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  1. @Pak How's the IUS coming along?
  2. I think it's the DMagicScienceAnimate. I used Bluedog's and it works.
  3. What's up with this? lights are always on (Bottom is the default three seater) Also, the doors on the LEM payload adapter for the CSM won't open.
  4. How do you crank down the detail in BoulderCo?
  5. Windows excited? Also, yeah, I saw the panels, they were pre-alpha. I've NEVER seen this.
  6. @Beale: May I ask, where's the Block G of the N-1?
  7. Never seen this pic before. Probably pre-alpha pics. IE: Smaller MM on the apollo.
  8. Just curious. At the very least the DAV/Hab. Wanna try them out
  9. You mind sending us the version of the Constellation DAV in reference crafts?
  10. Well, I can lob About 45 tons to Duna at 2X PERFECT for Duna Direct. (90 tons to Duna in stock). Moreover, I can launch an Artemis xC mission all in one to the Mün without the EUS in both versions.