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  1. I had considered doing just that, with the addition of the hum of cockpit fans and avionics. The only problem is that I don't know how to make IVA only noises, that too with "aircraft-specific" command pods like the Mk1 through Mk3 cockpits, given my lack of experience with making plugins and with C# in general. As such, I've looked around the forums for one that I could borrow, but most sound plugins that I found were either outdated or irrelevant. I suppose I could try and update an existing sound plugin, like that of ensou04's DynamicSFX or ShipEffects, and combine it with parts of PizzaOve
  2. Done! My apologies for not having it posted in the first place; OBS has been acting up on me recently, and it took some trial-and-error on the recording settings to finally get it to record clips properly, hence the delay.
  3. Simply put, JetSounds is a sound replacement patch that works in conjunction with Sarbian's ModuleManager to replace stock jet engine sounds with that of their real life counterparts. This mod includes custom-made startup, shutdown, idle, and running sound effects for each engine. List of New Sounds: J-20 "Juno" > Garrett TFE731 J-33 "Wheesley" > CFM International CFM56 J-90 "Goliath" > General Electric GE90 J-404 "Panther" > General Electric GE404 J-X4 "Whiplash" > Rolls Royce Olympus R.A.P.I
  4. UPDATE: After a few hours of trial-and-error with my ModuleManager patch, I've finally solved my problem with the Startup and Shutdown Sound Effects. APPARENTLY, the fix was simple enough that all I needed to do was delete the "volume = 2.0" tag under the "engage" and "disengage" code in the ModuleManager patch. My guess on this issue is that editing the volume values specifically for the "engage" and "disengage" modules to a value above 1.0 tends to break the soundfiles entirely. Who would've thought? Anyways, thank you very much for your help in narrowing down my possible prob
  5. I doubt the length of the soundfile affects whether it can be played ingame or not, because I've seen other mods use sound clips up to about 30 seconds long for startup and shutdown sound effects (a great example of which is the new Kerbal Rotor Expansion mod and its sound effects), and my longest sound clip is just about 26 seconds long. Regardless, I've tried compressing each of them down to around 10 seconds in length, and then even further down to about 5 seconds, but neither of these worked ingame. I added the "sound_" prefix to both my startup and shutdown soundfiles, and subseq
  6. I'm trying to create a sound mod for KSP, aptly named JetSounds, which replaces stock jet engine sounds with that of some real-life counterparts. In addition, I'm trying learn the ropes of creating a proper ModuleManager patch while I'm at it. I've created custom soundfiles for my mod in Audacity, exported them as .wav files, and placed them into my JetSounds folder in GameData. The folder arrangement looks like this: GameData/JetSounds/Sounds/(soundfiles). Afterwards, I threw together a quick ModuleManager patch to integrate these soundfiles ingame. So far, I've only worked on the J
  7. Hey Hooj, Do take as much time as you need, but is it possible for you give us a loose ETA as to when the new release for this mod will roll on in? KSP, for me, just hasn't been the same without it!
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