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  1. The community seems to be pretty divided on this matter. So the right thing to do is to add the OPTION to have it re-scaled, when setting up a new game/career. That way, you please everyone.
  2. The wobbly joints have always been a major turnoff for me. Rockets are supposed to be rigid. Sure mods can fix it, but I'm surprised to see this is still a thing in KSP 2. Spaghetti rockets are not cute, fun or realistic.
  3. It does indeed look like clouds. On one hand, quite obvious, since with all the graphical upgrades it would be really weird to have a cloud-less Kerbin. On the other hand, definitely welcome.
  4. Would be nice to have a pinned thread where we can post about features in KSP 2 that have already been confirmed (or almost) during interviews or videos. Please contribute your findings and I'll keep updating this first post and listing whatever is discovered.
  5. All these suggestions are nice and I couldn't agree more, but you forgot to mention the most important one: A decent sized planet. First thing I do on any of my KSP careers is to mod the planet into an Earth-sized planet. The standard one is just ridiculously easy, no challenge whatsoever. People are building SSTO's capable of taking off and landing 3 times before refueling, building a 10-ton spaceship capable of visiting any planet in the system, etc. MAKE IT EARTH-SIZED! GIVE US A CHALLENGE!
  6. Coming back from a lot hiatus, setting up RSS+RO+RP1 for KSP 1.6.1 and your mod + tweak scale are the only 2 I refuse to play without. So I've heard some very disturbing rumors stating SSTU is currently not working at all with 1.6.1, is it true? I couldn't find info on it. Please tell me it ain't so, lol... I miss ksp :'(
  7. Look at that altitude! Playing with Rescale, 50% larger than real Earth! Edit: Found the summit: 34,148m!
  8. Every time I plan a comeback to KSP, this is always the very first mod I check to make sure it's compatible to the version of KSP I'm planning to use. Looking forward to the 1.5.1 update, SM! You're my favorite mod maker and you're always top class in the way you talk on these forums!
  9. Any way of getting KK to work with GPP in a 3.2x Rescaled config?
  10. I eagerly clicked "elsewhere" hoping it was a link to where we can go vent our grievances
  11. Typical forum heroes. They refresh the forum all the time hoping to find someone who's asking for a mod update so they can rush in and copy/paste their typical comments, just to see their post count go up. Now, if you do a bit of research among my few posts, you'll find that I've never "bugged" modders for updates, nor will ever do that. All I've done was ask ferram how's coming along, politely. There's a huge difference between "hey, how's work coming along today?" and "I didn't see your report in my desk at 8am like I've asked". Sure I'm hoping to have an update for FAR soon, but my only intent with that comment was to start a dialog with ferram, chit-chat about the mod, how's it coming along, the difficulties, the progress, the discoveries... really anything he'd be willing to talk about. I've modded for many years and I've always enjoyed seeing comments of people showing interest and always loved replying to them regarding the work itself, NOT the ETA. So just relax, go grab some ice tea.
  12. So you're saying we can't change wing attack angle at Mach 3 while pulling a 9G inverted loop? Absurd!
  13. Depends on the speed. If you try to do that at Mach 2 the wings would probably go the smitherinies, but then again so would the wings on a real Tomcat. Purpose of the pivoting wings is mainly takeoff, landing, low speed flight. Also, from my understanding, he unlocks the part, then moves the wing into a desirable attack angle, and re-locks the part. And he probably does that at lower speed.