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  1. Now I have had time to try the new release, it seems that tweakscale support is still broken in the new version - still having the issue where the tank does not get its contents resized.
  2. Quick bug report: Modular fuel tanks integration seems to be broken - tweakscale will change the physical size of the fuel tank, but when modular fuel tanks is installed, any the resource amount does not change.
  3. Hi, I have tested this issue with only the two mentioned mods installed, otherwise completley stock - just tweakscale and modular fuel tanks. (and latest module manager) First I installed tweakscale, and it acted normally - when I changed the size of a tank, its physical shape as well as the amount of fuel it holds changed. However, then I installed Modular Fuel Tanks, which seems to break this behavior. Tweakscaled tanks change in physical shape but the amount of fuel it holds does not change. Help would be greatly appreciated Thanks