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  1. I'd particularly like a system where by I "simulate" a mission, then the KSP performs it the way I demonstrated it. Hmm this may take some explanation. In simulate mission mode I play the mission or part of a mission as we do normally, except in "simulated time". Then once I've completed the mission or part of the mission, I go back to the start of the mission in "real time mode" and KSP performs the mission exactly as I just demonstrated... including landing, science experiments, rendezvous etc ... almost like I'd written a mission program, but without all that tricky programming malarkey. This means I can do other things while that mission is under way, launch a new mission etc. The problem I'm trying to remedy is, you launch a Duna mission, its starts off fine. You launch a Jool mission, its going fine, you launch an Eve mission. Its going fine. The Duna mission arrives at Duna... oh dear, I've made a big mistake the mission is doomed (and was, unbeknownst to me doomed from the very design phase). Ok, revert to start of Duna mission... oh right, that means the all progress on Eve and Jool missions is wiped too.... a good hour of real life time wasted repeating the routine tasks (launch, transfer burn, course corrections etc) of the successful Eve and Jool missions. Either that or invent a revert function for real life time.
  2. I'd like to see something fun done with the Kerbals themselves. Right now they are really just cute looking cargo, with no personality other than what we imagine for them. I realize not everyone is a fan, but something like a Telltale-like game would be interesting. I see an unfolding Apollo 13/the Martian type story, with scenes in the spaceship, Jeb, Bill and Bob trying to survive in a stricken craft, landing, getting stranded, trying to get back home, while back at the KSC Val helps Gene Kerman, and that Steely eyed missile Kerbal Rich Kurnell trying to get them home. The episodic/season structure would be a great way of exploring different events in Kerbal space exploration history. Essentially I picture an interactive version of From the Earth to the Moon... (or should I say From Kerbin to the Mun.) Also an old style point and click game could be good too. Failing that, an off-world colonization game could be fun too with the Kerbals as the proverbial ants in the ant farm.
  3. Awesome! Not to sound ungrateful, I was hoping they might throw us a few small morsels about the expansion packs and other things they mentioned in the last devnotes. They didn't promise anything though, so it was not expected they would, its just.... as Veruca Salt would say, "I want it now". Again, good work Squad. I'll be waiting in anticipation to hear about the next steps in this great project.
  4. I think the best way to deal with the time warp issue is really just to sidestep it completely. I have an idea about how to do this, but I think it would required rethinking what multiplayer means and looks like in a KSP context. In particular I think the idea of two (or more) human controlled ships interacting in the same instance may need to be rethought, even though it is generally what I believe people imagine. When you break what you could actually do with independently controlled craft there is very few tasks that are actually improved or made more fun except pure mucking around (flying around the KSC). Take docking.... what you want when docking is for the target ship to be stationary relative to the active ship. If the target ship is changing its relative velocity, or really doing anything, docking is actually harder. In a two player context one player is actually trying to dock, the other really has to be hands off anyway. Take non-cooperative docking.... ie space pirates. Really, this all comes down to fuel. If the target ship has enough fuel the intercept will always be avoided. If the pirate has enough fuel after the target runs out, it will always intercept. Ok, so they have intercepted. If the target has any RCS fuel docking is impossible, Claw attachment maybe not absolutely impossible, but is is pretty much impossible. Lets take planetary exploration. You could have fun driving side by side with your friend, or exploring a region. But, really, KSP is not really an exploration game. Its about the planning the journey, not the destination. There are no caves, no interesting flaura or fauna, the anomalies are fine, but really, not that interesting in an exploration context. On the other hand. On the other hand, there is a way of having a co-operative space program, without needing to worry about warp. If what I read in the forums is a guide, what people are really talking about is using other players infrastructure. So the simple solution is just to facilitate the sharing of spacestations/satellites/craft/kerbals and their location with friends. For instance I sent a space station to Eve. I allow it to be shared. All other players may then choose if they wish to import it into their game. If they do, just appears in the location where I left the other players game. You just hand wave how it got there with some flavour text (an announcement indicating that it has been on its ways for years and finally arrived.) You could allow others to add to it... perhaps the other player adds a module, then decides whether to "share" the update module with others. Meaning anyone who updates from then on will have the module attached (perhaps the original builder has ultimate authority to accept or decline.) You eliminate situations where a module appears while somebody is in the vicinity have having a rule that it can't update if the change occurs when in physics range or the same SOI etc. Other mulitplayer things could be worked around. Races for instance, the winner could be determined by each players game clock. Its not perfect, but I think it works more elegantly.
