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  1. Next up, we go to Sarnus!!! PS: I'd get rid of the old Mercury (Hermes/Spica) IVA and just put in the Mk1 IVA. Fits the Mercury pod better.
  2. It has to do with 6. Puts tinfoil hat on: THE SIX CORNERS!!! -1st corner: Mercury -2nd and 3rd corner: Gemini (IE because of the Gemini twins) -4th corner: Apollo -5th corner: the satellites -6th corner: the modern day. Takes tinfoil hat off
  3. Now this is something that makes my day. Great to see this mod is still alive.
  4. Or, uhhh... You could just make an add-on Upper Stage for @Beale's Energia.
  5. No, I mean just in JNSQ. I had to up-rate the ISP by about 15-20 on the 1st stage to get this even close to LKO.
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