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  1. I think that with a little help from someone experienced with modding, I could deal with the extra effort of making mod from scratch (and thus it wouldn't violate UBM's ARR license). If you want to collaborate, just hit me with PM. I read some ModuleManager and CTT docs and I feel comfortable about modding. Publishing on the other hand, is something I'm not convinced I can pull without mistakes I'm talking about CTT because almost every mod I use is based on CTT, but I think it wouldn't be so hard to make mod supporting both CTT and ST.
  2. @JPLRepo Good mod, but not great. I mean, I'm gonna play with it, but there are some issues I would like to point out (not to criticize, but hopefully to help). With DOE and good enough solar panels (or many of them) it's possible to just eyeball telescope to every planet and just mash the button. This way I found every planet. Not fun way to use it. Not sure if possible/not too hard, but make it so it need to be pointed exactly at the body. And I mean exactly. Somewhat of what CactEye mod was doing. Related to the above - would it be hard for you to add visual preview on what telescope actually sees? How about contracts that wants you to find a planet (or asteroid or anything) by providing general idea where to look? Like "On Y1 D103, between 3:30 and 5:00 point telescope at HDG 124° with pitch of 33°". And then you use telescope and if you pointed correctly it see something and contract completes? Just a thought. Also, I think that finding and researching planets should be less "pump me money and wait" and more "here, try to get better view with telescope" by aiming it and maybe zooming. Possibly requiring to make multiple pictures with intervals of days or weeks, but still, it should be more engaging in my opinion. Anyway, these are all only my suggestions, I still like it how it is, but I can see it's greater potential!
  3. @theonegalen Since UBM seems to be abandoned, would it be possible for you to remake it from scratch? Or if you could tech me on how to manipulate Tech Tree (I'm a programmer, but never modded KSP), I could do that myself or help you. Also, I thought of some changes. For example would like some mods to be slightly changed to the "unmanned first" idea, or that 0.625m parts should be way earlier. Anyway, "unmanned first" was always my career choice to go and I don't want to lose that option if main UBM mod is discontinued
  4. Any news on mod update and compability? It doesn't work with 1.5 (or my modset), all probe cores are far in the tech tree (CTT)... If not, then can anyone point me to some documentation or tutorial on how to modify tech tree? Cheers!
  5. @icedown any ETA on 1.5.* compability? I really love that mod some years back and would love to have it on my next hard career playthrough. I want some telescopes that I need to aim and can look through and couldn't find other mod that would allow me (thing that really disappoint me in the ResearchBodies mod) Cheers!