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  1. Guys this thread is 2 and a half years old. @Squidygames, welcome to the forums! We try not to post in really old threads. It's actually against the forum rules. Besides, the devs need to get the PC version going properly before even thinking of porting to iOS or other devices. Also, in my opinion, KSP is too advanced to ever work on iOS. YargJay9991
  2. Correct. I barely get any crashes or lag at all.
  3. As Alias72 said, your main wings are trying to generate more lift (thus lifting the nose up) and the rear elevators/stabilizers are trying to generate less lift (therefore pushing the tail down). It's logical in the real world, but in KSP, I suggest making the ailerons not respond to pitch controls. It should also improve pitch control too. Happy Flying YargJay9991
  4. Ok how's this. And the badge: Would you like a badge without the "Champion" for participants? Thanks and Happy Flying YargJay9991
  5. Thanks. I'm not quite sure what you mean with the horizontal slits sorry. Maybe some kind of example pic would help? Something like this you mean? But a squarer version of it. I was basing the shape of the US Air Force logo with the sqaure wings. Woah, big one.... Any way I'll give it a go. Happy Flying YargJay9991
  6. Ok, I think I've got it... And the badge Let me know if there's anything else... I may make the texture on the wings a bit more pronounced but I think it still works. Happy Flying YargJay9991 Apparently puffy doesn't happen in photoshop. But here it is! ASC like a boss!!
  7. Like this? Yeah good idea. That would look a bit nicer! I'll give it a go. g2g out soon so I'll do it this arvo.
  8. OK Newer version, Just added a cool circle thing... I think it looks a bit nicer and fills some of the empty space. OP logo: Badge: Let me know what you think! Happy Flying YargJay9991
  9. Ok how's this look? And here's the badge And a smaller version I can make it smaller if need be. Also, let me know if you want me to change anything. Hope you like them! YargJay9991
  10. I could do up a badge for you if you like. I'll try doing it tomorrow. Any requirements or ideas for it? Love this thread btw. Working on a plane to take everyone down. Happy Flying YargJay9991
  11. Ok, try going through this basic troubleshooting checklist. 1. Is everything installed properly? Did you drag the Gamedata folder from the mod's folder into the KSP_win (or other depending on OS) folder and merging everything? This puts everything in the right place for the game to recognise. 2. Do you have the latest version of both the mod and KSP? This is essential, not having the latest versions of mods and KSP can cause problems. (Don't get KSP 1.1 until it's been fully released) 3. If it's still not working, try reinstalling the mod. Remember to delete the mod's folder in the Gamedata folder before reinstalling. Do you have any other mods installed? A common problem is that two mods interact in a way that breaks one another. This is a bit trickier to fix but the best way is to make sure you have the latest version of every mod. The latest version BD Armoury is available HERE. Also I suggest checking out the BD Armoury dev thread: . You may find something there. All the best and Happy Flying YargJay9991 EDIT: Just found this on the dev thread, I think it's what you're looking for: Q: I'm missing ammo boxes or other parts, or aiming reticles, or the toolbar button. What's wrong? A: This is because BDArmory can't find the textures or models, and that's because BDArmory is looking for them in a very specific location. If you installed BDArmory in the wrong place, it can't find those textures. The BDArmory folder which is inside the GameData folder of the zip file needs to be copied into the GameData folder of KSP. Don't put the GameData folder into the GameData folder...