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  1. Well, KSGAP does not spawn kerbals by itself, it uses ContractConfigurator's functional. May be it is a rare bug, cause I've never heard about such problem before. You can try to decline the mission and then accept it again (or load earlier save and accept the mission there) and check if the problem reproduces. You can also make a savegame with the problem and show it to me, although I don't have KSP installed now, so it may took some time to set it up and check your save.
  2. 1. First of all — this is definitely not a Kerbin Side GAP's bug, because KSGAP contains only contracts, neither bases themselves, nor meshes. But it may be a bug of the Kerbin Side mod, that adds all these bases to KSP. 2. I've launched from RR runway a few times and didn't experience such problems. So make sure the problem with engine is not a leak of your own aircraft design. Sometimes plane's engine explodes shortly after launch due to improper connection with main parts. Try to launch your vessel from the other good or not-so-good runways, such as KSC or an Island. 3. If the problem really reproduces only at Round Range base, try to check or change "Terrain Detail" option in game Settings. As far as I remember, Kerbin Side designed for "High" value of this setting (not sure, better try different variants) and may have some unpredictable behavior in other cases. 4. And of course, you can always report your bug in the Kerbin Side's forum thread. But I'm not sure, if anyone still supports this mod. Anyway, the thread:
  3. Nothing to say more than I've already said — absolutely awesome. But I feel I have to explain a bit how my mod works. Technically, it contains some code that generates contracts, but all this code works at "compilation" time, i.e. I change some parameters or behavior and then launch a special script, saying "make a couple of contracts for me, please". It makes contracts and then I just put them all to a folder inside GameData/ContractPacks. So from the "game point of view" there is no executable modules in my mod, it only consists of config-files for the Contract Configurator system. Every file describes one contract, i.e. one route with all of its attributes, and can be changed only at the next "compilation" time, not in the game. So my possibilities and options are limited by used system. This sounds like a perfect plan, but a bit depressing when I think about fitting all these positions and defining all these routes manually. As far as I know, Contract Configurator allows to load bulk of tourists at once only on the aircraft spawn. Loading kerbals one-by-one at intermediate airport will be VERY ANNOYING to the player, I suppose. I was dreaming about fully-reusable vessels too, but I found no possibilities for effective "chaining" of contracts. And again, my possibilities in the current architecture are limited to what Contract Configurator suggests. I'm not sure if there are something like "fail timer" and I bet there is no "mach-number restrictions". CC is quite extendable, so it must not be too difficult to make such check based on currently available checks, but only by mean of coding, not configuring. So, after all, I think the only perspective way to realize your ideas is a code-based mod (not config-based) that will find routes and suggest contracts to the player dynamically, like original KSP missions do (such as "rescue a Kerbal" or "perform measurements"), instead of hardcoding all possible flights at the "compilation" time. Such mod can use CC and delegate it all the work regarding contract visualization and completeness checks, but also can implement some features for more interesting contracts (such as mach-number check) and some interface extensions, for example, proper "boarding panel" that allows player to manage on-board passengers when the aircraft is staying at the specified areas of the airport (analogue of the real-life parkings and gates). This is an interesting project and I'd like to try some things in this direction, but it is a big work and at the moment I have absolutely no time for this May be someday my life will change and then I'll return to this idea, but sorry, no any promises, only "may be". Sincerely wish good luck to your airports project, it looks like really great thing.
  4. I did not test this, but if Kerbin Side itself works I suppose it must be enough for my mod. Although, all positions of the bases are hardcoded into my mod, so when you scales Kerbin up, any inaccuracies in positioning scales up too. So some reference points (launch positions, helipads) may turn out to bee too coarse (will not fit real borders of helipad, for example).
  5. I've tried KS remastered and it is absolutely awesome. Seriously, love this mod. But the problem is, like @Bottle Rocketeer 500 said, that remastered mod contain other bases, not related to original Kerbin Side (except main KSC and the old one). Moreover, there are only a few of bases. I don't see interesting net of routes between only these bases (routes between new and old bases will not work without old Kerbin Side). And, honestly, I don't have a time to add all them to KerbinSide GAP (because it is comparable with creating routes list from the beginning again). I don't have a time to add them by myself, but my mod is still open-source and open for contributions. You are welcome with your pull-requests, I'll check them and rebuild the mod to include them in the "official" release (and thus CKAN). And you're welcome with your questions, if any, either in the private messages here on the forum, or at the GitHub.
  6. Mod itself contains only config files, so does not require compilation for some specified version of KSP. Thought, it depends on Contract Configuratior and Kerbin Side. So, the answer is: any game version, for which Contract Configuratior and Kerbin Side can be installed. Not sure if Kerbin Side already released for 1.4.x.
  7. Either via CKAN or directly download from the GitHub: https://github.com/Keniamin/KerbinSideGAP/releases
  8. Sorry for a long waiting, it took some time to check your report. Yes, it's a bug. I calculated launch site using runway level 3, and (what a mess) other levels have other launch points indeed. Thank you for finding this issue! Tried to fix it, see Kerbin Side GAP v2.3 release. Well... I'll be the idiot who asks it: will Kerbin Side itself work with Real Solar System? Joking apart, as far as i know RSS reconfiguring the planet's surface, so the original locations of the Kerbin Side bases might become very useless, in the middle of the ocean, for example. If there is a config for Kerbin Side, that corresponds the RSS surface, Kerbin Side GAP may be adapted for it. Though it is a bulk of work (actually, this approximately means re-select all positions for all bases again, comparable with creating Kerbin Side GAP from the beginning).
