart],@MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart],!MODULE[KerbalEVA]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { &packedVolumeLimit = 1 // & means add value only if not already present - you can use a different default if 1 isn't appropriate } } // rest of patch as before @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleCargoPart],@MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart],!MODULE[KerbalEVA]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart packedVolume = -1 } MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/InventorySlots$ packedVolumeLimit = #$/MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]/packedVolumeLimit$ } MODULE { name = KSPPartVolumeModule } !MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] {} } You could also use @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]:HAS[~packedVolumeLimit[]] on the first @PART clause to filter only for ModuleInventoryPart modules without packedVolumeLimit values but using the & makes that mostly redundant (might save a little processing time and reduce total patch count)
  4. No but you can export the current blocked list and then import it to another save. (Permaprune does apply across saves)
  5. Only by changing which body is the HomeWorld. You can't define KSC locations on multiple worlds. If you do want to change which world is the "HomeWorld" then you could look at how Alien Space Programs does it:
  6. While you can add the statics for launch pads to other planets with KK, the "launch sites" feature only works on the current HomeWorld. If you want to launch newly constructed vessels from another world you'll either need to change which world is the HomeWorld or use a different mod:
  7. I thought that at first but confusingly it didn't work. After checking the source code I found that the fields were named differently between the two mods. e.g. diameterStepLarge (PF) vs diameterLargeStep (PP)
  8. Here's the equivalent patch for Procedural Fairings: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ProceduralFairingBase]]:AFTER[ProceduralFairings] { @MODULE[ProceduralFairingBase] { %diameterStepLarge = 0.625 %diameterStepSmall = 0.15625 } }
  9. Missing parts will always break craft, so if you use the rover controller part on your rover it will break if BV is uninstalled. However if you use a MM patch to add the module to an existing rover part then you will only get a "Missing module" warning that can be safely ignored in most cases.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to apply local HiRes decals to launch sites (like RSS Canaveral HD does) but I could use some help. I downloaded a set of high res. images from USGS and stitched them to form a surface patch. Cropped it and scaled to 8192 x 8192 px and also created a lower res preview at 1024 x 1024 px for fiddling about with fine tuning the positioning. I used the following MM patch to try to apply it to the surface but nothing is showing up (or at least not where I expect it to show up)
  11. I'd suggest using KerbalKonstructs.Core.LaunchSiteManager.getNearestBase to find the nearest KK base.
  12. @zakkpaz Because you replaced ModuleActiveRadiator with ModuleSystemHeatRadiator earlier in the patch you also need to change the reference to it in the ModuleB9PartSwitch section. So something like:
  13. The problem is Firespitter Core which is only marked as compatible up to KSP 1.11.99. Either manually force the install of Firespitter Core before trying to install MKS (select Firespitter Core -> click versions tab -> click checkbox for most recent version -> click "install" when prompted by warning box) or change your CKAN compatibility settings to allow all 1.11 and 1.12 mods.
  14. Perhaps use the orientation of the nodes? The decouple node and the various engine nodes all point one direction while the top node that connects to the rest of the vessel points the opposite direction. That's an already present distinction which doesn't rely on node names.
  15. TJC has some features for handling toolbar buttons. Those features conflict with KAMP if used. If you don't use those features in TJC (and there is a settings option to turn them off) then there is no conflict I've noticed (I use both). KAMP has very limited ordering of buttons where pinned buttons will appear before unpinned (above on vertical toolbars and to the right on horizontal bars).
  16. Flight test from White Sands runway 2/20. Shuttle landing strips 17/35 and 5/23 also visible: Other than maybe trying to tweak some colour inconsistencies I'd say the runways are done. Now onto working out what I want to do about laying out launch pads and support buildings at "Launch Complex 36" and "V-2 launching site" and whether I want them at their real world locations or closer to the runways.
  17. Kerbal Konstructs space ports, bases and airfields for Real Solar System, based (sometimes loosely) on real life locations. NOTE: where necessary KSC Switcher launch site locations may be slightly relocated to avoid overlap. This is an alpha release! White Sands - Runways 2/20, 17/35 and 5/23. Requirements Real Solar System Kerbal Konstructs Omega's Stockalike Structures (OSSNTR) Tundra Space Center Optional supported mods NavUtilities - included runway definitions for landing guidance Download: GitHub Locations White Sands Space Harbor aka Northrup Strip - 32°56′35.67″N 106°25′10.31″W Runway 17/35 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 5/23 (large shuttle landing strip) Runway 2/20 (small operational runway) Helipad and control tower near runways Relocate KSC Switcher White Sands to north of custom KK group Planned Additions White Sands Launch Complex 36 - 32°25′1″N 106°19′19″W V-2 Launching Site - 32°24′4″N 106°22′40″W Spaceport America (Virgin Galactic) - 32.9895472,-106.9694681 Runway 16/34 3658 x 61m @ 1401m altitude Edwards AFB Vandenberg AFB - 34°43′58″N 120°34′05″W Runway 12/30 (15km) Wallops - 37°56′19″N 75°27′26″W Kodiak Launch Complex - 57.435833°N 152.337778°W Guiana Space Centre - Kourou - 5°13′20″N 52°46′25″W RAAF Woomera Range Complex - 30°57′19″S 136°31′56″E Peenemünde - 54.143°N 13.794°E License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3
  18. Did some further surveying. With all the RSS KSCSwitcher launch site runways: There might be something wrong with KSC Switcher (or possibly my install of it) since all the runways are aligned 90/270 and I could have sworn that the different launch sites were at various different orientations the last time I played RSS a couple of years ago.
  19. Playing around with Kerbal Konstructs to make a launch centre and runway at White Sands for my RP-1 save. Edit: now that I've proved to myself that I can actually make a somewhat decent and functional launch site, I plan to use the plans I found for "White Sands Space Harbor (Space Shuttle Landing Facility)" to actually lay out the proper runways, helipad, support buildings etc. If this continues to hold my interest I plan to continue with Vandenberg, Kodiak and Wallops and maybe do something for Woomera and Kourou if I can find good source material.
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