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  1. Don't get me wrong, I don't have the first clue about app programming, but surely a semi-competent developer could throw something together in 20 minutes. The simplest form would surely be a front menu page linking to pictures with a "Back" button.
  2. Hey guys! After abandoning my A.R.S.E. series due to too many bugs and complications and crashes with 1.05 and effectively leaving KSP for 6 months, I'm back and a few weeks pottering around with the ability to run a stable mod heavy setup, I'm looking to do a video series once more. Hopefully this one will last longer than a few episodes! I'm still unsure on the formatting and whether I should voice it or not. I'm not a big talker but I've given it a go regardless. As stated in the video, the ultimate end game for this is to establish a self sustaining colony for each planet, or get as close as is technically possible. Whether that is on a planets surface, or on a space station in orbit depends on the planet. A little snag of course is Kerbals need that pesky life support! Damn them. I would love to use some of the mods such as planetary bases, resource extraction and processing etc, but atm, Realism Overhaul hasn't given many mods like that it's green stamp of approval. Real ISRU is a WIP and I'm keeping my eye on the development of that. In the meantime, I have plenty of setting up and missions to plan, design, build and run and a long term goal is to reduce the self sustaining parameter of my end game to maybe 20 years. So, "Sustain multiple Kerbals on every planet without interaction for 20 years" is a viable goal in itself. If I get that far and run out of things to do before I've found the mods required to create self sustaining colonies, I'll grab whatever is required whether it's RO kosher or not. Latest Episode - June 3 2016 Vanguard: Episode 1 Establish global communications network via 3 geostationary relay satellites. Modlist Episode List
  3. Hands down the most professionally written piece of fiction I've read on these forums. Kudos.
  4. Is changing textures on procedural fairings still possible? I know it used to be back in 1.0x, but having installed 1.1.2, I can only change textures on parts, (actually only tested on procedural fuel tank). I've seen on previous page a couple of links and followed the endless loop of forwarding mod links but can't really figure out what it is I actually need. I have ProcParts, ProcFairings, MainSailors Textures, Firespitter, KW etc.
  5. TY for your speedy confirmation and apologies for my ignorance. Not KSP'ed since Christmas and reinstalling today. Trying to catch up on ~100 mods simultaneously, some have gone, some are incompatible and some have changed beyond recognition. Glad that you've kept yours updated though!
  6. Just a quick one. When I hit the hangar extender, the VAB disappears and my craft is dumped outside. I can still build on it etc. Is this a known bug, a feature or something else? I see you saying that stuff no longer scales in 1.1.2. Is this what you mean?
  7. We're 'streamlining' our ksp staff to focus on something completely different such as a p2w mmorpg
  8. On the "Deploying the Rover", what docking port is that? It looks far too small for anything I have or is it tweakscaled?
  9. Basically minions in space. Yeah sure, why not.
  10. I don't think being able to draw or paint is either a gift from god, or some semblance of genetic memory from an ancestor long passed. IMO, to be able to draw naturally is a "gift" but not in the traditional sense of god saying, "Here you are bruv, here's some mad skillz". It just means your brain is wired up a touch differently. Your spatial awareness and visual acuity is probably better than most people, while your hand-eye coordination is similarly elevated. Colour sensitivity is also probably heightened. All these things are simply neurons in a brain. The same way that someone may develop cancer out of the blue with no family history of it, or some gene may malfunction leading to a child being born with cerebral palsy, something may have malfunctioned giving you the mutation / gift of enhanced artistry abilities. I'd also extend that to say maybe 10's of thousands of children are born with your specific qualities, but environmental factors may have improved / 'activated' / expanded on what you already have. Maybe you had a kaleidoscope as a baby, or even something as direct as a paint set when you were younger. You may have had certain toy which improved hand-eye coordination, albeit learn through play subliminally, but little factors could shape your personality, skills and physical attributes. You would therefore happen to be the "one in a million" where all the right factors have converged, leaving you with the ability to paint and draw (well). I don't like the idea of genetic memory. It's a frightening concept for humanity's future. As we get lazier and lazier and our lives get easier and easier, the only genetic memory we'll be imprinting the children of the future with is one of lazy slobs that shun human interaction in favour of technological ones with a tendency to kill each other.
  11. This has been an extremely difficult and frustrating month. After moving house and dealing with everything that comes with that (also christmas), I finally managed to sit down and take a look at actually getting my space station into orbit. Unfortunately, after spending at least 25 hours on the design, testing, launcher construction, mod management, dealing with crashes, corrupted files, rendezvous errors and hitting stage instead of start engine (you know you've all done it), I am calling it quits on the fancy robotic space station. I'll be aiming for something far simpler and more practical, although I may very well keep the design in some form. My first scrapped idea was this one right here, I posted for posterity because ... cool! And the latest and my best IMO piece of work that doesn't actually work is here. You can see how it's supposed to work. Ship docks, crew transfer to elevator and taken to main station / habitable / science area. The fuel pipes stretch in space so the "selector" moves up and down and pumps fuel into the ship once the tank is locked on. This is not just for show. There are docking ports everywhere you can see a potential join. Took some serious tweaking and duct tape to get stuff to match up properly. It takes 7 launches to get up to space (with empty tanks), however, Infernal Robotics seems to break when either tweakscaled or just generally flown through space, or has too heavy a tank on it - I don't know - after all this time I've had enough of running into the same issues so I am sacking it off and going for a basic design. Watch this space.