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  1. Definitely building a Normandy out of the new parts. Love it!
  2. I'm having the exact same problem and am struggling to find a solution :/
  3. I know I missed the screenshot of in-atmosphere flight, by the time I thought to record the top speed I was already up in the atmosphere. Is there a better way to display mach information on-screen than changing the NavBall to display it using FAR?
  4. Mach 20.2 - FAR, OPT Space Plane Pack, Instell Incorporated, QuizTech Aero, Intake Build Aid, Crzyrndm's B9 pWings patch. I'm pretty sure this is impossible in stock, and only remotely possible because of how powerful the Instell engines are. For reference, Mach 6.4 is the required orbital speed for LKO and Mach 24 is the required orbital speed for the space shuttle in LEO. The Ramjets I'm using from Instell should probably drop power much more significantly past Mach 6 as real life ramjets have limitations past that speed, but hey, I'm not super in to realism and flying this fast is *fun*.
  5. Using mods that may or may not be balanced, but I've definitely hit Mach 13.8 using only atmospheric engines last night. Putting together a full album today to share my crafts, then to try and replicate my success in stock.
  6. MinorInconvenience, do you use FAR as well? I'm trying to get these beautiful parts to play nice with FAR and I can't seem to do it.
  7. Is there a way for me to add support for nuFAR, or remove whatever data conflicts with it? I really love these cockpits and engines, but I can't use them with my FAR install!
  8. I'm so glad! I came to the thread specifically to search through it for mention of the nuFAR bug. I'm glad it's already been resolved, can't wait for the update.
  9. Hey K.Yeon, I really love this parts pack! I love the aesthetic. Here is a quick test flight I ran using the latest release of FAR in 1.0.2 using parts from your mod and others! I'm so glad you're updating this pack, it's probably my favorite parts pack in KSP. I love the aesthetic of the parts. Thanks!