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  1. Right before the weekend. Nice.... "Hey, nice mods you have there... annnnnnnd.. There gone."
  2. Ah.. The fun of Unity.. I often hear the Devs in my office softly whispering under the breath... "kill everyone"....... Not sure if thats a unity thing, or just them..... Makes testing for them interesting... and slightly worrying.... Im pretty sure the Amendments should be amended to exclude coders from owning firearms... Teeth!. Yee haw! percocet??.. Interesting stuff.. Does nothing for me. But the following few days were an adventure in normality.. Pro Tip.. Take the Ramen off teh stove before the water all evaporate.. dont just stand there and watch it burn, it smells and your partner will not be impressed when the smoke detector goes off at 2am..... Lol, the office redecoration.. Ours started 3 months ago and is on-going... Please avoid licking any exposed cables you might find.... The shapeways products are amazing. I might have to order a third one. Does the KSP dev team see any profit from the Shapeways sales? Il keep an eye on the charity event but Ill admit now my charity efforts are focused on Extra Life... If Squad wish to look into that and organise something Id be totally willing to join their team and do a 24 hour KSP session.... Thanks for the amazing updates. Its really nice to see the Dev Note Tusedays. Brilliant way to give feedback to the fans and let us nerd know you love us....
  3. Iv got me feet up in the MC and someone drops a manila folder into my lap.... and then scurry's off. With some hesitation I opened the rather plane container and read the latest contract request. "Build a Habitat on the Mun to house at least 8 Kerbals". Well great, Im glad the guys asked my opinion before accepting this one. So.. off I went. Raided a few old pinball machines and scavenged some motors from old washing machines in the scrap yard and bingo. A mostly leak proof 12 Kerbal habitat with toilet facilities and mini fridge included. We also threw in some scientific equipment too. Seemed like a shame not to since we were going to the Mun anyway. Just 6 hours from launch and the countdown is put on hold while they figure out a new landing site. Apparently 'someone' told Seecot (our remote science lemming in the Mun science Pod) that we were sending him some supplies, toilet paper and such. So we had to wait 14 hours for the mun to be in a better position to land this new Hab as close to the science pod as possible. We missed it by 5km. Which wasnt too bad for our math department. Once down, we all held our breath as the ols washing machine motors whurred into action and the lander lifted itself from the spent engine, and then began its slow migration 5km NE to come to rest by the Science Lander. Contract filled, cash in hand. Not a bad few days business.
  4. Today my KSP took another important step with their orbital science and fuel platform. The second module was added. Still no sleeping quarters but they are on the to do list for the next orbital mission, but at least Bobs EVA can now be terminated because the KSS has enough room for him. (Bobs been hanging on to the outside of the KSS after an EVA from his doomed mission, and Bill refused to open the airlock..) There something very satisfying about watching your station orbit. Especially when you are constructing it the fun way. My next docking attempt should be a lot quicker. Each time Im learning.... like this time.. Lights..... Lights would be good. Because of course, your final docking maneuvers always happen when your in planet shadow.
  5. You mount Docking ports backwards, and dont realize until you try docking with it in orbit. ^ You mount docking ports and immediately add a separator under it.
  6. Yup yup.. That was my break through. I ditched the 100% rapier engine method. Totally inefficient I found. The system in the above image uses 2 rapiers upto 10k, then the Ramjet is activated which throws it hard upto 20k. By 23k the Ramjet blows out and I coast up to 24k on the rapiers before I close the air intakes and go closed cycle into orbit. A method I shall be experimenting with for my next HeavyLifter SSTO attempt.
  7. Good job. Iv had similar issues myself... well.. kinda. Flippy rockets (heavy payloads). Did some thinking, and realized that if I cut my acceleration down and kept it around 15 - 17 my rocket wouldnt flip any more. Astounding!..... Why?.. Oh, yea.. drag.... If my rocket has a fat head and a slim arse its going to be aero heavy on the nose... and want to flip over. Solution?. redesign the payload (yea, nuts to that) or keep a close eye on the acceleration and make sure I have a reasonable balance between the drag of the nose and the thrust of the tail. By feathering the throttle. Oddly enough. There was a thread last week where someone complained about the thrust default being set to 50%... and a bunch of people suggesting that it was stupid and they just set their to 100% before take off. Im guessing these might be people still playing with 0.90 who are scared of the aero changes?...
