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  1. Gotcha on the S-IE I'll adjust them now... Oh and thanks for the adjustment on the S-ID's skirt. Can't wait to see this puppy ingame. In the meantime... Kylab (Hokulani) 2 It is a thing of pure beauty. You guys have really outdone yourselves on this one. Oh and...
  2. Awesome! Gonna go test them out. Expect my screenshot tax within the hr. Are we going to get an all white CSM/Saturn IB for the Skylab/Apollo 4/6 test flights and for the Skylab/ASTP flights. Also I'd try and knock out the vernier thrusters for the S-ID and Saturn IC.
  3. Still having problems No idea what's causing this, but it's been happening since the paint was introduced. Nodes are the same, and nothing in the log is off.
  4. NVM found the problem, just a glitch in the toolbar controller.
  5. Spacelab 9 "Okay Kouston, we're clear of the S-IVB, and off to Spacelab," ~Bob K. Kerman CDR of Spacelab 9. Gotta pay my screenshot tax.
  6. I can't get persistent rotation to activate on my new save.
  7. I'll try it, but I also have another glitch with Block III+ OM. Happens whenever I load it in a subassembly.
  8. Thanks for the release of the S-ID. PS: Are we going to get some verniers for the S-ID/IE? UPDATE: Actually I think we'll definitely need S-ID Verniers, because even with the IU Tweaked up to spec, the S-ID is really hard to control on its own (Saturn V-B)
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