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  1. Has anyone been able to update this for 1.7.3?
  2. Check it yourself man. Doesn't work in Orbit and I'm reduced to a decoupler. The Apollo 8-17/Skylab petals that jettison work fine. BUT when I decouple the LM I can't really extract it without time acceleration.
  3. Great to FINALLY see a stockalike IUS coming to KSP. Also, off topic, but wasn't there a mod for Big Gemini (service module, LES, etc)? NVM
  4. The Soyuz is grey when I switch it to green (even the windows). Also, for some reason TAC Life Support is in the crew parts even though I don't have it installed (CO2, Water, etc.)
  5. Question, what do I do for Kronometer with 2.5?
  6. Are we gonna get a two-stage LK where we leave the frame behind?