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  1. Can anyone tell me how to mod the cockpit in this to use the Mk3 cockpit? Or maybe another cockpit from another mod? I'm an idiot when it comes to figuring this stuff out so any help would be greatly appreciated! xD
  2. I'm going to ask a stupid question so please forgive me if its already been mentioned, but does this mod also work with pure atmospheric flight as well? Been looking to add a little spice into my normal fighter combat test flights to simulate errors in construction or other failures that aircraft would have happen in high stress environments.
  3. Ah ok. I'll take a look then and see if I can't make them work for my project. What about just landing gear with much bigger wheels? Any idea on where I might find something like that? Doesn't even have to be WWII style either...
  4. I figured something like that might have been the case, but thanks for the answer either way. o7 And ALG is Adjustable landing gear correct? Its been updated for KSP 1.2.2 now? Cause the last I saw it was still only for KSP 1.0.5. =O
  5. Just wondering if any talented modder could possibly create some custom C47 Skytrain parts? Specifically landing gears and maybe even a cockpit? I've recently started building a lot of WWII styled aircraft, like P40s and P51s, Bf109s, Yak1s, ect but I'm running into issues with stock parts not looking right, or there simply being no mods that even come close. My other issue is that I have no idea how to mod, at all, so I wouldn't even know where to start lol So yeah, just wondering if someone would be interested in making something like that? Or heck, if theres already a mod out th
  6. How much does this mod effect the performance? This is going to be the first I ever actually use a mod such as this and was just wondering if it'll tank my fps or leave it alone for the most part. Thanks in advance!
  7. Omfg plez can I haz? QoQ I keep messing about with structural fuselages and nose cones but those are soo much nicer.... QuQ
  8. A quick question about this mod, I get some pretty heavy frame drops when I open the adjustment tab while in the SPH, but it goes away as soon as I close it. It makes it rather hard to adjust the gears because the sliders lag so much. Is there a fix for this? Or is there one being planned?
  9. YES! SO fricking glad I found this mod, was needing something like JUST last night! OP, where have you been all my life senpai.... X'D Jeb! Get Bob out of the bucket of ice and grab the crash helmet! We're making a spaceshuttle! >8D
  10. Ok, that crawler and the B-52 made me squee like a school girl XD Anyway, question, will all these add-ons be available as separate downloads or will they all come in the main shuttle pack or both? Mainly because there are some things I really really want (like the B-52, god that thing looks gorgeous <3 ) and others I dont really want. Just curious is all really. Keep up the fan-fricking-tastic work.
  11. Im uh....having a REALLY odd issue with this mod... Recently I've been playing around with BDarmory and this mod, trying out some different planes and such, testing out the AI and such, which means pretty much leaving one plane parked next to the runway and then flying another away out of view and then back again. My problem arises when I come into view of the parked plane again and switch over to it, the wings have....idk...."reverted" I guess is the word? They've reverted to the default shape when you first put them on. Oddly enough though, it just seems graphical as the plane still flies l
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