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  1. Not at all! I totally get what you mean, and by "getting used to it" I heavily imply changing the way you do things. Obviously most operations involving the cursor take way too long to be done in flight. In the case of getting to orbit with a new design for example, I usually revert to launch many times and change flight pattern until I get close to where I want to be, and then I go to the map view to circularize. Craft designs need to be done in such way that everything can be done using stages or action groups during crucial parts of the flight, and you have to forget about things like fuel/crew transfer if in a situation where they need to be done quickly. In other words, you need to plan your flight in a different way than on PC, taking the lack of a mouse and keyboard in considertion. While mouse and kbrd support would make eveything a lot easier, I personally like the challenge!
  2. Ok, now I'm really tempted to load my credit card to get a new computer, otherwise it will be torture to wait even longer 'till it gets released on console, if ever.
  3. KSP with a joystick is not all that bad once you get used to it. Personally I would like an option to set the default values for "rigid attach" and "auto strut" in the VAB/SPH, since I always end up switching those to "on" and "heaviest" respectively. Doing so for every part manually takes a lot of time on console, whereas on PC it's a simple matter of setting the default values in the ini file. Turns out the game performs a lot better on console with those settings, and also crafts' max speed seems severely reduced when those settings are left to the current default values.
  4. Thanks! Looks promising, will try my crash inducing crafts tonight to see if the problem is solved. [edit]So far so good, except in-flight performance seems to be a bit less fluid, as it was before the Hist. & Parts update. SPH/VAB are not laggy anymore although I did notice a little bug with the flag on the wall when switching between saves. Good job guys, keep up!
  5. Based on your screenshot you do have trim offset on all 3 axis so it's likely the problem here, even tho it shouldn't be when no pilot and no otto are there to control the craft. If I recall properly, top left shoulder button and L3 will reset trim.
  6. Same issue here, on takeoff, moments after aero fx show up. Every time. On non-pro PS4. My guess is a memory leak either in visual or physics. Will try different crafts later when back from work. Only since latest update. [edit] Looks like a tough one to identify; rebuilding the same craft in a different save will cause have the same result (i.e. crash the game) but so far adding/removing/replacing any part on it will prevent the bug ... investigation continues.
  7. So far so good. As mentionned, some lag in VAB/SPH that seems related to the many Kerbals on the ground but otherwise huge fps improvement during flight (pretty much steady green all the way). Excellent work!
  8. All right! Now that my laptop is pretty much dead my PS4 is all I have left to play KSP. Now if only there was mod support on consoles ... I miss KAS most of all as it added so much purpose to EVA. At least the stock game is still really enjoyable. Keep up the good work guys!
  9. Nice mod! Man have I wasted time trying to fit the stock ISRU and radial drill in a Mk2 cargo bay... However I believe there's a little mistake in the Extras/Ore.cfg: the comment on the first line says it doesn't add the Ore resource to Eve's oceans, but the file actually does add the Ore resource to Eve's oceans!
  10. Yes it looks like the same. What a nice little maze people are slowly making with all those bug reports that sooner or later will reference to one another as being the same, lol!
  11. Feel free to report your experience in the bug tracker for issue #8241, as it does sound like the same issue here, but keep in mind that there is already a fix that will be included in the next build of the game (I don't know of any ETA yet, but I'm guessing the devs will try to work on as many fixes as they can before the next release).
  12. Be patient folks, there will be a fix in the next release. If you're playing KSP 1.1 build 1230 (aka the official 1.1 update), the bug is obviously still in that version.
  13. Nope, all is fine. I don't know what those 2 files were, and I did it again and 1 file got reacquired ... I should probably do a fresh install at some point.
  14. Pre-release beta starts in 32 bit by default, latest version Release version is and is supposed to start 64 bit by default ... what the ... looks like it does start the 32 bit version for me as well. But I don't think that Squad has anything to do with it. Oh, and I had Steam check the integrity of the game cache: it reacquired 2 files but nothing has changed, still 32 instead of 64. At least the option to start KSPx64 is available so I don't have to mess around with the files. I'll check my Steam logs and see if I find anything.