  9. 1. You cannot get a control on these kerbals using the Tracking Station in an original (unmodded) game too. To do this you have to have your real vessel (started as usual from VAB or SPH) quite close to the kerbal (less that approx. 2 km, as I remember) and then use "select previous/next vehicle" buttons ([ and ] by default). Don't know anything about disabling these buttons by DMP mod, but the Tracking Station is not an option anyway. 2. There ARE some missions with the tourists in the hangar crew list, namely tourist, charter and business flights. Kerbals that you need to pick up somewhere in the world are spawned only for business and service flights.
  10. Hello! Honestly, I didn't understand you problem completely, but I'll try to clarify some points about playing with my mod. 1. "Has All Passengers Aboard" and "Has an Aircraft Commander Aboard" are two different goals that must be completed separately at one moment. That is, you have to have an aircraft commander AND all other requested crew members AND all passengers in your aircraft at the same time. 2. Names for kerbals are randomly generated, so I don't know who Gus and Virmund are But supposing they are your passengers, "are green checked" (while not actually boarded) really may be a bug. I reported something like this in Contract Configurator issues, don't know if it is already resolved or not. 3. I didn't checked my mod with Unmanned Before Manned, but I think it's obvious that to make a flight you have to use some manned module Exact type of module (and it's position in the Tech Tree) has no matter. 4. "wont show on the IVA windows" - I think THIS is actually a problem. You really have to load specified kerbals into your aircraft physically. To do this first get a control on the kerbal: you need to be close enough to him (it is definitely so if you launched your aircraft at the departure base, Kerbin's Bottom in your case) and press one of the "select previous/next vehicle" buttons ([ and ] by default). Then walk with him to your aircraft, get closer to boarding hatch of your manned module and when text "Board" appears press "board" button (B by default). Note that module must have an empty slot (not whole aircraft, exactly this module; if it has no places you can transfer any kerbal from it to other module). If all is ok your kerbal would disappear from environment, aircraft would become an active vessel and kerbal would be among IVA portraits. Repeat this with all other kerbals and your target "Has All Passengers Aboard" would be marked as done. I hope it would be enough. If you're still having a problems please give me more information (ideally with screenshots or you can send me your save file), I'll try to help you.
  11. Sounds strange because it is really worked in a such manner. I just put the file into <GameData>\KerbalScienceFoundation\NavInstruments\Runways and all became ok. Make sure your file does not consist duplicating names (not only within your file, but also with other runways defined in all other files in this folder) and runway definition is correct. For example my definitions look like this (all fields are required, except "identOfOpposite"): Runway { body = Kerbin ident = Black Krags 01 shortID = BK01 hdg = 7.18 altMSL = 326 gsLatitude = 11.258509 gsLongitude = 272.304277 locLatitude = 11.32039 locLongitude = 272.312225 outerMarkerDist = 10000 middleMarkerDist = 2200 innerMarkerDist = 200 identOfOpposite = Black Krags 19 }
  12. Are you sure it is for me? This topic is about Kerbin Side GAP mode, a set of contracts around Kerbin Side bases. It provides no contract about Island airfield and absolutely doesn't know what is "Barnstorm Jebs toolshed" May be you need the original GAP topic?
  13. Auuu... No, unfortunately, I didn't know about this pack when I tried to make a flight plans So I just used all Kerbin Side locations radars (to be more precise, selected all static objects with FacilityType equals to TrackingStation or RadarStation and then throw away all but one for those bases, which have more than one). Interestingly, it is already a quite good approximation: for example, straight airway from Coaler Crater to Lake Dermal goes above the pass exactly between two tall mountains, with no need for any manual corrections Then I added beacons for approaching difficult mountain runways (Round Range and The Old KSC) and some beacons for too long routes (aiming to have maximal distance between neighbor beacons not more than 425 km for every route). Here is the list of all my beacons. Coordinates are exact, altitudes is more or less higher than the surface to guarantee safe passes above terrain obstacles and static objects for the autopilot. Of course, you are free to add any of them to any kind of information system. Names are given (though I have quite poor fantasy, so if you have ideas about naming – you're welcome), code and radio frequency are up to you. But, honestly, I think it would be better if I reviewed my routes and replaced beacons (at least manually added ones) with some already created before me. Just to not reinvent the wheel
  14. Just released v2.2 with Kramax Autopilot integration in two variants: landing patterns for every Kerbin Side runway (4-point routes with IAF, FAF, Flare and Stop points to make smooth and safe approach to the specified runway) and full routes for every contract, that simulates real-world scheme (airways between the beacons), including takeoff, cruise flight at appropriate altitude, approach and touchdown. These types are stored in the different files, so you can remove one that you don't need to save space in Kramax AutoPilot routes list. Files are located in <main game folder>\GameData\ContractPacks\KerbinSideGAP\Patches Will appear in the CKAN after a few hours, or you can download it directly from GitHub releases. Small video teaser.
  15. Yes, for groups. But seems like it doesn't work for subgroups after all. Config: CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapContract displayName = Kerbin Side GAP agent = Kerbin Side GAP maxSimultaneous = 8 CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapCommercialFlightContract displayName = Perform commercial flight agent = BlueSky Airways maxSimultaneous = 4 } CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapTouristGroupFlightContract displayName = Perform tourist group flight agent = Kerbal Aircraft Rent maxSimultaneous = 1 } CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapCharterFlightContract displayName = Perform charter flight agent = Kerbin Charter Jet maxSimultaneous = 3 } CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapBusinessFlightContract displayName = Perform business flight agent = Kerbal Aircraft Rent maxSimultaneous = 2 } CONTRACT_GROUP { minVersion = 1.21.0 name = KerbinSideGapServiceFlightContract displayName = Perform service flight agent = Kerbin Side GAP maxSimultaneous = 4 } } Result:
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