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  1. Thanks for the warning. I usually stick to the most popular mods to avoid those problems. http://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal?filter-project-sort=2 Enjoy your new game!
  2. Since the new entry-level landing gear are made out of toothpicks, the description should say something like "be sure to use several on any craft that weighs more than a helium balloon." It is frustrating to have unrealistic expectations. The gear are actually useable, but you have to use more than one up front, and people get angry when they are expecting something else. So change the description.
  3. I wasn't around at the start. What was so magical about this magic boulder you all keep talking about?
  4. Scott Manley. Most unrealistic thing in this game by far. Actually I find parachutes highly unrealistic. The way they never tangle with each other even if the craft has 2 chutes and is spinning. The way the ropes pass through space craft parts is just a little easier than what NASA and ESA have to cope with.
  5. Yeah. Tried another 50 landings. As gentle as I can. Not really any learning curve any more. The plane just sucks. I watched Scott Manley's vids and it is stable and all, but just no smooth control. Have to wait till I can unlock better parts I guess. The retractable ones have twice the impact tolerance. Still much more unforgiving than what I remember from a year ago.
  6. I've just returned after a year away. I started over in career, and I'm having trouble landing planes without sploding. I've got the LV 01s on the rear and a LV 05 in front. I'm not trying to land on the runway, just on the smooth ground surrounding campus. I succeed about 1 in 20 landings currently. I slow lateral speed to about 60 m/s and try to get my vertical speed to under -10 (-5 if I'm really doing well). Seems pretty unforgiving. I remember landing planes for missions all around Kerbin a year ago where the land is not as smooth as near campus. Now I can't hardly land on the smooth gro
  7. I just give myself some small amount of extra science to calm my need to build a rover and do all the science on campus (and then do it again after I unlock each new science instrument) after already bored myself silly with that in previous play throughs.
  8. I agree, but I did that on 2 previous play throughs already. Thanks for all the responses. I decided to start with 250 science on custom settings slightly harder than medium while still allowing myself the much needed (for me) REVERT ability! This time I WILL make it to another planet, not just moons! Man! I have forgotten so much, and there is so much that is new!
  9. Previously I made it to Mun and Minimus and orbited the Sun. That was a while ago Now I want to start over in career mode. I don't want to do science missions on the Kerbin campus again, so I want to start with some science right off the bat. How much science should I start with to match the campus missions? Also, I use Kerbal Engineer Redux to see the dV of the rockets I build, but when I start KSP a little box pops up that says "Kerbal Engineer Redux 1.0 Unsupported KSP version... please use 1.0.2." But my KSP version is X64 according to the data on the lower right corne
  10. I watched a TED TALK recently about happiness, and it compared people who won the lottery to people who suddenly became paraplegic. 6 months later, there was no difference in the happiness level of the two groups. Both had returned to baseline. So try not to get too worked up about something that might be. Either way, a good life can be had. Either way, you will always have a personal load of problems that no one else has.
  11. Have you spoken with anyone who has this condition, other than your sister? Also, do you know if it is possible for you to be genetically tested to find out for sure if you have it or not?
  12. Voidryder, I appreciate you taking such a detailed stab at interpreting my old drawing. As someone who (obviously) isn't an artist, I've often wondered how many others would be able to receive the message I was sending. 1%? 10%? 50%? Certainly with more skill in drawing and art in general the number would have been higher than it is. I'll eventually post what it was I was trying to communicate, but I'd like to see a few more posts first.
  13. I might not be able to say what messages others may take from my art, but there was a specific message I was trying to communicate. Look at communication in its most common form: two people talking. One is saying to the other "Run! The cops are coming!" At the same time, he may be sending signals that indicate he is so hot that he is sweating, that he is angry and having an adrenaline rush, his choice of clothes might be making a statement that he is a thug from a bad neighborhood, but I think we'd all agree that there is one central message in the conversation: "Run!" And that message is high
  14. I don't agree with a blanket statement that the meaning of all art is irrelevant. That's kind of like saying when you listen to music in a foreign language, the words are irrelevant if you don't speak that language. I think that art can be a highly error-prone method of communicating, and the message intended by the artist could be highly relevant, not at all relevant or even nonsense. The meaning of the words sung in that foreign tongue might seem irrelevant to your enjoyment of the song at the time, but it is entirely possible that years later you learn to speak that language and find out th
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