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  1. It would be great if this mod can have FreeIva support! However, none of our team is familiar with FreeIva, so we would prefer having the FreeIva support in FreeIva.
  2. Are you using Realfuel in stock environment? And how exactly do you install the mods? Will be looking into that. The model of Shenzhou spacecraft is pretty old, and the waterfall patch I made is to my best capability to address the issue. Shenzhou is probably getting a major rework. Also, maybe you can directly insert the image, and use the edit function for our convenience.
  3. Thx for reporting, this is now fixed and should be available in the next update. Can you be more specific? Chang'e 2 size issue is a known problem in 1.0.0, and should been fixed in 1.0.1
  4. Hi there, as of right now we only provide 2 types of config: real (which is for RO) and Stock. 2.7x is not supported. RO weight is, to our best knowledge, as real as it can get. And the stock config is tweaked so that the rocket could perform similarly in stock environment. We optimized them to have the same amount of burn time and same amound of payload capacity by adding addtitional weight to the tanks. That's why it is unusually heavy. For now, we have no intention of supporting different size of the Kerbal System. But you are welcomed to make your own config.
  5. On behave of the KIU team, we wholeheartedly agree with the letter. Please add the KIU team as one of the signatories if it's not too much of a trouble. We developed KIU Chinese Pack(KCLV, KCHS, KCDE) Also, our team are very worried about the performance of KSP2. We tested that KSP2 is barely smoothly running with the latest and greatest hardware, making us hesitant about adding hundreds of parts we developed for KSP1 to KSP2.
  6. As for the explosion problem, CZ-7 needs to decouple the fuel tank first, than decouple the interstage with fairing SRB firing to provide clearance from the first stage, then ignite the second stage engine. Probe control issue is another one we yet to encounter. Did you bring the necessary communication equipment with your payload?
  7. Thank you for what you have done for this community! You are truly a legend. I personally started playing KSP around 0.25 era and only have the privilege and energy of reviving 2 or 3 mods. 286 is just, godlike, and I cannot express how much grateful I am. Live long and prosper sir.
  8. Our team is unable to replicate the issue you have mentioned. Could you please give a detailed step-by-step description of how you encountered this problem? 这个问题我们确实也遇到了,不过我们也不知道怎么解决,考虑到暂时不影响游戏,就只能先这么放着了。 We can confirm this problem. However, attemps of fixing it proves to be unsuccessful. Considering the fact that it did not affect the gameplay too much, we are going to leave it as what it is.
  9. OMG I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience I have caused! Actually, I don't even remember I have ever sent the following post! I guess having a fever have a greater effect then I expected And the version is indeed, I myself don't understand how I figured that out... This is my bad, it is actually a part in the yet-to-release version in my mod, which, if you want, can be found here. I will also make a minimal craft to replicate the issue later. Edit: You can find the craft file and KCLV mod here. I realize that the problem is on the yet-to-release version of KCLV so I included the mod in the link. You may wanna delete all previous install of KIU and unzip the KIU file to Gamedata.
  10. I tried that and than powered recovery is no problem. So the problem is indeed that Stage Recovery not able to identify the correct engine module. PS: Sorry for the delayed reply, Im currently covid positive and on bed rest.
  11. I tried again and still no luck. I suspect it is the intergraded SRBs that at fault. Since if I have PBAN fuel onboard, the displayed message is something like Not enough fuel to slow down(fuel used is PBAN) and when I drain the PBAN it just shows stage is destroyed. You can find my craft file and log file here, it is mostly stock with tweakscale and KCLV parts. Edit: Switch to a different tank in KCLV(CZ6A 1st stage tank) resulted in a successful powered recovery. I wonder if this is indeed due to Stage Recovery not recognizing the right engine module.
  12. I find that an RF-only Vessel is no problem at successfully recovery. The problem only exists when I use some tanks from my own mod. And that message is also displayed even after a successful powered recovery. I'm going to dig a little bit more into that and will keep you posted.
