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  1. Isn't there a fix for KJR (Joint Reinforcement)? Some community patch? I just don't know how to properly strut everything together.
  2. Been a while since I posted here, so here's my obligatory screenshot tax: "We're flying a Kod-Damned Nuke!" ~Chuck Kerman, Kerballo-N Still haven't been able to build out a Sarnus V(N) yet though.
  3. Getting back into KSP, and finally seeing an up to date Altair Mod in (re) Stockalike fashion is beautiful
  4. Just got off work early and see that it's launched finally. Amazing work!!! PS: The Taxi still a 2 stage lander, right? And why do the variants have different RCS blocks?
  5. I mean... if you're building a wetlab, just keep the thermal heatshield on and fling it to the Moon immediately.
  6. I think he's talking about ETS's Saturn V (II). IIRC it was Robert Zubrin's proposal for Mars Direct in the timeline. Imagine a Saturn Multibody with 5 core stages synchronized together, a modernized S-II and a S-IVC to launch the hab and ERV.
  7. Kerballo-Tantares This one is for @Bealeand @CobaltWolf for giving us proper (Re)Stockalike real world spacecraft. May not be an exact docking module, but still looks great. PS: I got Apollo into orbit with MJ's PVG with just 2 m/s of DV.
  8. Kerballo 17 Haven't done many MEM pics yet and its the 900th page so yeah, here's one... Huge thanks to @zakkpaz for the rover.
  9. Just Downloaded the latest build from GH and this happened: The textures on B9 part switch has the switches but they're duplicated
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