  8. use "-force -d3d11" to Force it into DX11 (with the right drivers and shaders you can get way better visuals than DX9) Look up the KSP x64 Unity 4 hack to make the Unity 4 engine run in x64 mode and expand your available memory beyond the 4 Gig limit. "warning" some Mods may not work with the x64 mode. So far Iv found one.. the Achievement mod.
  9. Indeed. I had 1 issue with a service bay doing the old shake rattle n roll on the contents at take off once. After that I use docking ports to nail that S*&t down in there. My single biggest "ah, nuts" moment was landing and one of the door clipping the landing strut.... and the entire lander slowly going over and slamming to the ground in a massive crash n burn. Fun times.... 'oh the humanity' could be herd in mission control as the 3 drones involved in the mission were rendered into small pocket calculator sized chunks on the Munar surface. Jeb pointed and laughed yelling "it wasnt me this time!"...
  10. Im totally fibbing. Its a really bugger to deal with.. But once you get it figured... Piece of cake! Im glad its not going full Aero models like some Simulators we know and love, but this micky mouse version they have is brutally unforgiving... I love it! "If it were easy, it wouldn't be fun!" Anyway! Hoorah! Finally got a spaceplane, a reusable SSTO version too! (design number 5) into orbit (for the most part) and had 4 Kerbals long for the ride. The Areo in 1.0.2 is a bugger, but fun as hell. Notes: Breaks!. The whole thing was glowing danger red on the way down, getting the speed arrested was problematic. But, it stayed together and the crew enjoyed a nice soft landing and roll out. Its so strange when you play about. For the longest time I was using just the 2 engines and those big Delta wings. It refused, totally refused to get over mach 1.1 or 15km. Dumped the current design, pondered my Kerbal Science Bomber design. Swapped the wings, added a singe Ram Jet engine and Blamo... left the atmosphere first attempt in the new design. Comparing the two different setups, (and remembering to add the "Close AirIntake" action group) I understand better what was going wrong. So! Orbital science platform plans can now be drawn up, and spaceplanes can be the reusable Kerbal shuttle system.
  11. :\ Well huge hairy horse nards..... Initial mission to Minmus. Scanner ready. Fuel guessed well. Kerbin orbit ok. Intercept with Minmus calculated and aim point locked. Fold down Panels before main burn. Correct minor drift. Trajectory perfect. 24 hours from Minmus calculate burn for 1k orbit. Orient for burn..... orient for burn?... Hello?. Maneuver you worthless pocket calculator?. Check propellant..... Ok. Check electric.... ...... oh f..... Someone forgot to disable SAS and extend the panels after the primary burn from Kerbin. Im going to blame ground control.... Lesson learnt.... Another item for the Post-it note check list...... This is why we fire probes first. Now to wait for another launch window....... Iv yet to fire a Kerbal off into deep space.... but its going to happen at some point.
  12. Today I launched my first Kerbaled mission to the Mun. Following the success of the probe mission, it seemed like the next step and the bods in mission control seemed very confident. But, they do seem to be shuffling their feet when the idea of getting the pilot back is mentioned.
  13. Ye. Whos PewDiePie? Cynical Brit, Angry Joe, FrankieonPC, QuickieBaby and The Mighty Jingles.... I know. Never herd of this chap though. But looking at his channel I agree with a few of the above statements... Probably the wrong crowd. The shotgun approach to publicity only really works of you can get into enough places quickly enough with enough material. But for this kind of game, I dont feel it would work too well anyway. I think KSP requires a more targeted approach. Face it, KSP is going to have a smaller player base than Battlefield.
  14. Finally. After three attempts I got my lander and rover onto the Mun!. The orbital platform is relaying the data happily. Robo-missions on the moon.... engage! After some serious data acquisition it will be time to plan the first Kerbaled visit to the mun (orbital only first). Took some RCS wrangling to get the Comm aerial facing Up on the lander though. Bob insisted we take the atmosphere analyzer... Hes happy to have found out there was in fact no atmosphere on the Mun to examine.
  15. Landed it!. Right after this post in fact. Apparently I just had to vent frustration and go lighter on the controls. Although the Lander fell over.... But it survived and is continuing is job. So... No big deal. To Rover, is alive and well and Roaving..