  13. Thx~ I will try that ASAP Edit: After testing on my environment, I find that it still unable to do powered recovery, with the same "Stock Model used" message. Sooo, how can I help to resolve this?
  14. First for all, great mod, I've been using it a lot in carrer. However, it appeals that the powered recovery would not work if an Engine with ModuleEnginesRF is used. It just says "Stock Model used" and the stage is destroyed. Simply replace the engine with a None-RF version will get it work properly. Is there anyway we can fix this?
  15. 在看了在看了,我自己不用RO,所以可能要花点时间定位解决 We are looking into that problem. Personally I do not use RO so it might take a while to fix. Surely we could use some help~However, our team are all Chinese and are communicating on Chinese SNS. If you are interested in this project, please DM me and we can discuss how we can collaborate on this!
  16. I have confirmed on my system as well, it will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!
  17. It seems like that when a stock jet engine is installed on a vehicle, MJ will simply refuse to launch when Primer Vector Guidance is selected. I've been able to recreate this issue under KSP 1.12.3, pure stock environment with only MJ installed. Anyone else noticed this?
  18. Update V1.4.3 Fix the bug of Chinese Common Docking Port unable to dock with other docking system. Correct the size of Tianzhou Cargo Module under stock environment.
  19. Update V1.4.2 Add Chinese Localization. ( Why the hell as a Chinese myself, I chose to add English Localization first) Add a stock size patch for users who does not have RF installed. The stock size is compatible with stock sized NCAP.
  20. KIU Chinese Pack a set of mods created for Kerbal Space Program to add Chinese Rockets and Spacecraft to the game. BE AWARE!!!UPGRADE FROM NCAP and/or ICSP WILL BREAK YOU SAVING WITH ICSP or NCAP VEHICLES CURRENTLY IN-FLIGHT, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! It is consist of: KIU Chinese Launch Vehicle Pack [1.1.1] KIU Chinese Human Spaceflight Pack [1.0.1] KIU Chinese Deepspace Exploration Pack [0.9.1] Moar image can be found here Required Mods: B9PartSwitch Highly Recommended Mods: Waterfall for better Engine FX Kerbal Joint Reinforcement for more stable vehicle Supported Mods: RealFuels (when installed, content from NCAP will switch to Real Scale, other wise it will be scaled down for Kerbal) TweakScale RemoteTech Installation: It is highly recommended to use CKAN to install this set of mods. Search "KCHS", "KCLV", "KCDE" and let CKAN do the magic. For those of you prefer the it the old-style: 1. Download and install all the required mods. 2. Download KCHS, KCLV and KCDE from Spacedock, and drag the KIU folder into Gamedata. Author: @OldCopper for models, textures, localizations, configs and patches. @mark7 for localizations, configs and patches. @Launcelot for models and textures. To-do List: CZ-7A Cryogenic Upper Stage Remodel of CZ-7 Booster CZ-8 More Fairings for CZ-6A Zhuque 2 Launch Vehicle Chang'e Probe and Lander Remodel of Shenzhou and Tianzhou Possibly YF-130 and YF-79 Those are some really ambitious plans aren't they? License: This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 Note: Some of the texture, Waterfall templates, FX resources, and Realplume templates are from Kerwis Chinese Aerospace Pack. (authors: Velctor, Bingo, Akino). And some other waterfall templates are from Stock Waterfall Effects by AtomicTech and SRB Waterfall Effects by Adiri. These mods follow the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 or CC BY-NC-SA license. This mod is still pretty much a WIP and Bugs here and there are anticipated. If you encounter one, feel free to bring it up to us. Please attach your mod list and KSP.log file to your bug report. And we recommend you do bug report on Github.
  21. Yes, it is consistant with the previous version when it is still managed by Icecovery.
  22. That rocket pack(NTCP) currently have a stock version and when RF is installed it switch to real life sizes. I intend to match this mod to NTCP's stock size in a future update.
  23. I do not play RO, therefore I do not intend to make RO config. However, it does have RF support, which is wrote according to the real specification. You are welcomed to write RO config upon that.
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