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  1. Hi. I am having a problem with July 5 update: I am getting same old Kerbol system when I launch the game. The mod worked fine before this update (I was using RSS version made for 1.0.2 with 1.0.4 game without any problems). The game says it is loading mod files in load screen, but when I start sandbox I still get default Kerbal planet. The only difference I can see is Kebal planet textures seem to be colored dark violet. I don't have any other mods installed, actually I deleted game directory and reinstalled fresh from Steam when trying to solve this problem. I tried manual mod installation according to instructions and automated installation using CKAN, still getting the problem. I did also install textures in both cases. Anyone else having same problem? Any advice how to fix this? Thanks.
  2. FreeThinker, those empty nodes in CommunityTechTree are not a bug. They are used by other mods. Hiding them with hideEmpty=true causes problems with other modes by making some nodes inaccessible. There is currently no way to hide only empty nodes which are not required by any non-empty node. I suggest just keeping empty nodes in tree for now for compatibility with parts mods. Maybe a better solution would be to update parts configs to use all of community tree nodes, but most people playing this mod have many other mods installed, so most of us will not see many empty nodes. Here is an example of a problem: http://ishack.co/p5CyCKQxp - Fusion Power can not be researched because it depends on High Energy Nuclear Power which is hidden because it does not unlock any parts. The game does not reroute connections for hidden nodes, so there is no way to get fusion reactor.
  3. Sure, no rush. I just wanted to try this mod after watching Scott Manley's videos. Please tell me if there is some way I can help you getting this mod closer to stable release. I'll be glad to help updating CKAN files for release version.
  4. Thanks! I will update ckan files. Can you tell me what parts of Boris' 0.90 port are actually required? I see that most of it's files are overwritten by this mod, are there even any files used from 0.90?
  5. I made CKAN metadata files for this mod. Here is Github repo: https://github.com/A2K/KSP_InterstellarExtended_CKAN Installation instructions (advanced): Simply add the github URL to CKAN as metadata repository and look for "Interstellar Extended" in mod list Installation instructions (simplified): Click menu: Setting > CKAN Settings Click "New" under "Metadata repositories" Copy this into input line on the bottom on the window which just appeared:Interstellar Extended | https://github.com/A2K/KSP_InterstellarExtended_CKAN/archive/master.zipand click "OK" Close "Settings" window and click "Refresh" on the toolbar Now "Interstellar Extended" should be available to install in mod list, simply install it like any other mod. The mod installed in such way seems to work correctly (game does not crash and lots of new parts are available), but I am new to KSP and I don't know what exactly this mod is supposed to add to game, so some stuff could be missing. This method does not install that weird toolbar, extended filters, TechManager, and fuel switch mods. I don't know if those mods are required for Interstellar to work correctly.