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  1. Ahh... when you were making Gemini and Apollo back in the day. My, has a certain blue dog changed that
  2. Oh my God, that is pure beauty. We've got SLS, we've got the ISS, and now we've got a MMSEV and stockalike bases.
  3. I mean, when the main characters land on the Moon, they use a J-Class LEM to land in Shackleton via going from Equatorial to Polar Orbit. Plus there's one scene at the end of the series that kind of ticked me off knowing how orbital mechanics work. Plus, the LSAM, not as many good shots as I was hoping for. The show does have some decent to cool moments, but it's just (IMHO) avg. PS: @CobaltWolf out of curiosity, in the next version will you guys have @Beale's new IVAs?
  4. Man, I have missed a lot. Didn't know @Beale is making IVAs for BDB now. What is this?!?!? Tantarian and Bluedog collaboration!?!?!?
  5. Good god, great to see REDirect get some love once again!!! Great work on the IVA also!
  6. Just get this: https://spacedock.info/mod/440/Real Scale Sea Dragon And give it Stockalike names if you want (IE: Sea Wyvern)
  7. IDK if that was intended. I thought only two-three Energia LVs were built and they never built one with a upper stage. Was that tank on the M-4 for an upper stage?
  8. http://www.astronautix.com/e/energia.html I found it on Astronautix^^^ Honestly, if you want to make it, just make some tanks/engine adapter within reason. Only if you want to make it.
  9. Looking great!!! Wasn't there a theoretical second stage(s) for the Energia with a RD-58 and RD-0120? Any plans for that?
  10. Bringing up some NUKES!!! Thought after the NERVA project they canned nuke engines, learn something new everyday. PS: What rocket was this supposed to be on?
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