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  1. This website lists "Private Division" as "officially canceled" which is incredibly despiriting
  2. I'm hoping for a system similar to what Age of Empires 2 is doing at the moment: 2-3 big new civilizations (in this case solar systems) one or two brand new features that affect everyone, even those who don't buy the DLC (like a new multiplayer mode or challenges or scenarios) new posters, artworks, backgrounds, small graphical mods with fun eastereggs some light balance tweaking, big chunk of bugfixing for around 15-20$, going down to 10$ on some sales later on. Which I think is a very fair price for dozens of hours of new content, plus it also engages the community anew. 3$ is way to little for the work that goes into a solar system design
  3. Should we add the facts that some kind of Orbital Assembly Building is highly likely, seeing "OAB" in the video? the fact that there will be engines the size of / bigger than the VAB? the fact that torchship engines aren't meant for insterstellar travel according to Nate? All just thoughts I had while watching the video, as always thanks for your work in this thread Aziz!
  4. Not if it's completely optional I don't think. Could be a fun endgame challenge after already "having seen everything" As an example look at how much the community of Dyson Sphere Program is awaiting the promised combat update
  5. How crazy would it be if they actually reveal Kraken-like extra-kerbolar civilizations that become a late-game challenge because they actively hunt you and try to destroy your ships when you come too close to their home planets?! I mean... it would be 100% canon, the baby Kraken on Bop could be one of them trying a foray into the Kerbolar system
  6. Exactly, it was likely meant as "the ones that are in the game are visible in the sky, and they are simulated throughout your whole journey towards them"
  7. I'll throw my bet in the ring: 2 Think it will be Kerbol and two others, more coming via DLC
  8. Wow, to see Nate so fascinated is really inspiring me. Cannot wait for this game to drop
  9. I was in the closed alpha for AoE4 and oh boy do I have to tell you that the feedback forums were **packed**, people put in hours and hours of honest work to make reports, reproduce issues, evaluate balance and theorize about impact to the playerbase upon release. I don't have any numbers of course, but yeah, beta testers often feel a deep responsibility and act accordingly
  10. Well... Yeah. It's this year Trust. Believe!
  11. Let there be some Friday HYPE in the forums my friends! First Friday back after the holidays, the team MIGHT be sitting in a meeting showing each other cool stuff RIGHT NOW Altough I don't think WE will get to see anything today
  12. I love all of this, especially the atmosphere you would get in the colonies Hard for me to understand why lots of people in the community are so opposed to involved singleplayer campaigns. Why not just ignore it and go into sandbox mode, hell will freeze over before KSP2 comes without a sandbox mode right?!
  13. While that is true, it is featured very prominently in the cinematic announcement trailer (which I just watched for the 317th time) - and more importantly it is also visible in the Announce Animatic that Nate Simpson put together. It is reasonable to assume that he would put things in there, that he knew the team would be working on. I know this argument is incredibly weak cause scope may have changed or it was just drawn in without deeper meaning. But yeah, I remain hopeful that this is a priority for the team
  14. The fact that those aren't developer, QA or Designer positions is giving me real good vibes for release timing
  15. That is a big assumption that even huge budget projects like AoE4 have severly messed up in the last couple of years. Of course like you I **hope** it will be the case, but we should not get too many expections up. Honestly I really hope they just do early access. It would feel so... "Kerbal" and befitting to this community, and would show the game has not moved too far from its roots
  16. Native dark mode was introduced just this June!
  17. Hello everyone, I searched the topic and read the OP, but I don't see any mention of CKAN. Is there a chance this mod will come to CKAN at some point? Thanks a ton for your work!
  18. I saw that as well just now, must've messed something up, oops
  19. @linuxgurugamer sorry this is my first pull request for a Kerbal mod, so allow me to check back with this. You haven't merged the pull request yet, is there something I did wrong or need to amend? Greetings
  20. Uh... yes? Duh? But in all seriousness, point well taken, dropping someone just in without help and understanding rarely leads to positive results, I agree here. However, you surely also agree that (if it's not at the cost of what we the existing playerbase currently enjoy, the sandbox etc.) "going against the original design" is forbidden or always negative for a game. If XY idea is good for a game (and yes, I think so, that's why I knew this would be an unpopular post), then it should always be allowed, no matter what the original intentions were
  21. You're argument runs straight past my post and off into the distance that's exactly what I meant, you and I we have that attention span and creativity, but lots of others don't. I'm saying that Kerbal has such a unique baseline already, it could hook that many new players with cutscenes and handholding, you wouldn't even believe it!
  22. I know this will be an unpopular opinion in this community, but I think that a story with cutscenes and motivation and a goal is the #1 thing that the first game was missing. I know I know "but multiplayer!" "but interstellar travel!!1!" I know, I know, this is what we the existing playerbase want. But when I put my wife in front of the game her first reaction was "so... what happens now?". KSP could get SO MANY users with a "hands-on" campaign imho. The loose campaign and sandbox could still exist in parallel, that's not a counter-argument.
  23. Process for searching mods: Google -> Find mod thread -> notice it's outdated -> go to last page -> find Linuxgurugamer takeover post -> be eternally grateful Edit: turned my Patreon back on and added German config pull request. @linuxgurugamer thank you for your service!
  24. Uh good catch I use that on another career. Will uninstall that then try again Edit: IT WORKED thank you so much
  25. Hey, thanks for your input, but nope, unfortunately that's not it. I'm definitely in science mode, please see the top left of my screenshot where the type of game is in brackets. The logo on the starting screen is also the science mode icon, and all the facilities are fully upgradeed (https://imgur.com/TwqnxhI) Maybe science mode just really doesn't like this setting
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