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  1. Basically yes. Each Kerbal needs 4 nom-o-matic 5000 type greenhouses to keep them supplied. (Well they actually only need 3.78 each but you need to round up the total so that supply exceeds demand, e.g. 3 Kerbals need 11.4 greenhouses - rounded up to 12). Also note the small greenhouses don't benefit from having a specialist in the crew for improved conversion efficiency but some of the MKS agroponics parts do which can be taken into account when designing a larger vessel.
  2. It's all defined in ModuleManager patches so it should still be fine. The change to science labs is applied to specific named labs only so only some mod added labs are affected.
  3. Your Kerbals are using the supplies faster than the greenhouses are producing them. Assuming you haven't changed the default rates then each Kerbal turns 0.0005 supplies into 0.0005 mulch per second (0.0015 /s for 3 Kerbals). Each Nom-o-matic 5000 takes 0.00012 mulch and 0.00012 fertilizer to produce 0.000132 supplies (0.000528 /s for 4 greenhouses). That's a shortfall of 0.000972 supplies per second. So your Kerbals drain the supplies down to zero (slowed somewhat by the greenhouses producing some replacements). Then once it hits zero then each time KSP updates the resources the greenhouses make a small amount which immediately gets gobbled up by the Kerbals putting the supplies back to zero.
  4. Each docking port in KSP is defined in a ModuleDockingNode section of the part's config. This includes a referenceAttachNode field that names which node (also defined in the part config) should be used to dock to. The orientation of that node defines the roll axis and I believe that DPAI uses the Z+ direction as the zero point.
  5. Since the normal goo experiment doesn't care whether it's on the surface or not (and I can't see anywhere JNSQ modifies that) it sounds like you've got an interaction with some other mod.
  6. The patch seems to be outdated for the current Kerbalism patching mechanism. It tries to apply updates to the habitat modules during the :AFTER[Kerbalism] ModuleManager pass but the Kerbalism patches don't create that module until the later :FOR[KerbalismDefault] step. All the other patches in the same folder (PlanetaryBaseInc/ModSupport/Config/Kerbalism) use the :FOR[PlanetarySurfaceStructures] pass which would work for this purpose as well. I suggest (untested) changing the patch to be: Looking at some of the other patches in KerbalismConfig/Support for the likes of HabTech and SSPX which are both space station type habitat parts there may be need to add some additional patches for other life support systems (CO2 srubbers, recycler, sabatier processors etc.) to the KPBS parts but I haven't gotten far enough in the Kerbalism career game I'm currently playing to have a proper feel for what might be needed.
  7. Tourism+ only disables the stock tourism contracts. It could be that another contract pack/mod is disabling the stock "recover asset" contracts or that you haven't yet met the stock requirements for the contracts to appear (can't recall offhand but you may need to unlock manoeuvre nodes before rescue contracts are offered?) You can check which contract types are enabled in a particular save by loading it then choosing settings in the pause/KSC menu; clicking on the difficulty button at the top of the settings dialog and then the Contract Configurator tab. You will see a column of radio buttons representing the contract packs and another column representing stock contracts (and mod added contracts that use the stock contract method). As I mentioned earlier the rescue contracts are grouped under the "RecoverAsset" option in the stock contracts column so make sure that is enabled.
  8. Hi, the AGX dialogs in the screenshot you posted looks like what I would expect to see when you've unlocked "basic" action groups (first VAB upgrade) but haven't yet unlocked "custom" action groups (second VAB upgrade). The Abort group shown in the picture has fewer editable options than the numbered custom groups. What does look wrong in the picture (and when I did a quick test myself) is that the stock action groups panel is showing custom groups available when they shouldn't be. I normally don't see this since I enable the "Always allow action groups" option on the difficulty settings advanced whenever I start a new career save.
  9. Look in the first post of this thread. Waypoint Manager is what you want.
  10. You'll need to "roll back" to an older version of KSP (1.7.3 or 1.8.1 are good choices for JNSQ): Just make sure to pick the correct version of each mod you install to match the version of KSP you're using. (Or you could just wait until Kopernicus is updated for 1.9.1. No idea when that will be though).
  11. Create a new ModuleManager patch file containing the following: CC_EXPERIMENT_DEFINITIONS { name = SSPX EXPERIMENT { name = sspxFishStudy ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = sspxPlantGrowth ignored = true } EXPERIMENT { name = sspxVisualObservation ignored = true } } That will cause Field Research to ignore the three experiments introduced by SSPX when generating contracts.
  12. MM allows the use of folder paths in NEEDS (added in version 3.0.7) so CC-core and CC-full could be distinguished based on the presence or absence of theConfigurableContainers/Parts folder (at least based on the way they are configured in CKAN)
  13. Obvious question but are you dragging the items from the part list to the KIS inventory panel? KIS doesn't use the click to pick up/click to place that the rest of the editor does.
