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  1. My dream came true!! A up to date mod with a star you can go to!!
  2. You Know you Kerballed to much when you start speaking Kerbalish.
  3. You read the book for a 100 Years. I'm going to Jump off the World's Largest cliff, What can possibly go wrong!?
  4. Stanley falls to a big armoury with the words on a sign DO NOT ENTER and Stanley entered.
  5. A Kerbal has 1 head. There are 3 Kerbals In the ship 1+1+1=3. The Illumanati symbol has 3 sides. KERBALS ARE ILLUMANATI CONFIRMED
  6. How do you download Destruction Effects? Does it require anything?
  7. Name: Blueshark J. Kerman Quote: "We're Losing Orbit!!"
  8. Uhh Hieywiey, The original Buran got destroyed in a hanger collapse. - - - Updated - - - But still it's good.
  9. I just want KSP to be a extraordinary space simulator not a horror game.
  10. This mod is just plain awesome. So one time I was testing this mod out and left Valentina Kerman in orbit around Kerbin for around 6-7 days and got her home and then I got Jeb, Rosedith, and Valentina Kerman in A stable(And Big) orbit and left them there for almost 70 Days! When Val, Jeb, and Rosedith Kerman back home Val died of high G force due to 0.00 Fitness when she Re-Entered Kerbin's atmosphere. I thought how realistic this mod is and the mod is VERY realistic. This mod isn't too buggy (For Me) for a WIP.
  11. Yeah I would keep it like a tradition so it would be A part of Human culture you know.
  12. Good Idea but it needs a Source. Yet I am not sure if does or does not have a Source.
  13. This mod will go well with another mod called "MovieTime". There Both good for stuff like Machinima.
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