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  1. Can a similar challenge be done using the probes first tech tree?
  2. I downloaded it from the ksp store. Even 1.6.1 still doesn't show the tutorials
  3. I notice that there were tutorials/scenarios back in ksp version 1.3 that were to teach people how to build craft and do a couple exciting things as well (my favorite was the Gilly Command chair Scenario). The menu for these things are still there but it now has nothing in it: How would we go about getting these back so they work in 1.6?
  4. If you use the 12 days of Christmas song; eternal Christmas on the moon. Is Day 8 Year 51 according to Moon time so 08/51 a little before 6pm at the point of the moon where earth is nearly overhead. Using the same convention as Lunar standard time; time is unknown on the Mun until the first kerbal lands on it; that moment time starts
  5. I wonder how you would do keostationary (or the closest orbit possible) above the woomerang launch site?
  6. I had tried to set up a mission to where you build a vessel that is in a 74x75 km orbit around kerbin and from that to encounter the Mun. I had set up to where there would be a certain amount of points deducted if the Landing took place with getting into an orbit around the Mun prior to landing and no deduction if landing straight from kerbin . When I set up the nodes and achieved the drop in landing however the mission node would not progress even though I had set a branch off point saying that a Lunar landing could skip the orbit parameters of periapsis needing to be be 10m-Mun Soim. But is insisting that I have to be in the closed orbit before progressing to the next mission node. screenshot0.png
  7. Running 2 copies of ksp at the same time trying to figure out what added mod is most likely causing a game error
  8. Typically I would add the node for orbit insertion when launching a probe core or probe core + non-pilot/rescue kerbal so the burn could get done even if connection is lost midway through the burn. If using a probe core typically this would mean the engine would stop once connection is lost and therefore crash and burn otherwise
  9. I use mainly 1.3 and 1.2 at this time, but have used 1.1 on occasion for the kerbal galaxy mod was only developed though 1.1
  10. I remember orbiter had dashed lines around where the sphere of influence of individual planets/moons changed; having these listed as well as allowing them to change within the confines of their orbit around the parent body could have cool effects. 1. It can make getting encounters with eccentric moons/planets far more likely to happen; these bodies spend a majority of time on the far side of their orbits. 2. Getting orbits within the closest sphere of influence would remain stable using the same patched conics we have now 3. Orbits between the closest and farthest sphere of influence would change to the Major soi at an easily predicted time 4. Sphere of Influence would remain bound between lowest and highest values Indefinatly
  11. Hmm, doing that moved Ike back around the orbit of Duna; also just realized I think I might have the wrong version, have the .dll file saying it was made on May 30, will try updating it keeping Ike.cfg with referenceBody instead of @referenceBody, will see what happens. Updating the mod to 1.3.0-4 the .dlls now have June 15 on them seems to have made Ike Become a sphere 10KM long and gravity change as desired on Map view, however Ike is orbiting Duna instead of Mun still and after hyper editing a vessel to orbit around the modified Ike the textures in vessel view seem to clip in and out
  12. I did Ike.cfg like below trying to use most recent documentation and got almost everything I wanted (Ike Now Orbits Mun with about 30KM SOI) even adding the line suggested just tested; still does not look like sphere wondering If I'm missing something @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Ike] { //Lets edit the Properties node with an @ sign! @Properties { //so we need to change the description description = This description wasn't very well thought out! //let's raise the gravity a little since we're here geeASL = 0.007 radius = 10000 } @Template { removeAllPQSMods = true } @Orbit { @referenceBody = Mun semiMajorAxis = 1624200 eccentricity = 0.02 } } }
  13. Is there a way similar to this that you could do to get a totally flat sphere instead without needing a height map? Am trying to get a template where I can have several small mass and small radius body's (like around 1-10KM in radius) but editing the preexisting templates radius is leading to undesired spikes making it impossible to actually land on the body
  14. Looking forward to trying to Boldly go; However I am on Mac Version 10.10.5 and it says it need 10.12 or greater to work

    1. seanth


      TBG is written in QBasic, and I've been trying to learn it so I can help Daniel with the project. I will look into whether I can make a version that runs on older versions of the OS.

      Another option is for me to provide a version written in python. Most of my daily work is done using python, so I don't think it would take long to make a python version. Would you be interested in trying a python version?

    2. ToneStack


      Yes I would

    3. seanth


      Ok. This weekend I will try and get a python version worked out.