  14. In CKAN go to the Settings menu and "Compatible KSP Versions" and check the boxes for 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 and 1.4 that will tell CKAN that you want to allow it to install older versions of mods. For KSP 1.7.3 most, but NOT all, mods released for the 1.4 to 1.7 versions of KSP are usually compatible - always check the mod's forum page for any information about compatibility. For 1.7.3 you should never try to install a 1.8 version of a mod. There were a lot of changes to the way KSP works with plug-ins between versions 1.7.3 and 1.8. The only exception would be pure part mods with no plug-in DLL which MAY work depending on how their shaders are configured.
  15. To plan for the return trip then yes you generally read the DV map backwards but there's no need to include all the values all the way back to Kerbin since you can take advantage of Kerbin's thick atmosphere to aerobrake for capture and re-entry and ignore any legs with the little arrow symbol pointing towards Kerbin. Launching from a planet's surface back to low orbit should take the non-aerobrake DV listed for landing (1450 m/s for Duna and over 8000 m/s for Eve). For a return from Duna orbit the DV is thus about 360 + 250 + 130 (+ up to 10 plane change). A return from Eve orbit would be 1300 + 80 + 90 (+ up to 430 for plane change) Note for going to and returning from other planets timing is very important. You want to make sure the angle between Kerbin and your target planet is correct for both legs (see https://ksp.olex.biz/ for a helpful online guide for eyeballing the angles). If you don't make your transfer at the right time it can cost a LOT more DV than shown on the chart. There are also some tutorials you might want to check out on the wiki section of this site: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorials
  16. Yes, that's the part I was referring to as well. It should be in the Manufacturing category in the VAB/SPH.
  17. There's an option in the MKS difficulty settings to enable the new classes in rescue contracts. The space camp option is slightly more tricky and would require a patch to be written for the T+ contract. It looks possible based on the contract cfg file. Possibly best to create a clone of the original contract to give a choice between a "basic" camp that would give three Kerbals a random specialism each or an "advanced" camp that would give the more powerful stock classes. Again possible with contracts or some sort of custom part mod extension (similar to Field Training Facility/Lab mod perhaps) but you're effectively demoting them since the core classes are supersets of the specialisms.
  18. Don't know if it's responsible for your problem but you've got the KSP 1.8 of Hullcam installed. Try switching it to the previous release.
  19. It's intended for use with the following optional mod in order to make replacement/expansion parts to attach to your base/station on EVA.
  20. The actual docking was manual - see https://history.nasa.gov/alsj/CSM11_Docking_Subsystem_pp87-92.pdf and the section on the Crewman Optical Alignment Sight
  21. First thing you could try is using the search function in the VAB (it's the box in the top left just above the part icons list). Look for duct or asparagus (the latter should be fairly unique to fuel lines). If you can't find it still then it might be being hidden or moved into a category that isn't showing up for some reason. Try opening your GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache file in a text editor then you can search for name = fuelLine to find out what the post patching settings for that part are. Since you can see it in R&D there should be an entry in the cache for it Some things to look out for include TechHidden = true, category = none or TechRequired = <some strange value>
  22. @dunebugmi Two methods. Refer to the modules by their index: @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],0 { } //engineID = [email protected][ModuleEnginesFX],1 { } //engineID = ClosedCycle or by using some unique value @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]:HAS[#engineID[AirBreathing]] { } //engineID = [email protected][ModuleEnginesFX]:HAS[#engineID[ClosedCycle]] { } //engineID = ClosedCycle I prefer the second method where possible as it is self-documenting and won't break if things ever get reordered in the original mod Also changing MaxThrust won't affect the efficiency just the power. To change the efficiency you need to edit the ISP values which are in the atmosphereCurve sub nodes. The first number on each line is the air pressure (in atmospheres) and the second is the corresponding ISP.
  23. VESSEL { pid = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX persistentId = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX name = Kerbin Orbital Station type = Station [SNIP] PART { name = XXXX // must have a MODULE { name = ModuleCommand } [SNIP] VESSELNAMING { name = Kerbin Orbital Station type = Station priority = 20 // 0 to 20 } } [SNIP more parts] } Simplified to show relevant parts. If there are more than one parts in a vessel with a VESSELNAMING node then the highest priority one wins. If there are multiple of the same priority then its the one closest to the root node. New parts added in the editor default to a priority of 10.
  24. Usual reason for KSP to stall loading is an old incompatible version of a mod being installed. From your mod list I would suspect either: Hooligan Labs - not recompiled although some people report it still working it could have a conflict and your screenshot shows Heisenberg failing which has HL as a dependency or DMP if you installed via CKAN (since CKAN offers the wrong version of the mod) If it's not them then check all your mods to make sure that the most up to date versions are installed and if that still fails then post a copy of your logs for a more detailed analysis.
  25. OK now I feel stupid. Just tested with a clean 1.8 install. The option to use the magboom as a resource scanner only appears if you disable stock scanning in the SCANsat settings:
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