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  1. Great mod! Any tips on Superheavy/Starship ascent? Even with some strakes added to the bottom of the booster, the stack flips over when transonic and at 5 kilometers.
  2. Love your mod! But whenever I take off with the Ranger or Viper, I run out of electric charge a few seconds after liftoff. Any tips?
  3. Wait is KSC Switcher compatible with KSRSS? Love your mod by the way.
  4. Any tips on re-entering with the Near Future Launch Vehicle parts? I built a Starship clone in 2.5X scale and it works, but disintegrates in the atmosphere at 3.4 km/s.
  5. Love your mod! But wow, terminal velocity for Falcon 9 and Superheavy is almost 1 kilometer per second. Any tips on reducing this? I'm playing in JSNQ and I already have pretty tight margins.
  6. Yep, no scatterer installed. Also I landed a small probe on mars and about 1 kilometer above the surface the surface disappeared. Did I forget to click something in the main menu?
  7. Love your mod! But when I'm near most bodies with an atmosphere, there is this weird halo around them. Any idea on how to fix this?
  8. Hey real quick, how do you deploy vessels "upright?" I have a mini docking port on the side of my Starship replica and all of the craft I build end up being finalized sideways.
  9. Currently running KSP 1.12. Install is new except with Realplume-Stock, both DLCs, and SimpleConstruction installed. Mining ore and converting it into RocketParts is working great. However, the build UI freezes and does not let me select a craft to build. When I reopen the window, "select craft" is frozen. Thoughts? Can I fix this or should I use 1.11? Your mod is really fun though, and it makes designing a starship clone way easier than any of the other ISRU construction mods! Also how do you post images on the forum?
  10. Is there a plan to add a horizontal cargo bay for the Starship? It's hard getting modules out of the "alligator jaws" when the vehicle is landed.
  11. Thanks for the advice. How would I go about turning off boiloff? I was looking through the CFGs and I couldn't find any references to it. Also what mods would help with the first option? That seems like the most realistic option in all honesty. I remember reading ULA's plans on using the boiloff of hydrogen in their ACES stage to somehow help cool down the rest of the tank
  12. Hey guys. I'm doing a recreation of the Ares Mars Mission from the book Voyage in KSP with the JNSQ mod. My take on Ares is a bit different, but it still uses Saturn MLV vehicles, and it's central core is based around a modified S-II stage - with lateral S-II's acting as boosters for the Trans - Mars - Injection. So far I've built all of the components needed for the ship, but a big problem is LH2 boiloff. I have CryoTanks installed, but the tanks for "Ares" all use BDB parts - mainly the S-II stage. Are there any ways I can null the boiloff thing? I put a bunch of radiators on the ship and LH2 still boils away. Or do I have to redesign the ship around CryoTanks instead? Love your mod by the way.
  13. Does anyone have some example craft files? I'm new to this mod but it looks great.
  14. Great mod, but I don't have the option of switching the ore resources to metal or rocket parts in the ore tanks.
  15. So how do I burn off 15 KM/S after exiting warp? I'm starting a series on the forums that involves a lot of jumping to warp, so is there a way to burn off the speed without using too much fuel?
  16. OPEN STARS: PART XXX- Requiem LOCATION: ERIN SURFACE DATE: June 10, 2095 JEB: You know what's funny? VAL: What? JEB: I've been here for weeks, but I've never seen the night. Ever. VAL: Turn on your lights. We don't want an accident to, you know, happen because you tripped on a rock and- JEB: I get it. I get it. JEB: You know that this sky is what keeps me going. VAL: Huh? JEB: I mean... see that bright star over there? That's Kerbol. VAL: Makes you think. JEB: It does. VAL: I'm glad that the colony is going well. JEB: Yeah. GaRus says that we can support a colony of thousands in just a few decades. VAL: So we made it? JEB: Not yet. We are completely and totally ready to thaw the embryos, but we just need to set up more equipment. VAL: So when do you think we'll open these up? JEB: Probably once the Sun rises. VAL: The Sun? JEB: You want to call it Cercani for the rest of your life? VAL: Sure. JEB: (Laughs) JEB: The fact is, my brother is dead. You can't bring him back. But, he died with the greatest honor of all. He'd never want me to mourn him, and that's why I won't. VAL: I'm glad you think that. JEB: For the past few months, we've been making our own air...or at least filtering what's here. But for a colony, we can't do that. VAL: What do you propose? JEB: Watch this VAL: What the f**k! JEB: I'm not dead. VAL: You could've died! JEB: If I did, it'd prove that our whole journey was for nothing. VAL: Don't scare me like that. JEB: Can't promise it won't happen again. VAL: Was...that a joke? JEB: No. VAL: So is it safe to assume we're going to make it? JEB: I guess so. For now. JEB: For now, we've made it. TO BE CONTINUED... Glad to be back.
  17. Lots of pictures from the ascent, so here's just the important ones. Liftoff. A glitch blew up the pad, but we were ascending. Pitching over w/ LAS jettison. The capsule is unmanned. SRB separation is pretty sketchy, but it worked perfectly. The first stage burns quite a way to orbit. I needed 3 more Km/S Burning for orbit. S2 ignition. We made it to orbit, and now flight controllers prepare for TLI. S2 second ignite is good. We're heading to the Moon! Even after TLI, I had enough fuel to enter a circular, Low Lunar Orbit, as well as do about 1/4th of the escape burn. Turns out my calculations for a successful payload fraction were for Mars. All-in-all, Liberty 4-2 flight 4 is a success!
  18. No crew. It was an unmanned test of a future-manned capsule. I'll post the launch album today, and the Lunar exploration one tomorrow.
  19. Mission successful. 30 Ton payload put into TLI. Test Capsule attained orbit, then left, re-entered Earth's atmosphere, and landed safetly.
  20. I have no luck with landers, so I'm going to put it into orbit, and let it crash. KSP is taking a while to load, so this mission will launch at an undisclosed time tomorrow.
  21. I'm going to post some pics of a 20-Ton Translunar payload ASAP.
  22. Requires RO, SSTU, ProcParts, and Proc Fairings. The best part is that she doesn't look like a pile of struts and boosters, and that it has a low part-count.
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