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  1. I now have v1.0.2.8** installed via Steam. I had to wait a few days for my refund from Amazon to come through before I could afford to re-purchase KSP through Steam. I was fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime and to make a proper complaint so that they would issue me a refund. Note: I never requested a refund - Amazon offered one to me because I utilized their complaint process in the correct way. I have many years of game purchases available to me from my Amazon account. And with every one of those purchases I have to download the version I purchased at that time – and the game is responsible for upgrading itself, or I am required to acquire any updates on my own and apply them myself. Note: Amazon does not continually refresh the customers online library with new versions of software, as they expect the software to update itself after it has been downloaded and installed on the end-users computer. This of course applies to the digital sales only and NOT to any other electronic service that Amazon provides.