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  1. another thing we could do is limit the guard range make them all the same because when i first tested my craft against king of the hill i wonder why i kept getting destroyed at 6km so i set my guard range to 8km and tied it twice. i got 8 off and managed to kill both before my kerbal died on impact i think we should make guard ranges the same because some people don't know how they work and videos tend to be more cinematic if the guard range is closer for example this is quite awesome since they get close range before they fight and leads to some cool war thun
  2. honestly the current king of the hill is op as crap with lasers I'm surprised i tied it twice
  3. ok got it well then I'm going again i just wish i had a parachute on the command pod would have won lol I'm dumb just read the rules i did win i was last remaining verbal
  4. hey guys what do i do if i tied the king of the hill in a 2v2 ??? i have it recorded my kerbal was the last alive but didn't live much longer than his you should see tomarrow I'm linking a video
  5. wow its going to be an interesting fight just did a 1v1 tied it are we allowed to have different variants or can there be one without missiles one with like the co pilot has no missiles while the other one does
  6. ok i can try it tomarrow or maybe later tonight. i would have to record it right? if i do i can a have a video up by tomorrow around 2 ish
  7. this is what i planned on doing for mine but i was invited to host some of these I'm going to go download some of the mods and make a quick entry brb
  8. sure i sure i could do that but i have 1.5 but here is some of my video work im partnered with 99 lives and get to use their music royalty free
  9. Im going to try killing two birds with one stone i am doing a challenge were i go ion to jool and back but i might try to do a fly bye of eeloo maybe even land I'm going to go count my delta V maybe i can modify it to land on bop an eeloo and have a video out next week
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