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  1. Kinda pointless too. Use it on a single mission that will never be used in any other context. You're better off just simulating it by shutting down the SPS.
  2. I'll stick with KSP1 for now. I've got a 3070, and given that some systems lag on 3080s, yeah, it'll be 2-3 years before we get into the swing of things properly.
  3. Ahhh... The days when it was just an Atlas V and Explorer, then Atlas and Titan, then we begged for a Saturn I since FASA wasn't up to scratch and now... Man, it's come so far.
  4. ACK? Cool @OrbitalManeuvers What are the engines and station parts?
  5. KSP2, a game I am both anticipating so much, but at the same time... somewhat dreading it'll take years for the mods to be up to scratch with KSP1. Especially since we're in a golden era of KSP Modding
  6. Isn't there a fix for KJR (Joint Reinforcement)? Some community patch? I just don't know how to properly strut everything together.
  7. Been a while since I posted here, so here's my obligatory screenshot tax: "We're flying a Kod-Damned Nuke!" ~Chuck Kerman, Kerballo-N Still haven't been able to build out a Sarnus V(N) yet though.
  8. Getting back into KSP, and finally seeing an up to date Altair Mod in (re) Stockalike fashion is beautiful
  9. Just got off work early and see that it's launched finally. Amazing work!!! PS: The Taxi still a 2 stage lander, right? And why do the variants have different RCS blocks?
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