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  1. landed my duna base on the north pole nice view of ike all set up
  2. is this updated for 1.2 yet? nothing happens when I click jettison resources
  3. eve lander aerocapture attempt the only problem is that when I reach 78k meters, the whole thing flips over and the heat shield acts more like an umbrella than a heat shield and then my ship blows up because of heat and aero. I know realize that this is because my ship is unbalanced but is there anyway to save my ship without writing it off as a total loss?
  4. The Johnson Memorial Duna base approaching Duna
  5. I spotted the arch thing on the mun
  6. I just installed this, does anyone know why mechjeb and ker display different total craft delta v numbers? ker being lower and mechjeb displaying a higher figure?
  7. I am trying to get to dres but once I get the inclination right, I can't get an approach closer than 36000km which isnt enough for dres gravity. does anyone know what im doing wrong?
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