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  1. I think you are mistaken about where the sounds come from. What chatterer plays are "real" astronaut / cosmonaut sound recordings from the STS and Apollo missions (hence the folder names). They are obviously heavily modified (i think reversed too) to make them sound "kerbal" but they are all being used.
  2. I've ported my previous patch to allow unmanned / SAS capable vehicles to chatter aswell (with matching robotic soundset) to the current version. Tested and working under Win10 x64 If you are concerned about sourcecode, this is a pull request on github too. Imma steal yo excrements
  3. Absolutely zero patience and the urge to try out ksp modding resulted in a pull request for the probe chattering. If you want to try it out, the referenced patch file contains the needed sounds and a compiled chatterer .dll Just remember you have to delete your plugin config file or add the "machines" audioset, similar to how "valentina" is registered inside
  4. As a developer myself, i don't really like people asking for things and offering no help. So here you have a pack of 30 "drone-ish" sounds cut to about the right size and in ogg format. I ripped them off youtube videos. Not all of them are what i'd call ideal, but the alien nostromo bits are basically perfect. http://www./download/rjf4cuit6iasi1u/ #01 - #05: analog modem dialin #06 - #09: floppy drive #10: 1993 pc boot #11 - #15: old printer startup #16 - #30: alien, nostromo computer sounds I was this close to actually jump into VS and implement them myself. But then again, im lazy, and i don't really know what i have to set up to get kerbal stuff to compile. EDIT 2: And also, i was wondering what the angry sounding soundbits were. Of course, russian. Figures.
  5. I'd like to second this request. I fly probes a lot and would love them chattering aswell, making beeps or modem chirps or diskette drive / hard drive noises.
  6. Ah. I generally think of artifacts as the things i get when a gpu is dying (yellow and white pixels, mostly, or distorted polygons) while the pink objects are definitely texture related. But thanks for your answer.
  7. Uhm so when you say please stop reporting pink objects, do you mean it will be fixed eventually? Because the current version still has them, for me. OpenGL, on Linux x64
  8. Once FAR is in play, you basically have to control your stuff down or else aerodynamics will tear it apart. Deorbiting all my reusable boosters is what i do while i wait for other maneuvers. That being said, the default parachute deployment height of 700m is way too low for ballistic reentry. I'm still going mach 2 at 8 kilometers height, still have mach 1 around 4 km when i deploy the chutes, and depending on terrain height (not even talking highlands, just the raised dark green plains biome around ksp) i smash into the terrain at 100 m/s while the chutes deploy. I generally raise it to atleast 1700.
  9. This is amazing, finally i can warp 4x physically lossless, without being afraid of the game breaking apart. Using 8x physical lossless in atmosphere with FAR makes everything stutter and flicker, but hey it still works. You saved me so much time waiting for my reusable boosters to aerobreak back to KSP. Thank you!
  10. So if i understand the limits correctly, this only predicts the right landing spot if FAR doesn't make your craft fly? I tried landing a reusable Booster (2 orange tanks and then some, fairly long) and the prediction was wildly wrong because my "balanced brick with fins" started flying in the atmosphere, i even "bounced off" around 25km and started ascending for a little while
  11. Try using the structural intakes and Tweakscale to make them bigger. They didn't heat up a lot on my reentry, unlike the fuselage intakes and shock cones.
  12. http://www./download/6t1n39ig2d6c9xi/GodSSTO3.craft Mods used: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement nuFAR MechJeb Kerbal Engineer Tweak Scale: (for wings, fuselage, engines, intakes...) Instell Incorporated Experimental Technologies: (scramjet engines) Spacey Heavy Lifter: (proper 2.5m reaction wheels, vanilla ones suck) Action Group Bindings: 1 - toggle Rapier on/off 2 - toggle Scramjets on/off 3 - switch Rapier airbreathing mode 4 - open cargo holds 5 - deploy drill 9 - deploy solar panels Guide to orbit: Press F10 to disable memory leaking temp. gauges Press X to null thrust Press spacebar to engage all engines and gimbals Press 2 to turn off the scramjets again (flameout) Now full thrust, steer a bit because the runway isnt aligned You won't be able to liftoff before the runway ends, thats fine Engage SAS and CAREFULLY orient the plane about 10-15 degrees upwards when you run over the runway end at around 200 m/s If you pull up too strongly in that first moment the soup will tear off the wings Once in the air, immediatly retract the gear and keep inching the nose upwards Power back a bit, stay at around 300 m/s or mach 1, the engines can take a 45° and higher ascent no problem At 10km up bring the nose back down to 20° and throttle to full Keep climbing and accelerating. Past 400 m/s you can press 2 to turn the scramjets on Past 1250 m/s you can turn off the Rapier with 1, else it will switch to rocket fuel because low atmosphere You should be able to use the Scramjets to get a 75km Periapsis (they might be op because they don't flameout at 250% air intake usage - if this bothers you just turn them off using 2 and use the rapier - 1 - for the last couple hundred m/s) Then circularize and press 9 to deploy solars Reentry: Retract any gear, solar, cargo doors, kerbals Get Apo/Periapsis at ~20km Kerbin Keep the nose about 15 or 20 degrees above your velocity marker Engage the (air-)brakes No need to use RCS for either as- or descend
  13. A question: Does FAR balance the "overpowered" stock aerobrakes? Another question: Does it matter whether air intakes are open or closed? Aerodynamically? Otherwise? And: I have encountered issues where my plane would inexplicably fly unstable, drag strongly to the left or right when launching it after fiddling in the hangar. When i restart KSP and load the same plane however it's smooth flying as it should be. On a different note, i figured out what was causing my engines to have different thrust: TAC fuel balancing. Switching it off immediatly yielded full fuel flow in all engines.
  14. Tried it. Liked it. Some ideas: - you should point point out TAC fuel balancing is also mandatory, the nuclear engines get fuel deprived quickly without it - it flew kinda jittery, without SAS i can't really hold it still. Using the s fins as wings? Nice - at the edge of the atmosphere it started veering/yawing. I think you need to move those tail fins more to the outside of the craft, it works like this because you have fairly powerful reaction wheels for a vessel that size - rcs aid points out your rcs thrusters are not suitable for docking/precision maneouvers, not balanced around CoM - due to my veering problem i didn't manage orbit, just a high ballistic flight, also one of the scramjets had a flameout (do i need to TAC balance air intakes?) so i had only nuclears left, not enough thrust to accelerate past gravity - reentry was very nice, though, again, had some veering EDIT: Did a second flight with all TAC balancing enabled. Managed orbit this time. Although i have to ask: How balanced is that Houdini engine? It still worked at 0.01 atmosphere. I don't think actual scramjets work with that little air. Lets see here ... mumble mumble NASA scramjet 70,000 feet mach 5 ... earth atmosphere density at that height is 1.39 / 23.77 = 0.05 .... huh. Maybe?
  15. But do i know that? I'm an end user here as far i know the AoA or DPCP stabilizers throttle back when im flying wrong. But good to know. I found 2 more wrongs with my plane by myself ... the CoM was excentric in regards to the rocket engines, and its possible my "throttling down" happens because of low power. But wait, engines in KSP work without power .... i just dont know. On the up side, i managed my first reentry without tearing the plane apart.