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  1. Just noticed that there are tanks in another tech node that allow this, I was just using the normal ore tanks lol.
  2. I'm trying to mine hydrates on Minmus but it says I am "missing storage." I have ore tanks but there isn't an option for hydrates or uraninite or really anything other than 6 resources (alumina, aluminium, boron, monzanite, regolith, ore). What am I missing? I'm using the universal drill.
  3. Thanks! Also why does it seem like the nuke engines (timberwind for example) have a lot higher thermal power output than normal reactors? Is this offset by the higher efficiency of separate generators vs. built in ones? Like why would I use a pebble bed + thermal nozzle instead of a timberwind?
  4. In running both Kerbalism and KSPIE, I keep getting the incoherent error messages on vessels with reactors. For example that a producer of electricity is incoherent at warp, and to unload it first. Which would be totally fine, but Kerbalism's science system isn't simulating at warp for those vessels. So if I have an experiment going, it looks like it pauses when I go at high warp, regardless of if the vessel is selected or not. I can just cheat the science in for those experiments, but this pretty much breaks any 90d+ experiments on all vessels with reactors. Is there any fix for this?
  5. Ah sounds good thanks! Also I've noticed I can't get the Dawn thruster to work at all. It has Xenon Gas tank, Xenon Gas setting on engine, 3 of the biggest solar panels and batteries. But nothing is happening at all. If I have inline thermal receiver and microwave on the ground, there's some power. But otherwise no thrust. Edit: I need reactors don't I? And the dawn engine is not good at all is it?
  6. I've been noticing an issue with the Gravmax detector. It seems to be not recording, or the timing is repeatedly reset. Ex. I have a probe on Gilly, it's been there for 243 days, yet the experiment (which lasts 90 days) shows that there is 79 days remaining. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. So super noob question but I haven't been able to find any reliable videos or guides: What's the point of lasers? I understand beamed power in microwave, that's as far in the career I am. But what purpose to lasers fulfil?
  8. How do I adjust the values for HDD capacity? I installed Interstellar and for some reason this lowered all the storage values for all my pods/probes. The ones that are already in flight are still at their initial values though. Edit: Figured it out/I'm a big dummy. Interstellar just pushed the HDD upgrades one extra tech spot, so you have to go into the modulemanager config file and reenter where HDD-Upgrade2-4 become unlocked.
  9. I also really appreciate this tutorial! Unfortunately the images are not loading.
  10. Quick question about shielding: I see the habitat radiation reading and then the external radiation. If I max out shielding on one part but there's another part with habitat that's unshielded, how does that work? Like are they averaged together or does it take the highest shielded part? Or does it depend on which part the Kerbals are actually in?
  11. Sweet, thanks! I reverted to 1.9 and started a new file a little while ago. I'm pretty pumped to actually grind this one out instead of resetting halfway through.
  12. So with the science experiments able to become depleted, is there a reason to bring scientists? Or what function do they play now that they can't just reset materials bays??
  13. I did to no avail...but then realized my graphics were turned quite far down. It's gone now, but Idk if that's a graphics issue.
  14. Ideas for how to fix this? Everything else looks amazing, but this happens whenever I get close to the Mun regardless of what version I'm using. Also sorry for the image size..
  15. Ideas for how to fix this? I'm running in 1.8.1 with astronomers visual pack. Also sorry for the size...
  16. I'm getting the thing where the mun is super when you get close. I'm running it in 1.9.1, so maybe that's the issue. But does anyone have a solution for this? Also I have no problem with running 1.8.1, just wondering if there's a set solution before I go changing everything over.
  17. Sorry lol, I feel like a douche. I was asking more because I heard that it won't be save compatible and I just started a new one, so wasn't sure if I should continue or just wait. But thanks and thanks for all you do!
  18. So when will this be updated to KSP 1.10? It feels like my campaign always starts getting good and then they decide to change a bunch of stuff in game... (yeah I know I can just revert to 1.9.1, but comets!)
  19. Hey all, just wanted to check if Interstellar extended is compatible with this mod at this point. I saw "partial support' in the compatibility section. What problems might I expect? Thanks!
  20. So I don't see that it's been asked yet, how is Kerbalism going to jive with the Breaking Ground expansion???
  21. I like to use ScanSat mod to realistically deal with clouds. It feels more realistic to scan all of Eve to see below the clouds before sending a probe to a set location. Also is there a way to make Eve darker on the surface?? I seem to remember just having EVE and the lowest clouds/surface became very dark due to atmosphere thickness. Eve seems much brighter, like a cloudy Earth day in this.
  22. Also awaiting an update. I fixed Eve with Coda's method above, but Jool is busted and Duna is eh. Also my Laythe has bright clouds on the night side, anyone else have this issue? EDIT: Nevermind, bioluminescent clouds, on purpose, I'm a dumby.
  23. Anyone else getting stutters again in flight mode with 2.1.2 in Kerbal 1.7??? They were gone prior but they've returned
  24. So what's the timeframe? Should I put off playing for another week or is it going to be a few months until this all drops???
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