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  1. OK thanks - Yes I mean strategies. Ok I will upload the log onto Dropbox.
  2. Hi - I am back after a hiatus from the game due to GPP breaking in a previous release of KSP and waiting on Galileo to do some updates. ANyway I came back with the brand new 1.3 version and the latest GPP. I have installed Strategia; and I only have 3 contracts showing? Impactor Probes (the manned equivalent) - and one other. None of the other contracts that I remember from previous versions are there such as massive scale launches etc? Do i need a GPP specific version of Strategia - or do I have something screwed in my install?
  3. I believe you are running the incorrect version of GPP. 1.2.3 is not currently supported and this is the future version for KSP 1.2.3 Hi @Norcalplanner, @CatastrophicFailure - thanks for this info. Yes hadn't considered going into Retro burn before entering the SOI - as then I would be nervous of actually losing my intercept, and working out which is retrograde to Icarus rather than Ciro would be I guess by eyeball rather than relying on the navball (although thinking about it - I guess Anti-Target would effectively be planet retrograde) - I also have the Karbonite mod installed and
  4. @Norcalplanner - Despite playing this game for more hundreds of hours than I even want to think about... Just looking at your screenshots and your commentary. Please can you talk more around this comment - as clearly I still have so much to learn.... I put a dawn electric engine on my last Icarus attempt that gave me plenty of D/V but not enough TWR to get into stable orbit and ended up doing yet another flyby!! However looking at your comments above then clearly you would have had the same issue as me; in that you would exit the SOI before you managed to reduce
  5. Ok thanks - Yeah I don't seem to have had any isues building and assembling orbital bases in Ceti or Iota - only experienced when I put a mining operation on both planets that consisted of an initial landing probe (pathfinder) and then an automated mining ship, a manned lander power station and habitat/supplies. I won't try to make Thalia as my first interplanetary ground base
  6. @JadeOfMaar - Thanks - when you say within Mun's SOI - does this mean that the problem would only be unique to the moons within Gael's planetary SOI (ie IOTA and CETI) - and if I go interplanetery with Ground Bases the problem will not be there? I read from @Galileo that Kopernicus had been upgraded with the latest version of KSP and thats what has so far plagued him with updates to the latest version of GPP - so my question was really aimed at asking if Kopernicus had been updated to address this known problem and therefore by default fixing this in GPP.
  7. I posted a question about performance with bases on bodies where if I have more than 3 crafts landed and in the same vicinity (not even linked) but within a few hundred metres - there is massive lag - despite me having a pretty good rig. The answer back is Is this a known problem as part of GPP and if there is likely to be a resolution with the updated version of Kopernicus and the GPP update?
  8. Hi - I am using this mod with GPP. A question that is regarding performance in that as soon as I have 3 or 4 ships within the same location (not even connected) - the performance grinds to a halt. I guess it is not specifically related to MKS and more to do with the physics for having to work out all of the ships in the same location - but is there anything I can do about this apart from buying a bigger PC rig (which BTW is pretty good and I have never had problems running most modern games on full/high res)?
  9. Ok looking through this and looks like the parts and kits need to be assembled in parts - clearly need to spend some time understanding this in detail Thanks for this - I admit totally that I have not really spent anytime looking in logistics or experimenting with Kontainers, but this I didn't know so will have a play with this on the launchpad and see if I can work it out now you have given me this guidance.. Thanks once again for your help.
  10. haha - yeah for sure... Will post some screenies on the adventure Yeah I found this @JadeOfMaar from the inbuilt wiki - but I can't work out how I get the specialised parts or materials kits on board - or where they are from within the parts tree..... Swapping the separators for the drills can be done after they deploy but requires the following resources Drill SpecializedParts MaterialKits ElectricCharge MEU-100 Pulse Drill 1 5 5 MEU-500 Pulse Drill 3 15
  11. Hi - This is not related to the GPP pack but comes as one of the suggested additions - I think it is part of MKS (but not 100% certain) - the various pulse drill heads with "interchangeable" drill heads? How do you change them? Within the VAB you can change them from Dirt - Ore etc..... However when you get onto a surface and right click to change them - there is no option to do so and it only sems to drill dirt? I had to revert to the "default" stock mining drill to extract my 2800 cubits of Ore to deliver back to Gael - but it would be nice to work out how to use the array of "automatic
  12. and back to baby steps after your magnificent ships ^^ - I have successfully researched Grannus and have a probe on its way - I think it is 10 years before it gets there....... I am thinking that when it arrives I w am very afraid to find something like this....
  13. Thanks for the quick response @JadeOfMaar.. Now thats Service... I'll be rebuilding my telescope tonight
  14. @JadeOfMaar - sounds like another one for the enhancements list - Not that I have any plans of how I am ever even going to get there yet - but researching it was for the science squeeze......
  15. Hi - Another question this time regarding research bodies. So I have just unlocked the "large probes" in science which unlocks the more powerful TB75M-ES Telescope. However this does not show as a part in the VAB. It still only shows the TB75M telescope. However it does show an "upgraded stats tab" when right clicking and it demands I get into a 500K orbit which I have done so assuming this is just the same model but upgraded even though I get no visual indication. However I am still unable to research Grannus as I still get the message "A faint body has been detected, you are going to ne
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