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  1. Loving this mod, but the command module (sorry no pic) has the throttle handles and nav ball stuck in or clipping into the raster prop monitor display screens. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
  2. I lol'd. I'm trying this when I get home : D
  3. Okay, wow. You took it to a whole new level. Great work!
  4. Great ship! I've had a terrible time making those MKII parts attach to the side of my space planes without being all loose and wobbly on the runway or in the air! How did you get those parts side-by-side like that and keep it one piece?
  5. Wow great! Thank you for the early update. I'm looking forward to the next one too. Keep up the great work~
  6. No pics, but I took a very low tech trip to orbit, land, and safely return from the Mun with 2 Kerbals. I used the TAC life support system for the first time and landed with just 28 seconds left of electricity right when I recovered the vessel! It was an amazingly close call and I thought I was going to lose my two Kerbinaughts. I had to cut one of the two parachutes just so it would descend faster so they wouldn't get cut off from their oxygen. I didn't want to open the capsule after such a historical trip only to have them dead on arrival! I just can't get over the magnitude of creativity th
  7. This is awesome! And yes, I too recommend the music while reading about your ship. Great job! I'm still figuring out how to attach objects to the floor of the Mk3 large cargo bay... nothing seems to connect to the floor!
  8. Hello, I still pretty new to the game. I have mechjeb and just got the engineer mod. My question is how do I know when I have enough radiators that handle all of the heat generated by engines? say 8 atomic engines or 4 landsail engines? Is there an easy check for this or rule of thumb I should know? X amount of medium radiators for this many of this type of engine... Thanks!
  9. Hello, I made a space only vehicle (see images for configuration of engines), docked it together, but it only flies straight if I have the rear 4 engines on (made it with 6). If I add two more engines to the top/bottom for a total of 8 placed symmetrically will it be able to fly straight? Thanks! Its a simple ship, but it was meant to orbit multiple planets with a high max liquid fuel load (14,000+) so I can send my kerbinaughts across the solar system. At least that's what I imagine being a high max liquid fuel capacity : p Tips and improvements welcome. A quick update after flying it aroun
  10. Still trying lol, spent all night trying to get an SSTO (vertical) up in orbit, but it always flips once I lose the side boosters and switch to main engine. I think I'm going to take the design I have (MK3 through and through) and try to create a space only ship that is pretty much complete at take off and will never be meant to land : p First I got to get this flipping issue handled when I switch to nuke engines. They have no gimble and I think my center of thrust is off causing it to flip instead of fly straight... Maybe I'll add 10 SAS or something lol.
  11. I only started playing after the new aerodynamic system was released. I love it and I totally enjoy this game! That being said. I did not vote, because I have nothing to compare the new system to.
  12. I don't drink soda and haven't done so for more years than I can remember : p But I do remember the taste of rum and coke way back when.
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