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  1. I've recompiled for KSP 1.1.2 and released a new version... I imagine it will take CKAN a little while to update itself, so you might want to check that tomorrow.
  2. Thanks, I'll update ModuleManager and push out a new version this weekend. I'll try to take a look at that Contract Configurator issue too. This whole mod is really just a giant hack that makes the command seat appear to be a command module with interior crewable space when it really isn't, so I'm not surprised that other mods have trouble integrating with it. I really wish Squad would just implement this in stock properly so I could retire this mod
  3. I'll test it out this weekend and push out a new version (hopefully I just need to bump the supported version numbers and not actually change anything).
  4. Part Commander 1.1 (with support for KSP 1.1) is now out on my GitHub site and I've uploaded it to Curse. SpaceDock and CKAN updates will follow soon. Enjoy!
  5. Yeah, since the basic functionality is now stock I'm not sure there's much point in continuing this mod. I think configurable colors was the main thing mine had going for it. If there's sufficient interest though I may take a look after I get my other mods updated.
  6. Yup, I do plan on releasing an update for KSP 1.1 in the near future. I've been away from the modding scene (and KSP in general) for a while so I'm still getting up to speed on all the changes :-)
  7. Hey folks. Sorry about not checking in for a while - apparently I wasn't subscribed to this thread so I haven't been seeing any of the updates. Now that KSP 1.1 is out I'm planning on updating all my mods in the near future. Take Command is already out, and I'll work on this one next. Initially though I'm just going to get it updated so it works with 1.1, and new features will come later.
  8. The latest version is now available through CKAN. I've also updated the first post to add support information. Going forward I'd prefer to get bug reports through my GitHub page (with attached log files), but I will be going through this thread to review the issues that have already been reported.
  9. Hey folks. I'm happy to report a new version with KSP 1.1 support is now up on my GitHub site and Curse (see first page for links). I'll get it up on SpaceDock and CKAN shortly once I figure out how that all works now that KerbalStuff is gone (like I mentioned before, I've been out of the loop for a while). I'm still planning to look at the various issues people have been reporting, but for now this is just a quick fix/recompile to get it working for KSP 1.1. Enjoy!
  10. Hey folks. Sorry for not being terribly active around here lately. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of spare time to devote to KSP these days. I had been waiting for 1.1 before jumping back in, so now that the pre-release is finally out I'll have to check it out and figure out what I need to update to get my mods working again. I'll also see about fixing some of the odd bugs that people have been reporting. Once I have something ready I'll post it up on SpaceDock.
  11. Hello all. Sorry for not being very active in here lately - I'm afraid work and family commitments haven't left much time for Kerbal these days! I would like to respond to a few recent issues though: 1) Adding Take Command to all external command seats I had considered doing this, and there's actually a discussion back on page 1 of this thread about that. Here's the working config we had settled on at the time: @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[KerbalSeat]]:FOR[TakeCommand] { CrewCapacity = 1 MODULE { name = TakeCommand minimumCrew = 1 } } I haven't made this the default yet since this was originally designed and tested only with the stock command seat, and I wasn't sure if adding it to other modded seats would cause issues. I probably will make this the default for future versions, provided I find a fix for the next issue: 2) Rescue contracts spawning Kerbals in command seats in orbit This odd behavior is the result of a recent-ish update to KSP itself - I forget the exact one. It used to be that rescue contracts would just spawn a lone Kerbal in an EVA suit, but then this was changed so they would spawn in a command pod (which makes sense - how else would they get to orbit?). The way Take Command works is that it basically turns the external seat into a command pod. The problem arises because the contract generator code just randomly picks any available command pod that has seats (which now includes external command chairs). I've taken a quick look and I'm not quite sure yet how to fix this. Ideally I'd like to make KSP ignore command seats altogether when generating contracts, but I don't know if the contracts API will let me control that. I'll keep digging and see what I can come up with.
  12. Version 1.1 1.1.1 has now been released. It contains some general bug fixes, and restores some of the functionality that was broken with KSP 1.0.5. Unfortunately I haven't been able to change the navball orientation - the new stock ball seems to be hard-coded to move relative to the camera instead of the Kerbal.
  13. Sorry for the delay, but version 1.3 has now been officially released in all the usual places. Enjoy!
  14. Alright, I've cooked up a new version that should now properly spawn Kerbals that are transferred into a chair post-launch. I've posted it as a beta version here: https://github.com/seanmcdougall/TakeCommand/releases/tag/v1.3-beta I'd appreciate it if folks could test it out and report back with any issues (in particular, please test it out with Contract Configurator - I haven't had a chance to try that mod out yet myself). Thanks!
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