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  1. Great mod! However, due to the ludicrous temperature caps and the way BDarmory models damage, ship-to-ship combat is nigh impossible. I don't know wether you need those to stop them from spontaneously combusting, but should you add bridges, please give them lower heat caps.
  2. could you add color switching to the R7 cluster, with the 5m textures? It clashes with my fuel tanks.
  3. can I request Tweakscale support? Other than that it's a great mod, but if It doesn't help me launch kilotons, I'm kinda left wanting more.
  4. Small request: a "toggle pump" button on the AHMS would save me an action group. Amazing mod nonetheless. Heat doesn't stand a chance.
  5. It appears my quad-emu's are clipping into the ground under heavy weight. They're firing, they're burning fuel, TWR is around 3, rocket refuses to move an inch until the weight dips belows 600t. All other engines work just fine.
  6. In career mode, empty rocketparts hexcan clusters have a negative cost. The cost of a full huge 7-can is zero, of an empty one - 59500. This means you gain money by launching them(and lose said money by recovering them). This makes for relatively easy gold farming, and I would highly appreciate a fix for this. Edit: The same applies to the monocan for rocketparts, but none of the other recources seem to have this problem.
  7. Great mod,use it all the time. But I think you might need to take a look at your tweakscale configs. When I first installed the mod only the ratite and ratite cluster engines were tweakable. I took the liberty of hand-editing said configs, and noticed that there were several engines in there that aren't in the pack(a D1 and an F1,F5 and F9...I see a correlation there). I think it's clearly a naming issue. Keep up the good work! P.S.: Some MRS engines have the same problem, specifically the hound. I can't give you a full list since I only have Lite installed atm.
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