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  1. Since the Admin building tops at level 3 is there any way to get more than 3 strategies active simultaneously? When I mouse over the "fully upgraded" upgrade button it says " strategies:4" but I can not press it to upgrade the building.
  2. Anyway to change that? The Kerbal Atomics has a config to revert its engines back to liquid fuel but it doesn't revert the MK2 engines back to LF.
  3. Is there a way to create a maneuver node out of the TWP using the plotted maneuver? (if not, it would be a nice feature)
  4. Thanks for the additional tips Warzous. I didn't think of the low efficiency of the engines - swivel for launch and at high altitude terrier. By now I got down to 3650 dV VAC so I am satisfied :). Are any of those crafts anywhere on the forum? Don't activate SAS, take-off, full thrust -> I take off with SAS until I do the turn at 50 m/s. Then it's off until the vessel is stable - with some fins up to 20km Never go away from prograde circle -> this I have a problem with . The circe falls towards the horizon because I lower my thrust so I don't get too fast Prograde should cross 45° at 10km (I like 8km with streamlined payload) -> ok, something else to work on :). But won't the rocket lose to much due to drag losses since it will be going fast? What is your speed at this point? You should be on a shallow 10 to 25° trajectory (orbit mode) - I get there at less than 10°
  5. I mean the vacuum dV from Kerbal engineer or MechJeb statistics. I am starting with 7100 and in orbit i have around 3000 m/s left. I got a little better at launching in the past 2 days but still a long shot from 3500.
  6. Are you guys sure you mean 10° at 50m/s, or you actually mean 80° (please check the navball picture: 10° is almost pointing towards the horizon which seem pretty radical to me (not a "slight nudge" as you describe it), rockets are no spaceplanes :). Anyway, I've been trying to get a relatively small (still early in game) rocket to orbit but I've never managed to get to 75x75 orbit with less than 4000 deltaV. Even with mechjeb. I have good TWR (>1.3 at any stage) and 4 fins at the back. I followed the procedure in the first post but no luck. According to the dV maps I've seen 3500dV should be possible. What am I missing?