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  1. I was playing around with my spaceplane from KSP1, and let me tell you I am LOVING the procedural wings, but I wanna toggle close the nosecone and switch my rapier to closed cycle. I found the action bar settings, but the key presses don't seem to work. Thankfully you can bring up the window and press it there with the mouse click, but I would like to know if this is broken or if I'm just doing something wrong.

  2. Speaking of two engine nodes, I have found this problematic for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the Mk2 adapter that splits in two seems to create a huge amount of drag according the aerodynamic forces overlay, probably a lot more than it should. The second reason is that without that, it's not that easy to have an even amount of engine nodes. The cockpit requires one fuselage stack, then what do you do? If you don't put an engine on that stack, then it's still an extra stack. Maybe you could put the two stacks vertically to keep horizontal symmetry? I haven't tried that.

  3. No thread about docking should fail to mention NavyFish's 'Docking Alignment Indicator' mod. All it does is give you the information you need to dock. Docking is a hundred times more fun that way, I can't recommend it enough.

    It will be crystal clear if something is getting in your way such as a rotating target or poorly placed RCS engines.

  4. So, I tried two variants of this craft, one with a dart and one with an advanced nose cone on the center rear node. The fuel efficiency at every stage of the flight appeared exactly the same, with the small extra weight exactly countering the small extra efficiency. However, the dart does make the ascent into space quicker and more enjoyable once you switch modes on the rapiers and fire up the dart also.

  5. I have a question. I'm making a small spaceplane with 2 rapiers and a dart. The idea is that I would use all 3 getting to orbit, but just the dart once in space. Do I gain anything by this? The dart is more efficient, but then I'm lugging around 2 dead engines. Would it be better to just continue to use all 3, or perhaps just get rid of the dart?

    I have another spaceplane that uses a nuke as the third engine, and in that case I do gain a lot from carrying the two dead engines, as I only need oxidizer on the ascent. Because of the nuke efficiency, I can go all over the Kerbin system for tourist contracts. This plane is a bit sluggish though.

    This new plane is meant for simply going up to a space station in LKO. Rather than max efficiency, I'm looking for a fast, comfortable ride. I love spaceplanes that leap into orbit.

  6. So my nephew was visiting over Thanksgiving and fell in love with KSP. The Obvious solution would be to get it for him on Christmas! The problem is that his household is a Mac household.

    What kind of specs do you need to make KSP enjoyable on a Mac? I don't want him to be disappointed if it doesn't perform like on my PC. Can you use Mods? We would need KER and Docking Alignment Indicator.

  7. So, I decided to get rid of the cargo bay, and I found that just having a cargo bay is a drag nightmare. I get the feeling that the parts fore and aft are not sheilded either. Like there was a gap between them exposing their large flat surfaces.

    Without the cargo bay, and without the bi-coupler, I now have almost no red arrows.

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