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  1. Just got off work early and see that it's launched finally. Amazing work!!! PS: The Taxi still a 2 stage lander, right? And why do the variants have different RCS blocks?
  2. I mean... if you're building a wetlab, just keep the thermal heatshield on and fling it to the Moon immediately.
  3. I think he's talking about ETS's Saturn V (II). IIRC it was Robert Zubrin's proposal for Mars Direct in the timeline. Imagine a Saturn Multibody with 5 core stages synchronized together, a modernized S-II and a S-IVC to launch the hab and ERV.
  4. Kerballo-Tantares This one is for @Bealeand @CobaltWolf for giving us proper (Re)Stockalike real world spacecraft. May not be an exact docking module, but still looks great. PS: I got Apollo into orbit with MJ's PVG with just 2 m/s of DV.
  5. Kerballo 17 Haven't done many MEM pics yet and its the 900th page so yeah, here's one... Huge thanks to @zakkpaz for the rover.
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