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  1. Seems to be working fine with the new dll, thanks!
  2. Sometimes it works, but you launch the same vessel again and it no longer works.
  3. I'm having the same issue. Launched a rover, can unlock the hitch no problem and it bends. Recover vessel, launch it again, the unlock button is gone and part is inoperable. Very strange.
  4. Any chance this is being updated to KSP 1.3?
  5. Real life is seriously overrated.
  6. And what the hell happened to the owner of this mod? =P
  7. Ahm... what?
  8. Good point, KJR could be the culprit. What version are you using now? Edit: ok, did a search for KJR in this topic and found my answers, ty for pointing it out.
  9. Ok, now I'm depressed. I'm connecting ANY part to ANY part using ANY hinge (legacy or reworked) and the result is the same: Works fine in the hangar, but once launched the hinge bends but the attached parts are solid in space, and the whole structure starts bending out of shape and eventually everything explodes. There are no struts/autostruts. Has anything to do with using: Tweakscale Procedural Wings/Parts Realism Overhaul ? I'll try reinstalling the mod later, right now I'm gonna go kill myself
  10. Wasn't aware of it, ty for the tips, I'll try the new parts (already have them installed)
  11. Tried it. As you can see in the video below, no autostruts anywhere near the hinge or whatever is attached to it. I thought at first the problem could be me using procedural wings from B9 as ramps, but anything I try to attach to ANY type of hinge, result is the same. Edit: just tried another way to load cargo by placing a very large adjustable rail on the ceiling of the cargo compartment, so when fully extended it comes about 5m out of the nose, and on the tip of it, a telescopic piston with a docking port at the end, so I could lower it to whatever cargo I need to grab and "winch" it up and in. Again, works wonderfully in the hangar. But once I launch and try to move any of the two parts, everything goes boom. I love IR but I just can't make it work. Trying to find a third way to load cargo now. =/
  12. Good afternoon, folks Quick question: I just made these foldable ramps to load cargo up my AN-124. In the hangar it works beautifully, but when I launch it, the hinges unfold but the ramps stay completely static. Any idea whats up with that? I'm not home atm so I can't provide any logs yet, but thought maybe this is a common bug and someone might know of a workaround. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hey Blowfish! I've done some diggin around and I couldn't find any specific info about what these entries mean: (till line 111) Sadly, the CFG isn't commented, nor is the source file. Could you please share what do these mean and how they influence the engines? Thank you!
  14. [1.3] Mk2 Expansion v1.8 [update 9/7/2017]

    How compatible is this with RO (realfuels) and RSS thrust/curves?