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  1. @JadeOfMaar It's been a -really- long since I had KSP Installed, and I've been goofing around with FAR since it's apparently updated to 1.7 - out of curiosity is OPT Reconfig using it's own integration of FAR? So I don't need FAR by itself? Or do I have to use it alongside FAR?
  2. Would Boldly Go become unstable with a 1.4.5 Back-Port of Kopernicus? I tried installing it in my 1.4.5 build of KSP a couple weeks back and experienced an issue where when in the map view while on an active vessel, tabbing through planetary bodies & stars caused my active vessel to detonation. While I'm asking, is there a wiki (I can't seem to find one) detailing how you can customize the Proc-Gen? I'm on an older PC I'd need something with a much smaller star, planet & moon population. 90+ Stars is a bit daunting x_x
  3. Guys how in hells bells would you get Kerbal Engineering to ascertain the "Burn Time" of the Electrical Engine types in NF Propulsion? Is it even possible?
  4. Is it at all Efficient, time or resource wise to attempt using the Near Future Propulsion electric/plasma engines for interplanetary travel? I'm not much of a fan of the super-realistic hyper-delta V+ Long Burn Time engine types some mods use. But I F'ing love the look of Electric Engines so much. Hnng.
  5. How difficult would it be to personally curate things like part mass modifiers when scaling items UP, is it even possible? Are the modifiers specific to mod authors? I'm having some of my parts quintuple in mass when scaled up just once. It's somewhat absurd. Worse yet instead of the multiplier being off the INITIAL Mass, it's taking the new multiplied mass and increasing off of that value at least that's how it seems.
  6. As I understood it, it's a great habit to go out of your way to update specific Dependencies that're typically bundled with mods for overall stability. I recently installed BlueDog Bureau and have an issue with Microstuttering. Figured I'd run through the dependencies.
  7. Is there no download for the 0.11.0 build for 1.4.4 compatibility? Or is it safe to use the 1.5.X build for 1.4.5
  8. Is there a unique bug with BDDB & Dark Magic mod components that introduces a micro-stutter into your game? I'm on version 1.4.5, playing via an old FX6350 & HD7870 AMD CPU/GPU Set, no SSD.
  9. Is FAR still patched into OPT Reconfig? I'm curious to know how extensively it's implemented. @RiskyRe-entry There are a couple other mods that require World Stabilizer in order to avoid that problem, it seems to be a long standing issue nobody has really been able to pin down and resolve.
  10. I'm not using the S.A.F.E.R but the more advanced fusion reactor, yes. No I avoid updating when I can, most of the mods I like only just recently got up to 1.4.5 compatibility. I'm more concerned about getting the tonnage per gravitic generator, and it's energy requirements down rather then the size of my ship atm. I chose a close to 300t vessel tho (for internal volume for components and cargo) "Vessel" I chose was a OPT-K Cargo SSTO lol, it just so happens to be able to fit an entire saucer worth of Gravitic Generators in a 6m Fuel section.
  11. I had Twelve Generators at one point, essentially two full saucers with 6 Electro-Plasma Generators. I was burning through GravWave immensely fast. I still am, I'm trying to figure out if it's a problem with Electric Charge Generation demand of the Generators themselves, or if maybe I should par down to a simple cluster of Gravitic Engines instead of a Single S-4 Gravitic Engine.
  12. Now I wonder how light JadeofMaar's star trek mock up was. It looked like they only had one S4 on that thing. I'm sitting here trying to put an OPT-K Heavy Lifter into orbit.
  13. I never noticed any of the tooltips explicitly stating what the ratio of GravityWave to Vessel Mass would be. Did I miss something? I was certain I read the majority.
  14. Is it normal for two S-4 Gravitic Engines to chew through 300 GravityWave charge nearly instantly when attempting to accelerate a roughly 300t vessel? Or is the Gravity Wave expenditure directly related to how much "Virtual Mass" you've accounted for in equivalent gravity engines?
  15. I think I may have killed the mod somehow. I get no Hover Control Mode. The gravitic engines seem to refuse to generate GravityWaves, same for the Gravimetric Displacement Generator. Edit: Nix that, A simple reinstall of the mod fixed the issue. Now to ascertain how much "Lift" vs tonnage each engine accounts for.
  16. Out of curiosity are there multiple saucer crashes on kerbin or are they interplanetary? I'm sitting here scanning Kerbin with SCANSat hoping I can find a wreck or two for easy access to the doggone Gravitic Fusion Reactor lol.
  17. Anyone have any advice for Fuel Weight/Lead Ballast balancing on the Flapjack? I'm not exactly sure how I could build anything other then the stock saucer. I'm having issues where Pitch Input is causing a roll
  18. I feel like a damn idiot for asking this, but I can't find an answer anywhere. The Gravitic Engine itself, is it meant to be used with the Displacer? Or does it work on it's own off-of Electrical charge? I get no Right click functionality out of it in the SPH, or on the Strip. And I'm also having an issue where the Hover UI doesn't show up with any information and just stays on my screen permanently.
  19. Regarding their use in stock components, I don't mean stock form factor. I mean does the CoM Lift effect still effect any lifting body aside from the saucer. Could I line the trailing edge of an SSTO's wings with static displacers and slap a couple recessed gravitic engines for their respective effects. Or is there unique coding limiting it only to the mod's lifting body saucer components.
  20. How in hells bells do you find crashed UFO Saucers for research? Also, can the UFO Tech be used on traditional Rockets & SSTOs? @Angel-125
  21. It'd be really nice if there was a 1.4.5 Update. Or maybe an addition of wing-shapes for Hypersonic craft explanations.
  22. @JadeOfMaar You are correct, ETT definitely buries his tech nodes. Now I just need to figure out how to farm decent amounts of Graviolium. Trying to build a Collector in orbit is a PITA
  23. So out of curiosity I attempted to install this with the Engineering Tech Tree, and found out that it seems to annihilate a couple of Alien Tech relevent nodes, I've unlocked the flapjacks Aerospike, the alien tech super computer & the SAFER reactor, but everything else is kaput. I should add I'm also running KSPI-E besides that everything seems to work. That Coana hover engine tho seems unable to lift the flapjack off the floor
  24. What's the recommended Install Order for OPT Reconfig? Would I install Base OPT, followed by Legacy & then finally OPT Reconfig along with maybe World Stabilizer, B9 Part Switch & Community Resource Pack? I'm running KSPI-E & Interstellar Fuel Switch, Procedural Parts at the moment.
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