  5. I once docked a science module to a hitchiker module on the surface of minmus. The hitchhiker module was the hub of a base. The science module was maneuvered into place using a nuclear skycrane with tons of RCS. It was a massive pain. I'm pretty sure I've significantly worn down the F9 key because of it. However it was pretty satisfying when it eventually snapped into place.
  6. Glad to hear it. Can't wait till its released in Australia.
  7. I feel the need to thank you for the response and for the hard work, in an authentic and culturally appropriate way. Ahem.. Cheers Mate. Grouse job youse lads and sheilas are doing, good onya. Have a couple of longys on me. Strewth, I can't wait to give it a burl. Ahem... Thanks
  8. Hey @SQUAD is Australia part of the European release, or is it some time later? I've checked and it does not seem to be part of the US release.
  9. But that's not the point, I was talking about the behavior of console gamers vs PC gamers, not the type of games released on those systems. Indeed, there I've seen plenty of examples of the usual, childish, petulant, attention seeking behavior in PC only games, strategy games no less that matches anything you see on forums for console only games. Your also dismissing a number of games, which while not exclusively console titles, do take alot of patience. Dark Souls for instance, which was pretty much unplayable on PC without mods. Bloodbourne, which is a PS4 exclusive. Of course all the shared RPGs. Also, KSP has always been largely advertised as lolsplosions to an extent, so that's not new to the console advertising. The release clip for 1.00 pretty much just a comedy of errors on launch..
  10. Now that you mention it, Mrs Tourist may share some views with your wife.
  11. @Alshain here's the thing. And maybe I don't hang around in the right/wrong places online. But I haven't seen much difference in the behavior of console gamers vs PC gamers that suggests the latter a endowed with greater patience or tolerance than their console brethren. Was the reaction to truly "broken" games like Assassins Creed Unity that different between the communities? Not that I can remember, although I'm happy to be proven wrong. Ultimately those that like a broken game or see its potential will persevere and wait, those which are ambivalent and don't see the potential, will not. I'm sure this is true of KSP. The forum reflects those who have stuck in there, but I have no doubt the game has lost a lot of people along the way, and a lot of people who have not even tried it because of the negative reactions of peope who have bounced off it. My other thought is that I don't think there are as many PC or console players who are exclusive as people think. Again, no stats, merely my own experience. I'd be surprised if a significant portion of the KSP community (by this I don't mean the community on the forum per see, but the entire regular KSP playing community) play both. So making assumptions that console players will behave differently is a bit ridiculous because they are us.
  12. This is great, a new subset of the gaming community who will now be able to complain about why the physics in Gravity is sketchy. This enriches society as a whole. Seriously though, the generalizing about how console gamers are going to behave is a little annoying. Its not like the PC gaming community as it is are saints. For instance, console gamers won't put up with bugs argument.... I mean really? Have you read the forums now? We already have the Horsemen of the Bugopolyse in residence. Just look up any of the "I've had enough, I'm leaving posts." Or what about, console players will just like it for the 'splosions... um, we already have them too. So, chill out people. Console players are not all impatient manchildren. Most of them are just like you.
  13. Take off is not what your spaceplane does. Rather it falls off the end of the runnway. But don't worry, it will start climbing before it hits the water... probably.
  14. 23:a) treating all console-Kerbalnauts as knuckle dragging, COD dudbros or petulant children. (This isn't so relevant now, but it will be.)
  15. 11. Saying "I've had enough of X so I'm giving up and not playing KSP anymore"