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  1. installing over ckan is broken. It is missing the new dependency: CustomPreLaunchChecks. Just download it from github, and install it manually. The zip file includes CustomPreLaunchChecks.
  2. not sure posting law references to a non-english source will do you much good, but this here gives a nice summary The International Arbitration Review - Edition 9 (Germany) If you do a google search for consumer arbitration you will quickly find that this difference between the US and the EU is described pretty much everywhere. And while i am no lawyer, the evidence seems pretty solid & conclusive to me. side note: Take2 more or less directly confirms in their EULA that this forced arbitration agreement won't work in the EU and that the consumers keeps his right to take any disputes to court: of course that part is not included in the official announcement. It follows the standard approach of dumping a mountain of legal "repurposed bovine waste" onto the customer, trying to restrict his rights as much as humanly possible. With the small fineprint: if legal under domestic law. All you have to do is, take a few months off, study law, strike out the parts that don't apply to you and you'll have an idea what the contract you are signing actually means. Of course in practice 99% of the consumers will shrug their shoulders and just ignore the damn thing. And the ones suffering are the content creators who have to live with the fact that nobody gives a "excrements". But as long as the legal departments will nurture this kind of behaviour, that's how it's gonna be.
  3. terms that require the consumer to take disputes exclusively to arbitration are considered unfair and therefor not binding. Council Directive 93/13/EEC of 5 April 1993 on unfair terms in consumer contracts article 3/6 and annex 1(q)
  4. you need to move any kerbals out of your aircraft before you can store it in the hangar.
  5. @MaxwellsDemon yup, it is indeed @linuxgurugamer if you look at my change to NASA_CountDown/States/SequenceState.cs: The check should be against 'GravityTurnAPI.GTAvailable', not GravityTurnAPI.GravityTurnActive sry, I mixed those up
  6. sorry, for the late reply I phrased that poorly. I meant that the stock fuel transfer doesn't work (correctly) in docked mode. I thought the RTS connection would sort of act like a fuel line connecting the two tanks. But as you see in the screenshot, the In/Out button only shows up on one tank (and it doesn't do anything when clicked). I have never seen this with the stock fuel transfer before, so I assumed it would be a bug because of KAS. the fix for the other issue works nicely. Thanks
  7. @linuxgurugamer I managed to get the mod working again on 1.4.3 (and 1.4.4). I sent you a pull request on github
  8. transfering resources with the RTS in undocked mode works great and seems to properly obey any crossfeed restrictions, however in docked mode it just doesn't seem to work unless I entirely disable the crossfeed rules in the settings see this simple test I also tried to add the LH2/OX fuel mix to the RTS GUI (for the CryoEngines mod). I hoped it would be as easy as adding a new fuelMixture to the settings file under the existing one like this but this gives me an exception