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  1. My family has a Windows 3 machine with about ~10 games on it. I started playing on it back in 2006, I remember this one game where you had to land on the moon when things shooting at you, also another one where you were a helicopter and you had to fend off against an alien invasion. The machine still works today, surprisingly, though we have it turned off and stored somewhere...
  2. FSX, Antichamber, and I have $15 after that.
  3. I MUST TERRAFORM ALL THE THINGS! But seriously, that terraforming feature looks AMAZING. I MUST HAVE IT. Venus is no longer un-safe safe...that confused me. Anyways, thanks for this great Give-away
  4. A planet miner. Also cities. I'd make Kerbin just like earth, with cities, farms, history, culture, FOOD, pizza, pizza, water, factories, pizza (I'm getting hungry)
  5. KJR. Though I have 60 mods/ plugins, KJR is the only 1 I couldn't do without. I don't need KER or those DV readings, I can do withou. I just hate the wet noodle rockets.
  6. SpacePi


    Meat. Specifically chicken and turkey. I'm on Maui atm and there are a bunch of wild chickens....Hmmmmmm
  7. I mop and bring people coffee. So, I'm the most important guy at the KSC, since everybody would literally be tripping and falling asleep, no progress would ever get done.
  8. I'd like my water drained, and electrocuted to make it into hydrogen and oxygen, then that hydrogen used for the world's first fusion reactor. Then I'd want my body flung into space, preferably at escape velocity of the solar system.
  9. Took me a while to find out about RCS and SAS.
  10. Can confirm this is working for 1.0.2. Probably nothing changed with configs between here and then to break it.
  11. Use only 1 booster, customize that. Then, use symmetry to copy the customize the booster/part.
  12. Dr.Pepper. But I would choose Coke Cola if I had to between the two.
  13. Pyramid on Duna confirmed? That means a wormhole from Egypt to Duna. That means Kerbals are the little green men! LIFE CONFIRMED! They teach us to blow up rockets so that when they invade we won't be able to defend ourselves since our ICBM's and nuke and whatnot and rockets will just malfunction and blow on the pad!
  14. :hailprobe: :allhailtheprobe:
  15. Usually in the ZIP file of most mods you download will have a file called "Gamedata". Click on it, then drag the contents of what is INSIDE the GameData to you KSP GameData. I can give you more specific details if you tell us if you are going via Steam or the website. (Where you bought it)
  16. Well, considering I only have ~30 games on steam, I don't have much experience with anything else. I have loved astronomy since I was 4(I think) and this has given me a chance to see what being an aerospace engineer is very roughly like. So it'd probably my #1 atm, but Elite Dangerous looks awesome, but I don't have a computer capable of running it.
  17. Wow, didn't think phone service was offered on the Moon/Mars. Pretty similar to my idea of just saying we are here, without symbols or other stuff like that.
  18. How about a white background with the text: HUMANS ARE HERE
  19. Well, I use "ElitePi" a lot more. When I was 10, I heard of leetspeak. That's where "Elite" comes from. I was obsessed with math around that time too, and desserts, so put two and two together, and I got pi. Well, since joining KSP Forums, I lost the "Elite" for "Space" since it seems a lot more appropriate.
  20. Can you add the EDF from Red Faction: Guerilla? Also the Rio Grande Coal Co. from TF2?
  21. Without will go higher. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/122595-Some-rough-test-results-with-different-nosecones
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