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  1. Very nice indeed! Just discovered this mod, and after some test I was able to run stable 30FPS with my GT1030 at [email protected] Changed settings to: edgeLength = 20 tessellationQuality = Normal reflections = false tessellateLighting = false tessellateShadows = false
  2. I have no time at all at the moment to do anything regarding videogames. If someone wants to check for compatibility for sure is greatly welcome. Also if there is someone intrested in taking this project feel free to contact me.
  3. Thank you. I should look to fix the problems Sunday.
  4. Still not incorporated. I wish really someone to try it with new versions because I have no time at the moment.
  5. Can someone try 1.1.2 version with 1.1.3 please?
  6. Mod updated to 1.1.2. Added ablator as possible resource for the standard version.
  7. I write them this afternoon . Edit: done. I am already working on a second release, just adding RO support and changing sas-level by tech-level.
  8. ProceduralProbes is a extension for ProceduralParts that allows you to generate custom probes. The parts are fully editable: size, lenght, texture and content. DOWNLOAD (from CurseForge) Screenshot Features Torque: None Sas: level 2 Max Temp: 1070°C Installation Extract the zip in your GameData folder. Ensure you have already installed ProceduralParts and ModuleManager. Issues There are not known issues. Licence ProceduralProbes is derived from ProceduralParts (distributed as CC 3.0 Unported). Also this mod remains CC-BY-SA 3.0 unported.
  9. Yes, i've added other two engines, more powerful.
  10. I love add a bit of "story" behind my mods
  11. A new enterprise, Potato Science, started research of new thrusters powered by electric charge and xenon gas. The first prototype are designed to be a public preview. This model provide the best thrust/fuel ratio actually on the market. Requires electric charge and xenon gas to work, but is really cheaper than a normal engine. This mod is actually in beta stage, we must change textures and add fix other things. License: All Right reserved DOWNLOAD HEREhttp://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/230555-electric-thrust-engine-ete/files/latest
  12. Vassily

    Hi all!

    Ahh sorry , i can't say anything for now, someone can steal my project :c
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